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Abdul Bari Atwan (born February 17, 1950) is the editor-in chief of the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi.


  • I am very pleased to see Blair leaving 10 Downing Street. Really, this man caused the greatest humiliation to the Arabs and Muslims, besides George Bush – and maybe even more than him. He is the only one in the Western world who supported Bush's wars in the Arab region. It was Tony Blair who encouraged the Americans to invade Iraq, and to wage the current war in it. This man employed lies, deceit, and deception. He discovered the British people and the entire world.[...]How can you reward this man by appointing him envoy to the Middle East? It is like a criminal who returns to the scene of the crime. You are sending Blair back to the scene of his crime. This is a problem. He should be pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes, rather than receive this honor, because he destroyed us, and he hates us, as Arabs and Muslims.

  • We do not know how many children and women need for Israel to kill and dismember their bodies with rocket-aircraft missiles, tanks and even tells thirst, to stop this brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip.[1]

  • The Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah has become one of acting as the cantons of the former apartheid regime in South Africa, watching it from afar, but only to send food and medical aid to the sector, and to support the Egyptian initiative to stop the war. The authority did not exert any kind of pressure on our friends in Israel, but on the contrary, it facilitated the task of aggression suppression of protest demonstrations in the cities of the West Bank. [2]


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