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V: The Final Battle is a 1984 miniseries about a small group of human resistance fighters who fight a desperate guerrilla war against the genocidal extra-terrestrials who dominate Earth. It is a sequel to V: The Original Miniseries.


Episode 1[edit]

[At the Los Angeles Medical Center, Kristine Walsh sees a well-known doctor]
Kristine Walsh: Dr. Walker! Excuse me. Dr. Walker.
Dr. Corley Walker: Kristine Walsh. We met in Palm Springs.
Walsh: I've been such an admirer -
Walker: I remember you, Ms. Walsh. You were a newswoman.
Walsh: I'm still -
Walker: No, Ms. Walsh. You're certainly not a newswoman. At best, a press secretary. At worst, a collaborator.
Walsh: I don't know what you've heard, but I'm doing my job.
Walker: I wonder how many times that phrase was used at the Nuremberg Trials.
Walsh: That is untrue.
Walker: Ms. Walsh, I'll tell you what is untrue. It is untrue you're working for a benevolent regime. Fascists have taken over, and you're their minister of propaganda. You've allowed personal ambition to corrupt you. You no longer have credibility. Good day. [walks off]

[While thinking of how to counterfeit a security pass for the hospital raid]
Mike Donovan: We need to get those passes. Mark, you're a cop.
Mark: Ex-cop.
Mike: Elias, you're a hood.
Elias Taylor: Ex-hood.
Mike: [rolls eyes] Together, I think you two could come up with the best counterfeiter around.
Mark: [after pondering] Pascal.
Elias: Dan Pascal?
Mark: Yeah.
Elias: [sarcastic] If he's still alive.
Mike: Find him.
Mark: Ok. [motions to Elias] Let's go.

[During John's announcement at the the Los Angeles Medical Center, the rebels suddenly spring up and hijack the place]
Ruby Engels: [points a shotgun at Kristine Walsh, who sits at the camera area] All right, pretty face, grab some air!
Father Andrew: [shoots into the air] Everybody freeze!
[Elias and Robert hold John together while Mike grabs Diana at the top of the stairs]
Juliet Parrish: The Visitors are not our friends! They've come to rape our planet and kill us! They are NOT who they appear to be! [Rips off part of John's face to the horrors of the audience, revealing a reptiloid face.] This is not science-fiction, this is what they are!

Episode 2[edit]

Ham Tyler: I like to get everyone's attention. That way, I don't have to repeat myself.

[Referring to Ham Tyler]
Martin: Are there many more like him?
Mike Donovan: Fortunately, selective breeding keeps their population to a minimum.
Ham Tyler: You know, from this distance I could almost cut him in half.
Mike: Anything more than a flesh wound and you get the same.

Ham Tyler: You know, if you let them live, Gooder, they're gonna breed.
Mike Donovan: I prefer them to you.
Ham:: I may bring the neighborhood down, but they'll eat it!

Pamela: [to Diana] You might reflect that your...lover...has sent you 65 trillion miles away from him...hardly an indication he can't bear not to see you.

Episode 3[edit]

[During the capture of Brian at the Maxwell residence, Ham is about to thrust a broken bottle in Daniel's face as revenge for killing Ruby. Caleb holds him back.]
Caleb Taylor: Are you gonna kill him?
Ham Tyler: As many times as I can!
Caleb: No, I got a better idea. [knocks out Daniel with a pistol-whipping to the back of his head]
Ham: That's it?
Caleb: Trust me!

[Inside the Visitor security headquarters, after the Visitors beat up Daniel over Brian's capture and how he became the fall guy.]
Daniel Bernstein: What are you going to do with me, Stephen?
Stephen: Send you where you'll serve us well.
Daniel: [Sees two white-coated orderlies enter the room] Where is that?
Stephen: Where else? On a serving platter. [snaps fingers at guards]
Daniel: No! Stephen, no!!!! NOOOO!!!!! [The guards haul off Daniel, followed by the orderlies]

[Inside the Visitors' LA Mothership, Robin's daughter, Elizabeth, begins to type words in a computer. Diana is close by.]
Elizabeth:[utters single word from computer] Pretanama. (Visitorese for 'Peace')
Diana: It's not in our destiny.
Elizabeth: Pretanama.
Diana: NO!

