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Negotiation Mastery: Tools for the 21st Century Negotiator is a 2012 non-fiction book by Simon Horton.

  • “In the end, we all die. That is non-negotiable. Everything else, though, is up for grabs.”
  • “The plain fact of the matter is that anything that involves other people will at some point involve negotiation.”
  • “I do not pretend it will turn you into a negotiator – you are one already. That is a bit like saying it will turn you into a human being.”
  • “The better you become at negotiation, the better you become at your life.”
  • “The negotiation counts for nothing, indeed the signed contract counts for nothing, if what is eventually implemented in the real world does not suit you; that proud piece of paper merely a receipt for deceit.”
  • “Negotiation is a skill and it is an art. That it is a skill means it can be deconstructed and learnt. And the way to learn a skill, a complex skill like negotiation, is to break it down into its sub-skills and then practice each of them. That it is an art, however, means there is no prescribed approach that will produce the right result in all situations. Situations can be so complex and dynamic, indeed, people can be so complex and dynamic that you can apply one technique in one context and be successful and, the next time, apply completely the opposite technique and still be successful.”
  • “If you enter a deal with a win-lose approach, you will invoke a win-lose approach from the other party.”
  • “Positional bargaining tends to result in either no deal, because the stand-off cannot be resolved, or in a compromise, in which neither side is fully happy.”
  • “Interests, are less likely to be mutually exclusive than positions and this is critical. It means there is far greater opportunity for a solution where both parties will be happy.”
  • ” It’s not about winning the battle, it’s about winning the war.”
  • “In human endeavour, one plus one equals three. You have a cow, I have a bull, together we have a business.”
  • “Never be rude to the waiter. They will do unspeakable things in your soup.”
  • “Win-win comes from creating greater value.”
  • “Never negotiate yourself down before you even talk with the other party.”
  • “Once you know their interests, these are your reference points that you continuously measure against any proposition against.”
  • “The most motivating force in the world is the idea. People will give up their lives for an idea, let alone a clause in the contract. Inspire them.”
  • “You must be prepared to walk away from any deal. Being ok with this option will increase your power in the deal enormously.”
  • “Do not be seduced by the dollar signs of a great deal. The more you are mesmerised, the greater the power they have over you.”
  • “Power is a function of willingness to walk away.”
  • “Power is dependent on the frame of negotiation. Change the frame and you change the power distribution.”
  • “A common reason for not playing win-win is that it only works of the other person plays it too. And there is truth in this. But it is not a reason for changing tactics, it just means you have to move their thinking to win-win.”
  • “Working as a partnership does not mean going soft.”
  • “Chinese whispers is a game that is frequently played in business without the participants necessarily knowing.”
  • “Always make sure you get something in return for your concession.”
  • “Ownership of idea is very powerful. If it is your idea, they may support it. If it is their idea, they will fight for it.”
  • “Trust but verify. Absolutely trust. And absolutely verify.”
  • “Life is quicker and cheaper when we trust.”
  • “It is a remarkably small world and there is a very high chance that what goes around will come around at some point.”