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Hello, Plaasjapie, and welcome to the English Wikiquote.


Thank you for creating a page for Karl Georg von Raumer, and pointing out his remarks which were similar in theme to some of those attributed to George Orwell. I personally am inclined to believe that in their quoted forms the modern expressions did not originate with Orwell, and are perhaps paraphrases or summaries of his remarks, but whenever they were devised they seem distinctly different in some regards to those of von Rammer which you added, and thus I returned them to the disputed section, and believe their authorship remains unresolved. I did retain reference to von Raumer and provided his remarks on the page for comparison. ~ Kalki·· 22:34, 10 December 2016 (UTC) + tweak

You are incorrect. The remarks are obviously the same if you can read german.Plaasjapie (talk)