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Wunmi Toriola was born on July 11, 1988, in Lagos, Nigeria. The actress was born into a family of four, her father is a disciplinarian to the core, and she lost her mum at a tender age. She went to secondary school in Lagos and she is a native of Ogun state, a state situated in the South-Western part of Nigeria.


  • “I don’t drag maturity, I am that immature happy soul”
    • [1] Wunmi Toriola speaking at I Am immature.
  • You can see the way I’m talking now, it seems as if we are fighting but that is how my voice is and the roles I play in movies don’t help the situation at all because people judge me by the roles I play.
    • [2] Wunmi Toriola speaking on live Instagram interview.
  • Really, I’m a blunt person and I have a low tolerance. I don’t like negativity and that is part of me so while I’m growing, I’m growing to start being accommodating more, I’m growing to start loving more so.
    • [3] Wunmi Toriola speaking on live Instagram interview.
  • People judge me base on the roles although I have some atom of it because I don’t take a shit. I won’t deny it on air because I’m trying to look good and I am too blunt which is why people have problems with me.
    • [4] Wunmi Toriola speaking on live Instagram interview
  • My doctor would laugh at me and would assure me there was no issue with us. I lost hope in IUI and I was ready for IVF, then my miraculous conception came.
    • [5] Wunmi Toriola speaking on her Instagram interview.
  • “I wish I could explain the anger and the sadness through those little times of waiting but just one day, I forgot all.
    • [6] Wunmi Toriola speaking on her Instagram page.
  • "I am not doing again! This “diplomatic” thing is sometimes draining."
    • [7]Revealing how tough it is to be a celebrity on her Instagram page.
  • " I wanted to rest after marriage before conception and boom “my supposed rest “finished, no conception."
    • [8]On his son's birthday,revealing how she battled infertility in her marriage before conception.

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