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Your behavior in removing formatting seems to be the same as that which has occurred in the past with edits on the Good Omens and Discworld pages, so I will simply re-post comments I made last year on the matter at User talk:

People come to Wikiquote to find quotes, which are usually especially notable passages of people's expressions in books or other works, and these must be chosen and selected by individual human beings. I have always contended that it is additionaly helpful for people to use bold as emphasis of many such statements as are particularly famous, or which they find particularly notable. There have actually only on a few occassions been disputes over what should be thus emphasized, and the primary source of contention that has occasionally arisen has been with new visitors who have felt nothing at all should be emphasized. I have always been against this idea, and feel it makes pages bland and monotonous, and prevents especially notable statements from being noticed. If people simply wanted to browse through a large mass of undifferentiated text without any further deliberate selectivity involved in presentation, they could read the books and original sources, but that is not what Wikiquote has been created to provide.
I encourage actual thought and selectivity in presentation as well as the basic selection of quotes and always have, on all but the theme pages where contentions between extreme views would most likely come into play. If there are disputes on particular pages as to what is emphasized and what is not, I feel it should be addressed by the editors most interested in those particular pages. Wholesale removal of formatting, especially such as has existed for a good length of time is something that I cannot welcome, and remain inclined to contend against. Though the idea of forbidding editorial emphasis has been raised a few times by new editors in the four years of Wikiquote's existence it has never yet gained any clear consensus of approval. ~ Kalki 01:42, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

As your behavior and the articles targeted match those made by IP last year, and a few edits by IP today, I am assuming that you are the same person who used these IPs. ~ Kalki 16:45, 21 February 2008 (UTC)