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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of We Bare Bears.

Grizzly the Movie [3.01][edit]

Anger Management [3.02][edit]

[In Nom-Nom's flashback]
Corgis: Green sandwich ♪ Corgi party ♪ Red pineapple ♪ Corgi party ♪ [The Kangaroo appears and bounces away] Blue banana ♪...
Director: Cut, cut cut cut. This isn't gonna work. Nom-Nom. We need stacks more smiles-- heaps on it!
Nom-Nom: But I've been smiling this whole time.
Corgi #1: Yeah, but nah. Give us a big smile!
Corgi #2: Yeah, mate! Let's get in there and see some pearly whites!
Director: All Right! Camera's loaded, let's shoot. Everyone, places.
Nom-Nom: [voice over] And it kept going, take after take, cut after cut, never-ending smiles, and it was too much! [Smiles float past Nom-Nom] AAAHHH!!! Stupid song!
Corgi #3: Crikey!
[Nom-Nom gets off a palm tree and takes down the Sun and the Rainbow]
Director: Hey! Call the coppers!
[Nom-Nom also takes down the palm tree and the bush, He growls at the Corgis]
Corgi #1: Noms, are you...
Nom-Nom: AAAHHH!!!
Corgi #4: Run for it!
[The Three Corgis run away, But the leader Corgi, Nom-Nom pushes the leader Corgi and rips his arm revealing a human's hand]

$100 [3.03][edit]

Professor Lampwick [3.04][edit]

Planet Bears [3.05][edit]

[Back at the Cave]
Grizzly: All right, bros, let's look everywhere around the house. There has to be some food somewhere.
[They begin to look for Food, Panda looks under the Mattress]
Jeremy Crutchley: Desperate for hunger salvation, the bears search for any small morsel they can salvage.
[Grizzly founds a Shampoo bottle that says, "Apple Pie Body Wash", He licks it]
Jeremy Crutchley: The fact that the bears haven't had anything to eat is truly taking a toll on them.
[In Slow motion, Grizzly throws a Granola Bar out of the trash can, It lands on the table]
Jeremy Crutchley: Finally, a grain of nourishment is discovered. It's a simple equation. When hungry meets angry, you get "hangry".
[Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear begin to tug over the Granola Bar, Grizzly has the Granola Bar and Panda and Ice Bear roar at him, They continue to fight]
Jeremy Crutchley: When it comes to hunger, bears have no loyalty to family or friends. It is every bear for himself until their hunger is satisfied.
[As the Bears keep fighting, The Granola Bar flies out of Grizzly's hand]
Jeremy Crutchley: It's a fight between power and aggression. The hungriest bear will be the victorious one.
[The Bears keep tugging the Granola Bar]

Coffee Cave [3.06][edit]

[Panda and Grizzly are trying to stop the coffee machine]
Panda: AHH!! Make it stop!
Grizzly: I'm trying! AHH!! Huh?
[Grizzly and Panda sees the demon Ice Bear]
Ice Bear: Ice Bear needs more [in scary voice; using his axe] coffee.
[Grizzly and Panda scream and run away, Ice Bear watches them run away]
Grizzly: You okay?
Panda: Yeah.
[Ice Bear is eating the beans off-screen]
Grizzly: Dude, we got to get out of the cave. Follow me. [Panda follows Grizzly, They both enter Panda's room instead of outside] I think we're outside. We're safe.
Panda: No, [holds a book] I think we're in my room.
Grizzly: What? How did we end up here?
Panda: I don't know.
[Ice Bear makes a skittering noise]
Grizzly/Panda: Huh?
Grizzly: Who's there?
Panda: We should hide.
Grizzly: Dude, we're sorry. We shouldn't have fed you all that coffee.
Panda: Wha, What?
Grizzly: What is that?
[Grizzly gasps when he and Panda saw Ice Bear climbing up the wall like a Spider]
Ice Bear: [echoing] Coffee. Beans, beans, beans, beans.
Panda: NAIEE!
Grizzly: How are you even doing that?
Panda: Where did he go? Where'd he go?
Grizzly: I don't know. [he and Panda hold together] Hold me, Panda.
[Suddenly, Ice Bear grabs Panda]
Grizzly: Panda! [grabs Panda's paw] I got you, Pan Pan.
Panda: [yelling] It's too late. JUST DESTROY THE BEANS!!!
Grizzly: I'm not letting you go!
Panda: [whispers] Destroy them, Grizz.
[Ice Bear shoves Panda]
Grizzly: Pan Pan! [Panda disappears in the fog] STOP!!! Or else, uh, [raises the bag of beans] you can say "goodbye" to the beans! You hear me! Say something. [Ice Bear climb on the wall and attacks Grizzly] Please stop. [Ice Bear tickles his armpits] No fair. [laughing] No tickling. [Grizzly flips Ice Bear] Ha, Ha! Gotcha.
[Ice Bear walks upside down and sucks the coffee beans, Grizzly growls and takes the bag of coffee beans from him, He enters the bathroom and closes the door, Grizzly falls and notices the toilet]
Grizzly: Toilet? [looks at the bag of beans] Finally, I can destroy these evil beans once and for all. [He hears a crashing sound as he drops the bag of beans] AHHHH!!!! The beans! [Ice Bears peaks through the hole from the door] Oh! Where'd it go? Where'd it go? Where'd it go? Oh! [Grizzly looks for the beans while Ice Bear breaks the bathroom door down with his axe like in the 1980 horror film, The Shining. He opens the door] Aha! Ooh. [Ice Bear appears from the fog, Grizzly backs up] Stay away, man!
[As Ice Bear tries to kill Grizzly with his axe, His eyes becomes crossed and falls]

