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2,000 & 6[edit]


in what seems

entering new space...

lets imagine a place

other than this

a photograph of mind

in the absense of time

... only space

let us dream

of tomorrows

into todays

i can think of nothing

more worth living

than the lives we live


between days


so many loves

the tastes

the colors

the way each smells

the way each aches

senses were made for living

living made for loving


i feel like everything i say. ive said before. everyone i meet. ive met before...


festivities keep us sane. as pause from heavy breathing

sitting still in a wicked place can for a moment. allow a bit of resting.

it is the only way to stay alive. and yet perhaps. die inside

where we come from. doesnt have to be. where we are

all we see. doesnt have to be. what we believe

our faces change in different light. and in growing times

nothings the same. is not what was.

was only exists in now.

and now is all there is.

9 7 oh 6[edit]

people who live in gutters amongst smoke and smog

cant feel the warmth of a blanket of stars

they cant smell a breathing ocean

what reason do they have to protect it

places they will never get to see

why would they give if they never receive

there are so many movements that make the world go round

save the planet. stop the war. feed the hungry. no more genocide...

so much movement that now everything feels still

differences in people. different places and tastes.

it is relative. it is the same.

relativity creates conflict. from inside. from outside.

conflicts. and resolutions. cycles&cycles of misunderstandings.

it seems the only reason to act is to react.

and we have neverending movement.

circles these circles are what make the world go round


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good morning[edit]

woke up this morning, hungry and dirty, with a clear head and a hopeful heart. ready for adventure. wide awake and with four hours until i had to be at my desk. i decided to burn my time slowly. let it soak in... i took a shower. without it having been overdue, it would have felt ordinary. but not this time... i dressed myself in brown stripes under a black lace sweater and grey shorts to the knees. rainbows over plaid preppy socks ready to slowly tread the hours...

i got in my car. started it up and took off- ears swimming in peaceful melodies. window down. heater on. i stopped at the bagel shop. one onion. one sundried tomatoe. both soaked in cream cheese and soothing to my stomach's empty aches. i relished these slowly as i drove and made my way south down valley view all the way to warner. warner to pch. and onto my favorite strip of highway. here. or anywhere else...

the sky was beautiful, climbing over the wetlands, the sands, the ocean. to my right were double peddlars on one bike. a jogger with their dog. lovers holding hands looking towards the seas. dogs and people running together on the coast. in the breaks of waves-surfers and drifters. boats afar and in the west, a forgotten island, remembered. farther down, i turned onto balboa peninsula towards the newport pier. circled the crowded parking lot like a shark looking for a spot. satiated as i found one. with windows up and a watchful eye i swallowed fire. inhaled the earth. blue grew bluer. waves crashed softer. beautiful beyond words. the kind you can only see with closed eyes. i saw with open eyes. after feeding the meter i took a few steps out onto the sidewalk where sand fell on concrete. stood with closed eyes opened soaking it in. the sounds. the winds. people at their prettiest. leisuring in beauty. adventure. the subtle smell of the sea. of life.

strolled down farther. barefoot in the sand. put them back on as i approached the concrete. i walked all the way down the pier. warm smiles from passersby. and stopped at the side to watch the surfers from birdseye. farther along i stopped again. what seemed to be the shoulder and head of a number of people, were a group of ducks sitting, swimming in the water below. not a V but a crucked S. they swam peacefully. but over came two others wanting to play. diving deep. poking from underneath. the ducks squabled but quickly forgot. swimming together. yet all by themselves.

i walked even farther around the diner in the game of fishermen catching dinner for families. walked quickly around as to be a passing wind. on the other side of the pier there was little movement. only open endless sea. endless. endless. or what seemed to be. vastness that humbles. awes and astounds. with closed open eyes. again i let it soak in. breathed it in. swam in it. drowned in it. forgot everything.

as time ran low. i walked back towards my car. once again. barefoot in the sand. took one last look and got inside...

i drove away. losing myself in streets. exploring places ive never seen. may never see again. boats on docks. houses behind harbors. streets that begin and end at the same place...

with just enough time left i found the tea shop. drank an ice cold jasmine tea and went on my way...

pulled into the lot. surrounded by blocks of buildings. walked towards my desk at this glass and metal house to begin my day. to sit at my desk within walls of gray. to stare at a screen. shuffle through paper. begin my day... but oh! what a morning!


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