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Ōban Star-Racers (オーバン・スターレーサーズ Ōban Sutā Rēsāzu?) is a French/Japanese anime created by Savin Yeatman-Eiffel of Sav! The World Productions.

Characters quotes[edit]


- "Aren't you a bit young to be running around without parental guidance?" ep. 2 
- "Oh really? Breaking your word was not enough? Now you must spy?" To Jordan; ep. 4

Don Wei[edit]

- "Molly and Jordan are the Avatar's guests. They've not been locked in. We've simply been locked out." Ep. 14
- "If I find this cat, I'll take all nine of its lives!" ep. 6

Jordan C. Wilde[edit]

- "Ajajaj, the things I do!" ep. 22
- "I wouldn't trust you with Molly in a milion years." To Aikka, ep. 16
- "Get lost! I'm trying to be sad!" ep. 9

- "Great! Let them eat somebody else." ep. 16

- "Well, I had a choice between saving you or the backpack. I chose to save you, sorry." ep. 22

- "What is she talking about?.. I knew she'd crack sooner or later." ep. 20

- "So, what should I call you now? Eva? Molly? Your Lordship?" ep. 25

- "Molly, don't be stupid. Come back here, now! We can still go back to camp. We'll be safe! We have water, food and... and each other..." ep. 22
- "Molly... at least play hard to get!" ep. 24
- "I hate to tell you this but I think you've dozed off." ep. 21
- "You know what, this guy's OK. And who knows, I may even start to hate him less." About Aikka, ep. 13
- "Molly... I need a big hug..." Spoken in his sleep, ep. 10
- "Molly, don't even breathe one for your life when I say go!" ep. 14
- "Well, my bag's packed. With three defeats under our belt we can go home earlier." ep. 9
- "Yeah, see you at the next race, buddy!... Flying behind us..." ep. 16
- "Oh, well, I guess my job is done..." when Aikka interjected in their conflict with Groor, ep. 2
- "I mean, you know, like a 'Home, sweet home!'" ep. 22
- "Sir, please, excuse Molly. It's been a rough morning. She's not quite herself today..." ep. 4
- "Please, don't let me be cloned!" ep. 3
- "Show's over, Molly!" ep. 4 and 16
- "Molly, could you keep your eyes on the road and off that prince!?" ep. 8
- "Well, I'll take my chances. As long as I am with you, partner, everything's going to be okay." To Molly/Eva, ep. 22
- "Who the heck was this guy? Don Wei's friendly clone?" ep. 4
- "We're still here. There's hope..." ep. 25

Molly/ Eva Wei[edit]

- "The name's Ev... It's Molly. Got it, Gunnerboy?" ep. 2
- "What do you think I'm doing? Knitting you a sweater?"  to Don, ep. 10
- "Come on, Jordan, at least pretend to be tough." ep. 15
- "Hop on, Jordan! A change of scenery will do us good. Let's blow this pop stunt. I can't breathe in here..." ep. 10
- "Jordan, what are you doing? We're not moving in!" ep. 22
- "Leave me alone! I'm not in a mood! HELP! I'm being hijacked!"  ep. 9

Other characters[edit]

- "Easy, Jordan! No huggin'! Doctor's orders!" Rick Thunderbolt, ep. 5
- "I think this is where they bumped the bodies." Stan, ep. 12
- "You shall not!" Kross, ep. 23
- "Be gentle with her. It's her first time. Hey, I guess that's true for both of you!" Stan, to Jordan when he was to fly the Whizzing Arrow II, ep. 3


"- Tell me, Molly, do you get along well with your dad?
 - What about my dad?
 - I just hope your relationship with him is better than you and Don Wei.
 - My father is a great man... He adores me...
 - Yeah, I get it. A little princess looking for..hey!" 

Molly/Eva and Jordan, ep. 2

"- Shouldn't we tell Don Wei?
 - Mr Kill-Joy? No. We don't need a dad to come along.

Molly/Eva and Jordan, ep. 15

"- I only hope he flips his beetle. 
 - I think he's kinda cute...
 - WHAT?!"

Molly/Eva and Jordan about Aikka, ep. 2

"- Hey, don't mind Don Wei. He's worse than Lord Furter sometimes.
 - That's for sure. I'd rather be thrown in bottomless spit than to mess with him."

Molly/Eva and Jordan, ep. 15

"- Molly? Are you still up?
 - No, I'm asleep."

Molly/Eva and Jordan, ep. 15

"- Hurry up, Jordan. We're late.
 - You mean we're... We're gonna race?.. Hey! Wait for me, Master of the Galaxy!
 - I'm only racing to stop Kross, got it? I'm not desired to become...
 - Yeah, yeah, whatever, Miss Avatar!"

Molly/Eva and Jordan, ep. 23

"- Molly, let it go! It's not your fault.
 - It is, Jordan. It's completely my fault. Mine and noone else's.
 - You thought you were right. Noone put as much of their heart and soul in this race as you did."

Molly/ Eva and Jordan, ep. 25

"- Another earthquake...
 - It's Oban-quake, actually."

Molly/Eva and Jordan, ep. 16