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Grimm (2011-) is an Urban Fantasy supernatural drama show made by NBC/Universal. It follows the life of a Portland homicide detective (Nick Burkhardt) who discovers he's also a Grimm, a descendant of the Brothers Grimm, and that he can see creatures from myths and fairytales, who exist side by side with the human population.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [S1 E1][edit]

"The wolf thought to himself, what a tender young creature. What a nice, plump mouthful..." - The Brothers Grimm 1812

Hank: Oh, you're a "happily ever after" guy!

Hank: [sings] Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree...

Nick: Hey, I didn't know you couldn't sing!

Sgt Wu: Sorry Nick, guess I should have worn my airbag today!

Aunt Marie: There are things you don't know, things about your family.

Aunt Marie: Have you been seeing strange things? Things that you can't explain?

Aunt Marie: The misfortune of our family is already passing to you.

Aunt Marie: Never lose this, guard it with your life. They'll be looking for it.

Aunt Marie: We have the ability to see what no one else can. When they loose control, they can't hide.

Aunt Marie: This is no fairy tale

Hank: hey Nick, did you get that translated?

Nick: Yeah, it means "reapers of the Grimms"

Doctor: What line of work was she in?

Nick: She was a librarian

Monroe: And by the way, you're paying for that window.

Monroe: You know, I've never seen one of you before? I heard about you guys all my life, never thought I'd see one up close. A Grimm! Heh, whadda ya know!

Nick: You know about me?

Monroe: Are you kidding? My folks used to tell me stories about you guys, scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. How long have you been at this, you seem kinda new.

Nick: Who are you?

Monroe: Wow, you are new at this!

Monroe: I don't want any trouble, I'm not that kind of Blutbad, I don't kill any more, I haven't in years.

Nick: Wait, what did you say you were?

Monroe: Blutbad? Vulgarised by your ancestors as "the big bad wolf". What, did you just get the books tonight?

Nick: You know about the books?

Monroe: Of course I know about the books, we all know about the books! You people started profiling us over 200 years ago.

Monroe: How do I stay good? Through a strict regimen of diet, drugs and pilates. I'm a reformed Blutbad, a Wider Blutbad, it's a different church altogether.

Nick: You guys go to Church?!

Monroe: Of course I don't know where she is! Did I not just tell you about my strict regimen?

Monroe: I'm a clock maker, for god's sakes, I don't go around abducting little girls!

Postman: Do you want a chicken pot pie?

Nick: I really think I should drive!

Monroe: Nah, I'm good!

Monroe: Wolfsbane, so he won't scent us.

Nick: You're kidding me, right?

Monroe: Not if you want to stay alive!

Nick: Do I need something like, silver bullets?

Monroe: What are you, an idiot?

Monroe: I might be on your side, I might be on his side. I might even go after the girl.

Nick rubs wolfsbane on Hank's jacket

Hank: What the hell are you doing?

Nick: So he doesn't smell us.

Hank: We're not hunting deer!

Nick: I already cried wolf once, you think they're going to believe me?

Hank: You do know there's a bridge, right?

Hank: Nice pillows!

Postman: I did the needlepoint myself. Not that I tell everyone.

Renard: Is she dead?

Adalind: No. He was there.

Renard: That's unfortunate. We'll just have to try again.

Bears Will Be Bears [S1 E2][edit]

"She looked in the windows, and then peeped through the keyhole. Seeing nobody in the house, she lifted the latch."

Gilda: Why weren't we born rich?
Rocky: Cos our parents didn't have any money! Nick: How do I look?
Hank: Like a cop who's been working all night.
Nick: That's funny Hank, that's how you look!

Hank: Well then, you look good!

Hank: What'd your aunt do to piss off so many people? She work for the government, or something?

Sgt Wu: What are you doing here!? I haven't even called it in yet. Mrs Rabe: Well you have to respect your ancestors, right detective?

Hank: I had to respect mine, otherwise I couldn't sit down for a week!

