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I see, so if I want to read something accurate, I'll have to edit it myself. Got it. Otherwise, accept the garbage and shut up. Understood. Sorry, I don't have time to maintain content here. I have a job. Guess I'll just live with the bias sense no one else can get it right.

If you wish to re-write Wikiquote to reflect fawningly on your Republican heroes, rather than have Wikiquote reflect on them accurately, then best of luck to you. Why don't you try doing the opposite of what your instinct tells you and keep your bias out of here. As Wikiquoters, our duty is to ensure that quotes are sourced and can be traced back to the people to whom they are attributed. The Wikisphere has no room for liberal or conservative bias.GodFearingLib (talk) 21:30, 1 July 2014 (UTC)