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Far Cry is a first person shooter developed by Crytek in 2004. Published by Ubisoft for the PC.

Jack Carver[edit]

  • Come on Doyle, any time you're ready!
  • Stand by he says, that's rich.
  • What the hell is that thing?!
  • Right now I'm so pissed off it doesn't matter if they know I'm coming or not!
  • So you want me to blow something up to take their attention away from the other thing I blew up. Brilliant.
  • Hey Doyle, I bet you've got a really good reason why you didn't tell me about the ape shit circus freak with the giant fucking arm.


  • Mercenaries are trained to work together, if you alert one, they will bring others.
  • I didn't realise Dr. Krieger had begun testing on humans.


Doyle: You do know how to fly a glider, right?
Jack: No, but I learn real fast when people are shootin' at me.

Doyle: You'll need to use a demo charge.
Jack: Oh, good thing I remembered to pack a few of those.
Doyle: Don't be difficult.

Doyle: What did you do?
Jack: I could tell you, but it's more fun to let you wonder.

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