Charlie's Big Foot [3.07][edit]

The Demon [3.08][edit]

Panda's Art [3.09][edit]

[Back at the Cave]
Panda: C-minus! [Panda hits his head on the table, He groans]
Grizzly: Come on, it's not that bad.
Panda: I'm mediocre, guys. She said my passion outweighs my talent.
Grizzly: I don't know, man. [picks up the drawing of himself] This is pretty awesome. I mean, so rendered.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear appreciates chiseled abs.
Grizzly: I look hot.
Panda: Hot isn't enough. She wants my work to also be "wow"-worthy. [takes out a mini picture frame] She gave me this thingy to help me find that special subject.
[Grizzly licks the plate]
Grizzly: Paint us again.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear has many poses.
[Ice Bear does some poses]
Panda: No, she said she wanted something new, - so no brothers and no anime.

Poppy Rangers [3.10][edit]

Lucy's Brother [3.11][edit]

The Fair [3.12][edit]

Young Grizzly: ♪ Aww yeah! ♪ ♪ Coming straight from the fair. ♪ ♪ Playing games and taking names. ♪ ♪ You wanna be next? Tell 'em Pan. ♪
Young Grizzly/Young Panda: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Young Panda: ♪ It's Pan Pan coming up first, You should win the game by the end of this verse. ♪ ♪ Kickin' mad rhymes, never ever rehearsed. ♪ ♪ It's time to get to work. ♪ ♪ Take your best shot, try hard, win the prize take us home to your backyard. ♪ ♪ You like bears? Everybody does. ♪ ♪ Take a look at my little bro, covered in fuzz. ♪
[Throughout the song people are playing the game, trying to knock down the bottles, but failing]
Young Grizzly: [Faintly] So cute!
[Young Ice Bear squishes his cheeks]
Young Panda: ♪ Three bears barely breaking a sweat. ♪ ♪ Everybody's jocking us 'cause we're the best. ♪ ♪ But I'm already talking too much. ♪ ♪ Let me let my bro get some of this flavor. ♪
Young Grizzly: Yeah, boyyyyyyy! Okay, okay, nobody's won yet, but you're looking super lucky today. Let's see if you can give it a try!
Young Panda: ♪ Play the game. ♪ ♪ Three balls, three tries, three bears, your prize. ♪ ♪ You could take us home right now, come on Grizz, get on the mic and tell 'em how. ♪
Young Grizzly: ♪ Anyone could play this game, just watch now. ♪ ♪ Take a throw and the balls get knocked down. ♪ ♪ It's easy as 1, 2, 3, step 3 being taking bears home, you see. ♪ Come on! ♪ Step right up, just take a chance, you could win big time, cancel all plans. ♪ ♪ There's nothing more important you gotta do than pay the man, throw the ball, and win too. When it comes to prizes bears are the best ones, not stuffed, but the kind that can have fun. ♪ ♪ You know, let's show these nice people what real fun looks like! ♪
Young Grizzly/Young Panda: ♪ Play the game. ♪ Bust it, Grizz, bust it, Grizz, bust it! Kick it, Pan, kick it, Pan, kick it! Go little bro, go little bro, go! Go little bro, go little bro, go! Bust it, Grizz, bust it, Grizz, bust it! Kick it, Pan, kick it, Pan, kick it! Go little bro, go little bro, go! Go little bro, go little bro, go!
[The Bear cubs have finish their song]

Private Lake [3.13][edit]

Lunch with Tabes [3.14][edit]

Road Trip [3.15][edit]

Grizzly: Uh-oh. Guys, we have a problem. [holds a box of star cakes] We're already out of Star Cakes. We got to stop to refuel.
Panda: And I got to use the little panda's room, please.
Chloe: Ooh! Let's stop there! [The car drives past the sign that says, "Dinostore & Gas"] They'll have snacks and bathroom stuff and dinosaurs!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear does not want to make stops unless emergency.