Aunt Marie: You have a responsibility that you cannot ignore.

Nick: I couldn't ignore it if I tried!

Aunt Marie: There's a reason you're a cop. You have an ability, and you must use it.

Nick: I want to thank you for helping me out with the kidnapping.

Monroe: A gift basket would have been nice!

Monroe: I think Jagerbars use these for disembowelling. Now I'm hungry.

Monroe: What am I, your personal Grimmipedia?

Monroe: Aunt Marie, right? Yeah, I couldn't sleep the last two nights thinking old aunt Marie was going to cut off my head and stick it on a lamppost. That's how my great grandma ended up, you know!

Monroe: You people murdered my grandfather, the Grimms burned down his farm, cut off his head, his hands and his feet. Okay, he may have deserved it, for some of the things he did. But if my parents could see me now, standing this close to you and not avenging the family, last Thanksgiving I'd be invited to, I can tell you that!

Aunt Marie: Take your best shot, Blutbad!

Monroe: [after ripping a guy's arm off] Okay, that went a little too far.

Aunt Marie: Remember who you are, trust your instincts and nothing else.

Beeware [S1 E3][edit]

"She'll sting you one day. Oh, ever so gently, so you'll hardly even feel it. Till you fall dead"

Hank: Dying on a street car, while dancing the Y M C A. What do you think?

Nick: Sounds like a crappy way to go.

Sgt Wu: Must've been a killer bee, huh?

Hank: That would make it a bee the size of LeBron James.

Harper: More like the Big Three combined!

Hank: Harper's bee man just buzzed me. Yeah, I went there!

Hank: What makes a guy want to work, every day, in such a dangerous environment?

Nick: What, robbery/homicide too tame for you?

Hank: Unknown origins? What is this, some sci-fi crap? That stuff couldn't just come out of no where.

Hank: A streetcar full of dancers, and twelve bee geeks in a motel room. Your suspect pool is getting bigger, huh?

Sgt Wu: Have fun with your interrogations!

Hank: Maybe they're hiding?

Nick: I don't think bees hide.

Hank: You learned all that in vet school?

Juliette: Nope, Animal Planet.

Hank: Well did they say anything about training bees to attack people?

Juliette: That sounds more like a bad movie.

Monroe: Whoa! Easy there Five O, you called me, remember? Don't you have a partner for this stuff?

Nick: Yeah, sure, because if I told him my two main suspects turned into bees, he'd completely understand!

Monroe: That's just some fancy pants, mumbo jumbo for saying they're like gossips,. Y'know, the creature community switchboard.

Nick: Hank and I were attacked by a swarm of bees earlier, if that's sketchy enough for you?

Nick: I don't need you for what you know, I need your nose!

Monroe: Oh, I get it, so little Timmy gets stuck in a well, you need Lassie to come find him? Boy you really know how to butter a guy up for a favour!

Nick: I've got a bottle of '78 Bordeaux in my trunk.

Monroe: I could maybe catch a scent.

Monroe: Oh yeah, I am definitely getting a female scent here. Undeniable.

Nick: You're that sure?

Monroe: No, her perfume, it's called Undeniable.

Nick: Hey wait up!

Monroe: Don't you dare say "heel"!

Monroe: Did you just Grimm that in some kind of telepathic way?

Monroe: This is so the part of the horror movie where the sidekick gets it!

Monroe: Tell me we are not going upstairs? Oh, we're going upstairs!

Sgt Wu: Another Tweet, another flashmob. This time death by Hokey Pokey.

Nick: I need to see their tongues.

Harper: Whatever floats your boat.

Adalind: Please, call me Adalind, all my friends do.

Nick: All your friends are dead!

Adalind: Just find this queen, or I'm not the only one who's going to get stung!

Sgt Wu: Oscar worthy performance, DiNiro!

Sgt Wu: He just sent a direct message to a blocked user.

Nick: Well can you...

Sgt Wu: Of course I can, I'm Asian.

