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         Each thinking mind is a political mind. Zaman Ali

Zaman Ali (زمان علی) (born 1993) in Pakistan is a Philosopher. His book HUMANITY [1] a political philosophy [2] is very influential book and defines the reality and the deep nature of political process. In HUMANITY he inquires how political process could become better for coming generations & civilizations. His idea of humanity is very powerful as this idea describe about how the society can be better with fulfilling the needs of individuals in political & social structures of society.


Political Mind[edit]

  • "Each thinking mind is a political mind because each human thinks with his consciousness and comes up with certain thoughts and other has different thoughts and because both has different thoughts and when they decide about one think with different thought then they have to decide through agreement and disagreement and this act leads them towards politics. Human individuality leads towards different ideas from others and each human has own experience, senses and reasons of any ideas that’s why in decision making different ideas interact each other and when humans interact with those different thoughts and ideas then they either agree to other or disagree and the process is politics and as differences is natural in human as do politics."[3]

Human Nature[edit]

  • "One can only describe the human but can never define it because humans are complex in there nature. Each human has his individual characteristics that make him different from another and if one tries to define human he could only explains the certain aspects of human. Because each human is individual in him that’s why no one can defines all humans by objectifying one human."[4]


  • "As resources are important for individual and for societies and there is need to understand that why human desire resources and why human collect thing even more than his needs? Each living thing need something to live and they have those thing according to their needs as animals need food and have it or collect it only for their need to eat it and as plants needs the water etc. for their living and have this according to their use. But it is humans that are different in their use as they not only want to have as their needs but rather desire more than their needs and even more than their life. Then in relation to resources it leads towards understanding what makes humans to different in this? For this there is need to understand greed because it is greed that makes us human as it could be for good or bad. Human individual want to survive when they give up on individuality for family or society and it’s his individuality that makes him different in society but it is his greed that makes him to have more in society for individual self that relates with power over other, wealth for comfort, ideological rule for their superiority etc. As greed could relate with good as doing something good and keep doing it for self or society, getting praised through good acts, happiness in helping others or it could be for bad as doing wars for the happiness or to hurt others.[5]


  • "Struggle of power is natural in human because with power their individuality prevails over others. That’s why the struggle of power is inevitable because every individual first protect his individuality with this and then he control on other individuality through controlling his political means or society in which they are living and because of individuals need the power for himself which is the reasons for power struggle and then those who has the power they protect it from others and those who don’t have it they want it for their own good and for individual freedom to live through with his political means in society and state and that is why peace in humanistic world is kind of difficult."[6]


  • "What’s good for individual could be bad for society but what’s good for society that will be good for individual and there is always need to choose what right for society because if it is right for society then it is right for individual. And by doing this each generation must need to understand that their survival is depends on society and if there is no good for society and society gets hurt by individuals then may be some could have benefits but then with time all will be suffer from certain individuals benefits."[7]

Political Process[edit]

  • "From the day to till the day there are two humans living together they were and they will involves in political process. For living together humans have to decide about doing things and whenever human decide about something it becomes a political process and as long as two humans thinks and make decision they will be engage in this process."[8]

Right and Wrong[edit]

  • "There is nothing right and wrong until anyone defines it. Each individual could define differently right and wrong act as it depends how individual thinks of any act at certain time. And if one define it with what is good is right what is bad is wrong but each right could be good and bad in certain times that is why right and wrong act change with time as good and bad and it depends on certain condition."[9]

Good and Bad[edit]

  • "And if one thinks there is no need of bad in humans and evil needs to eradicate form humans then one need to understand that good and bad lies within and without one other loses its mean and essence that’s why both are there and we need to understand there importance and need to act against every evil act for controlling it in society."[10]


  • "knowledge leads towards different kind of societies then those societies don’t relate with each other because people in those societies think, act and reacts with their knowledge that makes different ways of life with and different recognition of humans'."[11]


  • "Human ideologies are based on human believe and acceptance of one ideology by all human is not possible as long as each human could find answers about his existence by his own mind."[12]

Human Decision[edit]

  • "Human could live individually anywhere but as human is what he decides to be. And human choose to live in society beside their individual difference and creates the societies. Then one could ask why human choose to live in societies if he could live individually or has individuality? There could be many reasons for this answer but the one reason is for good. As generally human is good because he choose good and it is good to live in society then to live individually that is what makes humans to live with each other in society and beside that there could be many reason for that because as human belong to many thing as one makes him to belong."[13]


  • "Books have the power to create, destroy or change civilizations."[14]

Human Purpose[edit]

  • "Human as an intellectual being needs answers about the existence for the purpose of knowing the way to live. If he lives the way to his answers then these answers become his ideologies and gave him values to live through the life. Because human thinks as an individual that’s why there are many different ideologies and values as each human could find himself different answers about the questions of existence and then he could believe and cannot believe on those answers."[15]


  • "Everything is different and nothing is same in the universe. Each particular part is different from other part that makes everything different and because everything is different that’s why everything has its own particular value. One can ask that things that have similar value could be same but one has to understand that even things that looks similar in value and have similar properties are different from each other. Two things that look similar in values and in properties have their own different space from each other that makes them different. Because they have their own space that makes them different from each other and one tiniest part of universe who has his own space makes him different from other."[16]


  • "Happiness is the purpose of humans so it must need to be for the good of others otherwise one’s happiness could hurt many others."[17]


  • "Death is the only fantasy that becomes real for all humans."[18]


  • "Humanity prevails over all other ideologies because one accept it or reject it for him but he cannot deny it because it is about him and beside that no matter which ideologies from one belong humanity provides reason to each human for accepting the reality of others ideologies with his own ideology because it is the medium between different ideologies and helps humans to accept each other not for only sake of being good to others but for their self because their own good lies in accepting other in society."[19]


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