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X-Men: The Animated Series is a spinoff of the X-men comic book series.

Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)[edit]

[Gambit throws a handful of charged playing card at a Sentinel]
Jubilee: How did you do that?
Gambit: With style, petite. With style.

[Jubilee tries to "save" Gambit from Wolverine when she sees them training and zaps him]
[Storm, Beast and Morph enter the room]
Storm: Is the child all right?
Wolverine: Not for long!

  • Wolverine: I go where I wanna go!
  • [Beast is mixing chemicals while hanging upside down]
Beast: It would be quite disconcerting if this were to detonate. . . disconcerting, yet provocative.
  • [Morph, Beast, and Wolverine are sneaking up to a fence]
Morph: Can you guys boost me over the fence, Beast?
[Wolverine flashes Beast a thumbs-up, while Beast gives an OK sign. Suddenly Morph screams as he's flung over the fence]
Wolverine: Looks like we can.

Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)[edit]

Rogue: You look as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Rogue: Come on boys, let's go for a little moonlight swim. Don't get a moonburn!

Gambit: Huh huh, you wanna play wit Gambit? Here, take a card. House wins.

Gambit: Life don't get much beddah dan dis!

  • [Wolverine destroys Cyclops's car, and Jean walks in]
Wolverine: Tell Cyclops, I made him a convertible.

Cold Vengeance[edit]

Wolverine: Let'em go, Sabretooth! I don't wanna fight you anymore! I don't care who started it. It's time to bury it.

1.4 - Deadly Reunions[edit]

Wolverine: You always did like pushing around people smaller than you. Well I'm smaller; try pushing me!!

Wolverine: You always were second best. And in this business bub (brandishing claws)...second best just don't cut it.

Magneto: When I was a child, my people talked while others prepared for war! They used reason when others used tanks, and they were destroyed for their troubles. I won't stand by and watch it happen again, I WON'T!

Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas[edit]

Jean Grey: You did what?!
Gambit: I just gave da ham a little juicin' up.
Jean Grey: I want this... this- this swamp-rat out of my kitchen! Now!

  • [Cyclops zaps the broccoli while Jean Grey is throwing the broccoli at Gambit, and Rogue catches it]
Cyclops: Stop it! You're both acting like children! This is Christmas Eve, remember?

Gambit: What do you mean not eatin'?! Gambit has spent days on dis meal! My oyster loaf! My daube glace!
Jean Grey: We can warm it up tomorrow.
Gambit: Warm it up?! You do not warm up such a meal! Gambit does not make TV dinners.

2.6 - X-Ternally Yours[edit]

Wolverine': I don't care which Spirit Ladies did what to which Cajuns; I'm here to stop a wedding.

Gambit: I'm not a thief, I'm not an assassin. I'm an X-Man; I am never coming back.

2.10 - Beauty and the Beast[edit]

Beast: Now that you see what my life is like, you’ll understand what I have to tell you.
Carly': Hank, please don’t.
Beast: We have to face it. I am a mutant in a world that fears and despises my kind. I thought for a moment we could live in that world together, but I know now that we cannot. Someday with work and hope the world will change. Until then if you care for me as much as I care for you, you will understand why we must part.
Jubilee: Weird. Wolverine using his head, and Beast going berserk! What's the world coming to?

(More quotes coming soon)

3.7 - Phoenix Saga Part 5 Child of Light[edit]

D'Ken: No! You cannot contain the power of the crystal! You cannot! Noooooooo!

4.14 - Love in Vain[edit]

Wolverine: Play time's over.
Cody: Morning, sleepy head.
Rogue: Mmmm... Morning. Did I sleep all night in the park?
Rogue: I know this is sudden, Professor, but I need some of- uh... personal time off.
Professor X: This isn't the back time, Rogue, Wolverine is in some sort of trouble!
Beast: Rogue, is this gentleman your guest?
Gambit: So that's Cody... Guest is what so personal?
Rogue: It's none of your blame business, Mr. Ladies' Man! Or any of ya!
Professor X: Rogue!
Rogue: Stop being so mysterious.
Cody: Oh you promise to let it be the surprise.
Brood Queen: Remember, do not vanish them.
Wolverine: Let him go, roach, or your head is shish-kabob.
Storm: Be gone, hissing vermin!
Rogue: You brought us here for them!
Cody: They didn't tell me about the others. It's for the best, darling, you'll see!
  • [Rogue suffers an agony]
Cody: They need us, Rogue, just like I need you.
Cody: We will be together!
  • [Cody whips Wolverine with his tail after he turns into the brood roach alien]
Wolverine: You wanna bet, pal?
Rogue: Wolverine, don't hurt him!
Wolverine: The ship's moving! They're leaving. Rogue, we gotta hustle! Out of my way, roaches!
Brood Queen: Secure them!
  • [Wolverine puts down Storm]
Wolverine: Secure this!

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