An American Werewolf in London

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An American Werewolf in London is a 1981 horror-comedy film about two American tourists in England who are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.

Written and directed by John Landis.
From the director of Animal House ... a different kind of animal taglines

David Kessler[edit]

  • [Trying to get arrested in Trafalgar Square] Queen Elizabeth is a man! Prince Charles is a faggot! Winston Churchill was full of shit! Shakespeare's French! Shit! Fuck! Piss!


Jack: The Slaughtered Lamb?
David: Of course, The Slaughtered Lamb. Why else would they have a severed fox head on a spear as their symbol?
Jack: That's a wolf's head.
David: Of course, The Slaughtered Lamb. Why else would they have a severed wolf's head on a spear as their symbol?
Jack: That's not a spear. It's a pike.
David: A severed wolf's head on a pike as their symbol.
Jack: David, before we go in there I want you to know that - no matter what happens to us - it's your fault.
David: I assume full responsibility.
Jack: Okay.
David: Shall we?

[recalling what they are told in The Slaughtered Lamb]
David: Keep off the moors.
Jack: And stay on the road.
[they look down to see that they have wandered off the road]
David: Whoops.

Dr. Hirsch: Did you get a good look at the man who attacked you?
David: I've told you, it wasn't a man. It was an animal. A big wolf or something. A rabid dog.
Dr. Hirsch: Yes.
David: Look, Dr. Hirsch, I know I've been traumatized, but Jack was torn apart. I saw him. A man can't do that to someone with his bare hands.
Dr. Hirsch: You'd be surprised what horrors a man is capable of.
David: Did you see Jack?
Dr. Hirsch: No. In fact, your wounds were cleaned and dressed before you arrived here.
David: Did you talk to the police in East Proctor? Did the cops go to The Slaughtered Lamb?
Dr. Hirsch: I really don't know.
David: Then why the hell are you so quick to disbelieve me? You yourself said it must have taken incredible strength to tear apart a person like that.
Dr. Hirsch: David, please. The police are satisfied. I'm certain that if a monster were out roaming northern England we'd have seen it on the telly.
David: You really think I'm crazy, don't you?
Dr. Hirsch: Believe me. The Hound of the Baskervilles was an invention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's. And if you'd read the bloody book, you'd find that Holmes discovered your hound of hell a fraud, a fake. [pause] Now really, David. You're far too intelligent to go on this way. When you return to America I want you to seek out a competent psychiatrist or psychologist or something and stop this nonsense. You'll be leaving this hospital in three or four days, please remain sane. At least until you are no longer our responsibility.

Jack: David, now I know this may be hard for you, but I have to warn you.
David: Warn me? Will you get out of here, you meat loaf?
Jack: I'm a grisly sight, it's true; but I love you and that's why I'm here. You've got to know.
David: If you love me so much, Jack you'll realize how disconcerting it is to share one's breakfast with the living dead!
Jack: We were attacked by a werewolf.
David: I'm not listening! [covers ears]
Jack: On the moors, we were attacked by a lycanthrope, a werewolf.
David: Shut up, you zombie!
Jack: I was murdered, an unnatural death, and now I walk the earth in limbo until the werewolf's curse is lifted.
David: What's wrong with you? Shut up!
Jack: The wolf's bloodline must be severed; the last remaining werewolf must be destroyed.
David: Will you be quiet?!
Jack: It's you David.
David: What?!
Jack: You survived and now you shall continue the curse.
David: What are you talking about? I won't accept this! Get out! Goddamnit!
Jack: Remember what that guy at The Slaughtered Lamb said? `Beware the moon.'
David: Stop it, Jack.
Jack: Beware the moon. The full moon, David. You've got two days.
David: Jack, please go away. Please go away.
Jack: You'll stalk the streets of London a creature of the night.
David: You're talking like Boris Karloff! It's movie dialogue!
Jack: David, please believe me. You will kill people, David. You've got to stop the bloodshed before it begins.
David: Nurse!
Jack: Listen to me! Take your own life, David. It's our only chance.
David: Nurse!
Jack: The supernatural! The powers of darkness! It's all true. Take your own life! Suicide, David. Join me.
David: Nurse! Oh God! Alex!
Jack: It's cold, David, and I'm so alone. The undead surround me. Have you ever talked to a corpse? It's boring! I'm lonely! Kill yourself, David, before you kill others...Beware the moon, David.

David: I'm a werewolf.
Alex: A werewolf? [She holds him until he calms] Are you better now?
David: I'll let you know the next full moon.

David: Alex, I've lost my mind. I woke up at the zoo! But you know what? I feel terrific!
Alex: The zoo?
David: Waking up at the zoo, that's not so insane. Having clothes on? That's insane. What did I do last night, Alex?
Alex: Don't you remember?
David: I said goodbye to you. I was locked out of the flat. I climbed the wall and came in through the bathroom window. I started to read and then I was naked at the zoo! I guess I am out of my fucking mind.

Jack: I want you to meet some people. David Kessler, this is Gerald Bringsly.
David: Hello.
Jack: Gerald is the man you murdered in the subway. We thought it best you didn't see him as he's a fresh kill and still pretty messy.
Bringsly: [in shadow] Yes, I do look most unpleasant.
David: Why are you doing this to me, Jack?
Bringsly: This isn't Mr. Goodman's idea. He is your good friend, whereas I am a victim of your carnivorous lunar activities.
David: Mr. Bringsly, I'm sorry. I have absolutely no idea what to say to you.
Bringsly: You've left my wife a widow and my children fatherless. And I understand that I am to walk the earth one of the living dead until the wolf's bloodline is severed and the curse lifted. You must die, David Kessler.
Jack: David, this is Harry Berman and his fiancee Judith Browns. And these gentlemen are Alf, Ted, and Joseph.
Ted: Can't say we're pleased to meet you, Mr. Kessler.
David: What shall I do?
Jack: Suicide.
Harry: You must take your own life!
David: That's easy for you to say - you're already dead.
Bringsly: No, David. Harry and I and everyone you murder are not dead. The undead.
David: Why are you doing this to me?
Jack: Because this must be stopped.
David: How shall I do it?
Judith: Sleeping pills?
Alf: Not sure enough.
David: I could hang myself.
Jack: No. No, if you did it wrong, it could be painful. You'd choke to death.
Joseph: So what? Let `im choke.
Jack: Do you mind? The man's a friend of mine.
Joseph: Well he ain't no friend to me!
Bringsly: Gentlemen.
Alf: I know where you can get a gun.
David: Don't I need a silver bullet or something?
Jack: Oh, be serious, would you?
David: Madness.
Harry: No, a gun will be good.
Judith: You just put the gun to your forehead and pull the trigger.
Bringsly: If you put it in your mouth, you'd be sure not to miss.
David: Thank you, you're all so thoughtful.


  • From the director of Animal House ... a different kind of animal.
  • The Monster Movie
  • A masterpiece of terror.


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