Summer Love [3.16][edit]

The Kitty [3.17][edit]

Crowbar Jones [3.18][edit]

[At the President's office]
Mr. Penguin as the President: Congratulations, Crowbar Jones. You've done it again! Now the world is a safer place because of you, chip chip Cherio!
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: I'm just doing my job, sir.
[Grizzly as Crowbar Jones blinks his eye]
Mr. Penguin as the President: Well, a job well done deserves recognition and a medal of awesomeness. [He holds an album] Also your album went platinum while you were saving the world.
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: Ah, stop it. This is too much. I couldn't have done it without my trusty sidekick, Pando.
Grizzly as Pando: [as he hold a jar of pickles] Oh, thank you, Mr. Crowbar.
Panda: Huh, Huh?
The Mailman: Ooh! [to the Deer] Not half bad!
Grizzly as Pando: Would either of you like a pickle? [The jar's lid hits Grizzly as Pando] Aah!
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: [laughs] Classic Pando!
[The Rabbits laugh, Expect Panda]
Grizzly as Pando: [off-screen] Aah! Oh, my butt, my face!
Panda: [groans] All right, here we go.

Kyle [3.19][edit]

Kyle: [sighs] Too easy Kyle. Huh?
[The Police holds a wanted poster of Kyle]
Police: Are you Kyle?
Kyle: [as he takes one of his eyebrows off] Uhhh.... You're looking for.. What is it? Kyle? No. No, I haven't seen him. Maybe he's over there. Uhh, No. Sorry officers, I can't help you. [The police grabs Kyle] AHHH!!! No! Let me go! Let me go!

Citizen Tabes [3.20][edit]

Dance Lessons [3.21][edit]

Icy Nights II [3.22][edit]

[Ice Bear enters a room where he founds Yana, Yana wakes ups and looked worried]
Ice Bear: Ice Bear got message. Ice Bear will save Yana.
[Ice Bear removes the tape from Yana's mouth]
Yana: [Mnh!] Aah! It's a trap!
[Barry appears from the darkness while he claps his hands]
Barry: I see you got my invitation. Good to see you again, my ursine friend. [Flashback in "Icy Nights" where the hammer breaks Ice Bear's roomba] I'll always be one step ahead of you. [Barry laughs evilly as the flashback ends] You've fallen right into my trap, and now I finally got you where I want.
[Barry snaps his fingers where the robots wore business suits, One robot grabs Ice Bear]
Yana: Tipichno ["Typical" in Russian]
Barry: [laughs evilly] Outsmarted you again, Bear. You see, when I realized you and she had history, I knew I could use her as bait.
Yana: [off-screen] Blah, blah, blah. [on-screen while Ice Bear tries to get free] He's been taling about you all day, Snejni Mishka. I think he has a crush.

Dog Hotel [3.23][edit]

Bear Lift [3.24][edit]

The Nom Nom Show [3.25][edit]

Ice Cave [3.26][edit]

Spa Day [3.27][edit]

Charlie's Halloween Thing [3.28][edit]

Bunnies [3.29][edit]

Pigeons [3.30][edit]

Grizzly: Okay, so, what's on your minds, friends? Y'all know you can tell me anything.
[Brenda looks at the pigeons. The Pigeons nod and Brenda holds a piece of paper]
Grizzly: Huh? What's this, now? Aww! More of your friends? [The camera zooms in to the Pigeon Cartel] W-Wait a second, they're trapped? Unbelievable! Ahh! Why does everyone have a thing against pigeons, huh?! [he crosses his arms] I mean, if they only knew you like I do, they'd know how cool you are. [sighs] Is there anything I can do to help?
[Brenda smiles at Grizzly. Three Pigeons pushes the laptop and turn it on]
Grizzly: Huh?
[Brenda types on the keyboards with her feet]
Grizzly: Man, you guys type faster than I do. [The printer is heard off-screen] Huh?
[The printer prints a picture of the map, Brenda picks up the map with her beak]
Grizzly: When did I get a printer? [Brenda gives Grizzly the map] Oh! A map! All right, that settles it. Let's go save your friends!

[Brenda crosses off the day. The camera zooms over to the crossed days]
Police: Hey!
Brenda: [coos]
Police: You got a visitor, Brenda. All right, you got 15 minutes! [storms off] Guarding birds for a living I hate my job.
[Grizzly arrives]
Grizzly: [as he holds a bowl of spaghetti] Hey, Brenda. [chuckles] Sorry you're in prison. Um we still cool?
Brenda: [coos]
Grizzly: Oh, uh, here, I got this for you. I know how much you like spaghetti, so I went back to good ol' Luigi's for your favorite. [Brenda cooing agreeably] Aw, don't worry about it. That's what friends are for! And you and I we're friends forever, Brenda. No matter what. Even jail. Try this. [Brenda slurps the spaghetti] Yeah, you like that, right? Oh, I'll be here every Tuesday.
Brenda: [coos]
Grizzly: Okay, I'll be here tomorrow.
[The camera zooms out of state prison]

Panda 2 [3.31][edit]

Tubin' [3.32][edit]

Lazer Royale [3.33][edit]

Ranger Games [3.34][edit]

The Perfect Tree [3.35][edit]

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