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New Looney Tunes (known as Wabbit in its first season) is an American animated television series from Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered on September 21, 2015, on Cartoon Network, and later premiered on October 5, 2015, on Boomerang.

Season 1[edit]

Buddha Bugs[edit]

Now and Zen[edit]

The Inside Bugs[edit]

Sun Valley Freeze[edit]

St. Bugs and the Dragon[edit]

Sir Littlechin: I am Sir Littlechin, dragon slayer. I'm here to slay dragon.
Bugs Bunny: No dragon here, doc. Just a rabbit and a very noisy squirrel.

Leaf It Alone[edit]

Wile E. Coyote: You've messed with the wrong suburban home owner, buddy! [chuckles]

The Bigfoot in Bed[edit]

Wolrd Wide Rabbit[edit]

For the Love of Acorns[edit]

The Game Is a Foot[edit]

The Grim Rabbit[edit]

The Wringer[edit]

White House Wabbit[edit]


Not Lyin' Lion[edit]

Ice Ice Bunny[edit]

Bugs Bunny: Hey, Bambi, how about you cool it with the coolin'?
Winter Stag: I am not Bambi.
Bugs Bunny: Let me guess, Dancer? Prancer? Donner? Oh, Blitzen!
Winter Stag: Oh, stereotyping. Don't you have some eggs to paint?
Bugs Bunny: Touché. However, your snow stocking antlers have me confused on your identity.
Winter Stag: I'm not a reindeer, I'm a snow deer. I'm the Winter Stag. I bring the snow.
Bugs Bunny: I thought Old Man Winter did that.
Winter Stag: What?!
Bugs Bunny: Or Jack Frost or Mother Nature?
Winter Stag: Oh, so a human has to do everything. I have been doing this job forever!
Bugs Bunny: But aren't you a tad early? Summer just started.
Winter Stag: Oh, I thought I'd get an early start. Everyone loves winter. Now if you'll excuse me.
Bugs Bunny: [As he touches the Winter Stag's tail] Hey, Stag Abbey!
Winter Stag: Ah, nobody touches the tail!
[He freezes Bugs with his antlers, walks off, then he comes back, charging at Bugs and butts him to a mountain]

Wabbit's Wild[edit]

All Belts Are Off[edit]

Wabbit's Best Friend[edit]

Annoying Ex-Boydfriend[edit]

Bugs Bunny: Hey, bird boy! Keep it down! I'm trying to sleep over here!

Bugs vs Snail[edit]

To Catch a Fairy[edit]

Bugs in the Garden[edit]


Scarecrow: [sarcastically] Ooh, scary barnyard animals.
Bugs Bunny: [Ringing the triangle] Come and get it.
[The farm animals starts to eat the scarecrow's giant foot, but the scarecrow, but the farm animals follow him and ate the scarecrow's entire giant body which leaves him to only his head]
Scarecrow: Woah, hey! Oh!

Painter Piant Hare[edit]

The Spy Who Bugged Me[edit]

Hareplane Mode[edit]

Bugs of Steel[edit]

Big Troubles[edit]

Manner Maid[edit]


Grim on Vacation[edit]

Carrot Before the Horse[edit]

Trunk with Power[edit]

Snow Wabbit[edit]


Raising Your Spirits[edit]

Dust Bugster[edit]

Computer Bugs[edit]

Oils Well That Ends Well[edit]

Your Bunny or Your Life[edit]

Misjudgment Day[edit]

Splashwater Bugs[edit]

Fwee Wange Wabbit[edit]

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