Emperor Taizong of Tang

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A painting portraying Tang Taizong by painter Yan Liben (c. 600 - 673).

Emperor Taizong of Tang China (January 23, 599July 10, 649), born Li Shimin (李世民), was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China from 626 to 649.


  • Few men in history would be so frank and honest with their monarch and when Weizheng died, Taizong was overwhelmed with grief. The Emperor said to his ministers, "With a bronze mirror, one can see whether he is properly attired; with history as a mirror, one can understand the rise and fall of a nation; with men as a mirror, one can see whether he is right or wrong. Now I've lost my faithful mirror by the death of Weizheng."
    • Regarding his advisor.

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