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Links to Wikipedia[edit]

Hello, Xardion, and welcome to Wikiquote. Your contributions to Castle (TV series) are greatly appreciated, but I've noticed you have been adding links to Wikipedia in a way differing from the usual method here on Wikiquote. The format of external links, such as in Example ([ Example]) is usually discouraged, in favor of interwiki links such as Example ([[w:Example|Example]]). The interwiki links have the advantage of differentiating themselves from other external links, so the reader knows he/she won't be going to an unfamiliar site. I've corrected the times you've used the external link format in the Castle article, but please only use the interwiki links in the future. You can contact me on my user page with any questions. Thanks! Nick1372 (talk) 20:19, 14 September 2013 (UTC)