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Wild Oranges is a 1924 American silent film directed by King Vidor. On January 12, 2010, the film had its first home video release, on the Warner Archive DVD series.

Directed by King Vidor. Produced by Goldwyn Pictures. Written by King Vidor. Based on Wild Oranges by Joseph Hergesheimer.

John Woolfolk[edit]

  • Don't you feel any response at all in your heart... the slightest return for my longing?
  • [to Paul] If anything happens to me, the boat and a sum of money belong to you. Everything else that I own will go to Miss Stope.

Millie Stope[edit]

  • [to John] You remind me of the cast-iron dog that used to stand on our lawn. I talked to it by the hour, but it just rusted away... cold and indifferent to the last.

Iscah Nicholas[edit]

  • Gimme a kiss, Millie. Gimme a kiss, or I'll put you in the swamp!
  • Please be nice to me, Millie. Something terrible will happen if you're not.

Title Card[edit]

  • From across the still water came the languorous perfume of oleanders and orange blossoms.
  • Life is so dreadfully in the dark. There are maps to guide us to strange places, but none for souls.
  • Mystery, the insidious scents of earth, the veiled lure of sex. Life's traps were set with just such treacheries...!
  • Wild Oranges, at first surprisingly bitter, but after a moment pungent and zestful with a never-to-be-forgotten flavor.
  • Thrust unwillingly into the horror of the Civil War, Litchfield Stope had been stricken with the curse of fear, and the obsession had descended upon his granddaughter Millie.
  • John Woolfolk's loss of his young bride turned him against the world. He dreaded to be ensnared again by love, lest the cup of happiness once more be dashed from his lips, and for three years he had found a haven of solitude upon the vast wastes of the sea. Paul Halvard, cook and sailor, was his only companion.


John: My name is John Woolfolk.
Millie: Mine is Stope, Millie Stope.

John: Boston's my home. Have you ever been there?
Millie: I was born in that house, and I've never been anywhere. But I've traveled a lot... on maps I found in grandfather's old books. Japan, Hawaii, India, Spain...

Millie: What... what do you want?
John: I came ashore to arrange for a supply of water, but I've stolen your oranges.
Millie: We have plenty of both. Help yourself.

Nicholas: Don't get me started, I tell you!
John: You can start any time you like.
Nicholas: Don't get me started, I tell you! Don't get me started!


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