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I like the new logo. Suggestions for change:

  • the first curved stripe and the last one and thick, and the middle one is thin. Could you make the width of the stripes proportional to their length? So it would be thin, medium, thick (and the thickness of the gaps between also proportional to their length). If that doesn't look good, maybe try it with all the widths the same? Nanobug 12:45, 26 Sep 2003 (UTC)
I like it too! (obscure AOL reference) My suggenstion for improvement would be to have a triangle (but with just perceptibly curved sides like a horn, and maybe just perceptibly truncated on the side of the circle) section appearing close, but not touching the circle/sphere/head and then the threee bands about the width of the current middle one their length following roughly the curve of the "horn". As it is, it already suggests a hornlike curvature by the cleverly created optical illusion, but I personally would not have any objection on making it more explicit. But if my suggestion of a more explicit horn allusion is not supported, I would prefer that the current subliminal optical illusion remain. -- Cimon avaro 15:36, 26 Sep 2003 (UTC)

I would also liek to see different langauge varients for "Wikiquote".

1) Cryllic Alphabet 2) Greek Alphabet 3) etc

As this logo should be used for all Wikiquotes (Unlike what is happening on wikipedia, where different wikipedias can choose to have a different logo).

PS I do not particullay like the shapes, just deosn;t look right IMO. maybe a blue semicricle (flat side against "Wikiquote". -fonzy

Long time no visit by myself. I like the new "skin", but my logo seems to have disappeared! If you need modifications to it to work on the current skin let me know. ( I can also take any suggestions as to redeveloping the logo and making it slicker. Let me know what you think, and leave suggestions on my talk page or on this page. I'll have a play and upload some more developed ideas to my talk page. Cheers! --Neolux 11:20, 4 Jun 2004 (UTC)

For me, the logo shows up as a yello rectangle with the word Wikiquote in italic black text, and 2 quotes in gray. Is there something wrong? -- 13 August 2004

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