[The Resistance are debating whether to use the Red Dust following Martin's revelation that the LA Mothership could be primed to self-destruct, taking Earth with it]
Robert Maxwell: Look, the man's just presented his side of the argument!
Ham Tyler: There IS no argument! We either win, or we lose! There's no in-between!
Robert: No! No! Because we're not talking about just the people here in this room! Look, be real clear, people: if we lose, then the WHOLE DAMN WORLD loses!
Julie: [tiredly] We're not fighting the same war anymore. The rules have changed now, it's escalated way out of control.
Chris: Yeah, see...war has a tendency to do that, ma'am.

Tyler: The Visitors came here to suck us dry. When they're finished with this planet, they're gonna take it like an empty beer can and toss it over their shoulder.
Julie: Nobody's calling them good guys, Tyler. No-one's appealing to their better nature. You can't win a war if you're extinct! [she turns in appeal to the group] We've got to think of another way!
Elias: [very quietly] There is no other way. There's no time. Look, if Martin knows about the Red Dust, then you can believe Diana does, too - and if she doesn't, then she will in a few days. Hey...hey, as...as ragged an' as ordinary as this little bunch is...we're the last shot before the buzzer.
Julie: 'Last' is exactly right.
Elias: [louder] Now if we attack - if we attack, at least we got a fightin' chance. We do nothing, we're signin' this planet's death warrant.

Caleb Taylor: Elias -
Elias Taylor: Look, Pop, I was just jokin' with the guys, I didn't mean nothin' by it -!
Caleb: Right away you assume I'm gonna come down on you.
Elias: Ain't that the way it's always been, huh?!
Caleb: Perhaps so... I disagreed with what you said at the meeting -
Elias: So what's new?
Caleb: - but you said it well. I was damn proud of you, son.
Elias: Really?
Caleb: Yes. [they hug, reconciled at last]

Pamela: How did you find out about those raids? That's classified information.
Diana: I'm entitled to know about the raids. The intelligence comes from a source I created.
Pamela: You're entitled to information that pertains to the scientific aspects of our mission - nothing more.
Diana: Then you're not taking the boy's report seriously?
Pamela: [disdainful] It's not standard practice to base troop movements on the tattlings of a ten-year-old Earthling.
Diana: I converted him myself. The information is reliable.
Pamela Well, I have serious doubts about your conversion process. However, I'll have someone look into it.
Diana: When? The raids are scheduled for tomorrow.
Pamela: You scientific types are so easily ruffled.
Diana: And you military types are so predictable. [Takes out her gun and shoots Pamela and her guard.] You rely on cunning, intrigue...I prefer the direct approach. Don't worry, dear Pamela, I'll do my scientific best to command your fleet. And tomorrow, I'll destroy the rebels! Consider this...an early retirement. [shoots Pamela in the stomach]

[Before pouring a bag full of Red Dust on Stephen]
Ham Tyler: Say goodnight, hotshot.

About V (The Final Battle)[edit]

  • Warners was anxious to move on and do a television series, because that’s where you really make your bucks as a studio. Although they can be prestigious, mini-series are often pricey and don’t make a lot of money for the studio. They were eager to do the sequel as quickly and cheaply…and dirt [laughs] as it possibly could be done and get it out of the way.
I had real concerns about the erosion of quality and ultimately decided that I couldn’t do it in the kind of manner that they were talking about; the classic illustration of ‘creative differences’. It was a bit like having a baby and giving it over to foster-parents that you didn’t trust to raise. And I was right, unfortunately [laughs]. It was too bad what they did with it.
  • All of my friends who worked on it told me ‘Don’t ever watch it. Kenny – it is not the script that you guys wrote’…I had three very talented writers working on it with me. But once I left, they brought in a new producing team and a new writer and a new director, who proceeded to rather disembowel it.
I’ve only ever seen about thirty seconds by accident as I was channel-surfing one day, and recognised the scene. And after thirty seconds, I turned it off, because I watched them, in thirty seconds, make every mistake they could possibly make in thirty seconds. And I realised that I could never possibly watch the whole thing. So…no!
  • Kenneth Johnson [1]


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