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X2, released in 2003 is the second of a series of three films based on the X-Men comic series. It follows X-Men and precedes X-Men: The Last Stand In this film, the heroic team of mutants must form an uneasy alliance with former enemy Magneto to stop an obsessed military scientist from exterminating all mutant-kind. Based on characters from Marvel comics.

Directed by Bryan Singer. Screenplay by Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris, and David Hayter. Story by Zak Penn, David Hayter and Bryan Singer
The time has come for those who are different to stand united (Taglines)

Professor Charles Xavier[edit]

  • Mutants. Since the discovery of their existence they have been regarded with fear, suspicion, often hatred. Across the planet, debate rages. Are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain or simply a new species of humanity fighting for their share of the world? Either way it is a historical fact: Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute.

Jean Grey[edit]

  • Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It is how we have evolved from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. thos process is slow, normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

Colonel William Stryker[edit]

  • I was piloting black-ops missions in the jungles of North Vietnam when you were suckin' on your mama's tit at Woodstock, Kelly. Don't lecture me about war. This already is a war.


[Pyro and Iceman show off their skills in a museum, but the people caught by surprise at what's happening suddenly freeze.]
Rogue: Bobby, what did you do?
Iceman: I didn't do this.
Professor Xavier: [appears] No. I did. [to John] And the next time you feel like showing off, don't.

Colonel William Stryker: We developed the technology that built his plastic prison.
Senator Kelly: This facility is a school.
Stryker: Sure it is. [he sets photos on the president's desk]
President McKenna: What the hell is that?
Stryker: A jet.
McKenna: What kind of jet?
Colonel William Stryker: We don't know — but it comes up out of the basketball court.

[Professor Xavier learns that Colonel Stryker has been interrogating Magneto in prison.]
Professor Charles Xavier: Erik, what have you done?
Magneto: I'm sorry, Charles. I couldn't help it.
Professor Charles Xavier: What have you told Stryker?
Magneto: Everything.

Professor Charles Xavier: [Wakes up in Stryker's chambers] William?
Colonel William Stryker: Please, Xavier, don't get up!
[electronic static]
Colonel William Stryker: I call it the neural inhibitor. It keeps you outta here.
Professor Xavier: What have you done with Scott?
Colonel William Stryker: Oh, don't worry. I'm just giving him a little re-education. Of course, you know all about that, don't you!?
Professor Xavier: William, you wanted me to cure your son, but mutation isn't a disease...
Colonel William Stryker: [hatefully] YOU'RE LYING! You were even more frightened of him than I was. You know, just one year after Jason returned from your 'school', my wife-! You see, he resented us, he blamed us for his condition, so he would toy with our minds, projecting visions and scenarios into our brains. Well, my wife, in the end she took a power drill to her left temple in an attempt to bore the images out. [contemptuously] My boy, the great illusionist!
Professor Xavier: For someone who hates mutants... you certainly keep some strange company.
Colonel William Stryker: Oh, they serve their purpose... as long as they can be controlled.
Professor Xavier: You arranged the attack on the president.
Colonel William Stryker: You didn't even have to read my mind. You know, I've been working with mutants as long as you have, Xavier... but the most frustrating thing I've learned is that nobody really knows how many even exist or how to find them - except you. Unfortunately this little potion won't work on you, will it? You're much too powerful for that. Instead we'll go right to the source. Allow me to introduce mutant 143. The fluid secreted by his brain acts as a mind-controlling agent.
[Stryker introduces Jason, his son bounded on a wheelchair, who is also a mutant]
William Stryker: But that's only where it begins.
Professor Xavier: Jason. Oh, my god, William, this is your son! What have you-
Colonel William Stryker: NO, Charles! My son is dead! Just like the rest of you.

[While Kurt prays, Ororo stumbles to him and look at Kurt's markings in his face]
Storm: So... what... are they?
Nightcrawler: They are angelic symbols passed on to mankind by the Archangel Gabriel.
Storm: They're beautiful. How many do you have?
Nightcrawler: One for every sin. So quite a few.
[Storm smiles]
Nightcrawler: You and Miss Grey are schoolteachers?
Storm: Yes. At a school for people like us, where we can be safe.
Nightcrawler: Safe from what?
Storm: Everyone else.
Nightcrawler: You know, outside of the circus, most people were afraid of me. But I did not hate them: I pitied them. Do you know why? Because most people will never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes.
Storm: Well, I gave up on pity a long time ago.
Nightcrawler: Someone so beautiful should not be so angry.
Storm: Sometimes anger can help you survive.
Nightcrawler: So can faith.

