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Welcome to Wikiquote!

Based upon your user name, and the history that I glanced over of the presence of a Kkawohl on the Wikipedia, I am assuming that you are Kurt Kawohl.

I may be a bit more tolerant of self-promotion, and the promotion of their own ideas by individuals than some others are (so long as they are civil and not innately advocating violations of any fundamental human rights of others), but that does not mean that I always can approve of it, even if many of their ideas seem for the most part positive ones.

I definitely agree with the perspectives of those who believe that you should not have presumed to have created an article about yourself on the Wikipedia, nor within the article space here. I will not myself move to delete the article you created on your own writings here, but others might. [I had just written the previous statement when I noticed that you also added your book to the list of Literary works, which actually does somewhat cross the line on self promotion, even with me. You might be marginally notable enough to merit your own article space here, but I do not therefore agree that any of your particular writings as yet deserve their own page on the list of Literary works that would generally be considered notable. I will not presume so much as to delete it immediately but I believe that it is appropriate for me to place that on the vfd page.]

You are certainly welcome to contribute with the quotations of others, as is anyone, but please don't attempt to make too voluminous a presentation of your own works here. Others may well object to tolerating such a presence at all, no matter whether their ideas are basically fair ones or foul ones. Humility is always a virtue, and boldness is not always the path of greatest courage. Namaste. ~ Kalki 18:41, 8 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Greetings Kalki , I thank you for your warm welcome & I sincerely apologize for any transgressions that I have inadvertently committed here. I completely submit myself to your fair judgement & will abide by your decisions. I apparently mistakenly assumed that this site used similar rules as those used by Wikibooks, Wikinfo & Wikipedia. Please see the sites below:

Namaste, Kurt Kawohl,


Lately, I may be the most active editor among the administrators here, but there are others, and hopefully will soon be more, because activity is picking up here recently, and there will likely be an increased need for more.

My assessments about the appropriateness of the pages you have created thus far are based on general Wikimedia and Wikiquote policies, and the relatively civil contentions and controversies that have occurred in the past at Wikipidia, as indicated by a brief perusal of your contributions and Past votes for deletion there.

Many of your views seem to be admirable ones, but the Wikimedia realms are not intended to be a means of blatant advertisement of one's own ideas or writings. Any activity of this sort that is permitted is generally more appropriately restricted to the User pages. I do hope you find this an interesting place, and as I indicated, I am not intent on deleting the Kurt Kawohl page, but I am inclined to delete the one on literary work. Mine is just one vote among 3 sysops and many users though. ~ Kalki 23:16, 8 Jun 2004 (UTC)

I have also noted your contributions at Wikinfo which though derived from the Wikipedia under GNU FDL is not a Wikimedia project, and is designed to provide a forum for a broader range of POV contributions than the more general NPOV and encyclopedic character of Wikipedia properly can. Frankly I am suprised you have not yet encountered more contentions about some of the strongly POV contributions you have made at a few other Wikimedia projects. There is little that I personally find to be innately objectionable about your views, but I do not necessarily agree with all that you say, or the ways they have been presented. Yet, I certainly accept your right to present your ideas wherever the people most involved at the sites are willing to permit you to do so, including this one. ~ Kalki 01:54, 9 Jun 2004 (UTC)

Kalki, I would appreciate any help & corrections on my presentations.

I am curious, are you by any chance related to Sri Kalki Bhagavan, the world renowned mystic, known for his abilities to enlighten others? There is a beautiful and mysterious place in the South Indian Mountains called Satyaloka, "the Abode of Truth", where an ancient enlightened lineage dates back to a time when enlightenment was the norm. It is said that with just a brief meeting with the dasas (monks) of Satyaloka, many very average individuals have had Profound Divine Mystical Experiences (personal and undeniable encounters with the Divine) to rival Moses, The Apostle Paul, Ramakrishna, and many of the great sages, saints, prophets and mystics through the ages. Others in a moment, have experienced the Divine Union sought by those who practice yoga and states of consciousness similar to a Buddha or a Christ.

Namaste, Kurt

I have no direct personal or social relation, nor any known genealogical relation to anyone who uses the designation "Sri Kalki Bhagavan" and certainly do not use it for myself, though I am aware of at least one individual who has used it, and am aware of others with similar names and titles. Using the Wikipedia article on the Kalki Avatara (and ideas that have developed relating to it) as a reference, my views on the best use of the Kalki designation is that of the evolving archetypal forms that incorporate the Buddhist Kalachakra concepts and Bodhisattva ideals. I am very aware that there are many good and worthy interpretations of the Kalki prophecies, and at least a few foul and contemptible ones. Whether people are spiritually theists, agnostic, atheist, mystical or materialistic, and whatever they may designate themselves, I attempt to be respectful as I can of all views on any matter, even those of people who are not very respectful themselves; but I do not attempt to hide a very strong bias that is most respectful to those who are generally most respectful, and most loving to those who are most loving.

As to commenting further on my assessments of your works, your ideas, and their presentation, that will likely involve a good deal of thought, and may take me some time. There are many things that I am busy with, but I will make an effort to attend to this to some extent within the next few weeks. Namaste. ~ Kalki 19:36, 9 Jun 2004 (UTC)