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Veronica Mars[edit]

Welcome to Wikiquote! I see you voted to keep the article on Veronica Mars, but you did not sign your vote. We need people to sign their votes (by ending them in four tildes [~~~~], which adds your user ID or IP address and a timestamp) to verify that each person only votes once. Could you edit your vote and add your signature, please?

Also, it would be helpful (but is not required) if you could provide a reason for supporting this article. Right now, it contains no quotes, and thus is not a useful Wikiquote article. Best of all, if you have some quotes from this show, adding them could convince others to vote to "keep", or change their votes from "delete" to "keep". If you have any questions about how to add quotes, you can find information on editing at Help:Contents and look at some samples from other shows listed under Television shows. Feel free to ask me questions as well on my Talk page (by clicking on the (talk) link in my signature below).

In any case, thanks for joining the Wikiquote community. I hope you find it very useful and entertaining! — Jeff Q (talk) 00:21, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)