Magneto: His name is Colonel William Stryker, and he invaded your mansion for one purpose; he wanted Cerebro, or enough of it to build one of his own.
Dr. Jean Grey: But that doesn't make any sense. Stryker would need the Professor to operate it.
Magneto: Which I think is the only reason my old friend is still alive.
Storm: Oh my God...[She, Jean and Magneto exchange worried looks]
Wolverine: What are you all so afraid of?
Magneto: While Cerebro is working, Charles's mind is connected to every living person on the planet. If he were forced to concentrate hard enough on a particular group-let's say, mutants, for example-he could kill us all!
Storm: [coldly] Wait a minute. How would Stryker even know where to find Cerebro in the first place?
Magneto: [ashamed] Because I told him. I helped Charles build it, remember? Mr. Stryker has powerful methods of persuasion, even against a mutant as strong as Charles.
Jean Grey: So who is this Stryker, anyway?
Magneto: He's a military scientist. He spent his whole life trying to solve the 'mutant problem'. If you want a more intimate perspective, why don't you ask Wolverine? [to Wolverine] You don't remember, do you? William Stryker: The only other man I know who can manipulate adamantium. The metal on your bones. It carries his signature.
Wolverine: But the Professor—
Magneto: The Professor trusted you were smart enough to discover this on your own. He gives you more credit than I do.

Pyro: So, they say you're the bad guy.
Magneto: Is that what they say?
Pyro: That's a dorky-looking helmet. What's it for?
Magneto: This "dorky-looking helmet" is the only thing that's going to protect me from the real bad guys. [grabs Pyro's lighter with his power] What's your name?
Pyro: John.
Magneto: What's your real name, John?
Pyro: [collects a flame from the lighter and juggles a small fireball.] Pyro.
Magneto: That's quite a talent you have there, Pyro.
Pyro: I can only manipulate the fire. I can't create it. [closes his hand, extinguishing the flames]
Magneto: You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different.

[Wolverine approaches Stryker, who was chained to the chunk of the dam by Magneto earlier, while carrying Artie in his arms.]
Colonel William Stryker: Who has the answers, Wolverine? Those people, or that creature in your arms?
[Logan doesn't respond and turns to Artie then turns back to Stryker]
Colonel William Stryker: Huh? Huh?!
[Wolverine puts down Artie, then takes off his dog and throws it at Stryker's feet]
Wolverine: [picks up Artie] I'll take my chances with him. [walks away]
Colonel William Stryker: One day, someone will finish what I've started, Wolverine! One day! ONE DAY!!!
[While Wolverine walks away, Artie turns to Stryker, and sticks out his lizard tongue at him]

[Professor Xavier has handed the President classified documents detailing Colonel Stryker's activities.]
President McKenna: Where did you get these?
Professor Charles Xavier: Let's just say I know a little girl who can walk through walls.


  • The time has come for those who are different to stand united.
  • Get ready for the return of the Evolution.
  • Evolution Continues.
  • The ones we fear most, will be all that can save us... again.
  • In this world wide conspiracy the only thing you can count on... Is the X factor.
  • First, they were fighting for acceptance. Now, they're battling for survival.
  • X-Men United.


Patrick StewartProfessor Charles Xavier
Hugh JackmanLogan/Wolverine
Ian McKellenEric Lehnsherr/Magneto
Halle BerryOroro Munroe/Storm
Famke JanssenJean Grey
James MarsdenScott Summers/Cyclops
Anna PaquinRogue
Rebecca RomijnRaven Darkholme/Mystique
Brian CoxWilliam Stryker
Alan CummingKurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
Bruce DavisonSenator Kelly
Aaron StanfordJohn Allerdyce/Pyro
Shawn AshmoreBobby Drake/Iceman
Kelly HuYuriko Oyama/Deathstrike
Katie StuartKitty Pryde
Kea WongJubilation Lee/Jubilee

About X2[edit]

  • On the first film, the studio was worried about the lead character stabbing people. We were like, “Yeah, okay, but he has nine inch blades that come out of his fists. People are going to get stabbed.” You can’t do what they do in the cartoons having him open doors or be the world’s most dangerous can opener. When we started to do X2 one of the first things I said to Bryan [Singer] was we needed to see Wolverine cut loose and just go on a rampage. We also knew we want the mansion be invaded. I think it was Bryan who said the others should be out of town and it should just be Wolverine watching the mansion, then you can see him tear into those people. We made sure the soldiers he was attacking were faceless. They got masks on, so you can stay in a PG-13 relm and murder a bunch of people. That’s what my 15-year-old self wanted to see from Wolverine.

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