Lonely Hearts [S1 E4][edit]

"There she paused for a while thinking ... but the temptation was so great that she could not conquer it."

Nick: The Bramble Haus, Bed and Breakfast

Hank: You know it?

Nick: When do I have time for a bed, or breakfast?

Nick: Collectors call that the most desirable MG ever made. Impressed?

Hank: Mildly.

Reaper: I'm looking into the death of a friend of mine, he was shot by one of your detectives.

Sgt Wu: Are you a lawyer?

Monroe: Really?

Nick: If I had anyone else to go to, I'd go to them.

Monroe: I feel like I should complain.

Juliette: It's all about the chemistry.

Nick: Well that explains Dale Armsted, the guy who stole your ... Your first love.

Juliette: That wasn't love.

Nick: Well it certainly wasn't looks, or intelligence!

Hank: Wake me when something happens.

Nick: Wake up!

Hank: Not funny.

Hank: He's not taking the car? He's gotta take the damn car! I just got under the car and got a grease spot for nothing?

Monroe: Hello?

Nick: Hey, it's Nick.

Monroe: How did you get my new cellphone?!

Nick: Are you kidding me? I'm a cop!

Renard: Your first mistake, was coming to my city. Second mistake was not knowing who you have to kneel before.

Reaper: I claim my revenge for his death.

Renard: Funny, I deny it.

Renard: [throws the Reaper's severed ear at him] This is so you'll remember to listen next time I speak.

Nick: What are you doing?

Monroe: No way dude, I can't be around him, he's way too potent. I almost bought him a drink!

Monroe: He's hitting on a girl, she's buying the full toad, y'know ...

Nick: You did good, you can go home now.

Monroe: I don't wanna go home now!

Hank: I can't believe any of these women wanted to be anywhere near this guy.

Nick: I'm betting it was the toads.

Danse Macabre [S1 E5][edit]

"Out they scampered from doors, windows, and gutters, rats of every size, all after the piper."'

Nick: How much of this do you think we can fit in the blender?

Nick: Death by rat?

Hank: Nice house.

Nick: Nice cars.

Hank: And bad things still happen.

on seeing the Geiger trailer

Nick: Nice house!

Hank: Yeah, nice cars.

Nick: Captivated audience.

Mr Geiger: You cops?

Hank: We've been called worse.

Roddy: I certainly don't expect a Grimm to.

Nick: Do you know many Grimms?

Roddy: Why so you can arrest him for putting on an illegal rave?

Nick: Yeah, that's my dream.

Sgt Wu: Your perp is DJ Rechid Kat!

Hank: Who's DJ Rechid Kat?

Sgt Wu: Tell me you know.

Nick: Of course I know! Everybody knows. Who's DJ Rechid Kat?

Sgt Wu: Only the most famous raver in Portland! Not that men of your age would know what I'm talking about!

Hank: Pretty excited about being let go

Nick: Oh yeah, I had to stop him yodelling!

Hank: Oh man, there goes lunch!

Nick: Take a look at this.

Hank: Ugh, do I have to?!

Renard: [reading] "Rats dine on beloved teacher"

Nick: That's a little cold.

Hank: Guess who came to dinner!

Hank: You know, the kind of vehicles we don't drive.

Nick: And neither do the Geigers.

Sgt Wu: There is a Mrs Jessop here, demanding to see you. She's got, how can I say this? Smoke coming out of a lot of orifices. [beckons Mrs Jessop over] Good luck!

Hank: I haven't had this much fun since that drunk threw up on me at the Christmas party.

Nick: Wasn't that Sergeant Wu?

Monroe: The food in their chain, is rarely gourmet.

Monroe: I'm not protecting anyone for you, am I? Last time I protected someone for you was not exactly a pleasant experience. How is that guy, by the way? Were they able to sew his arm back on?

Nick: I don't think he's going to be beating anyone up with it again!

Nick: You like music, don't you? I mean, you play.

Monroe: I don't do parties!

Monroe: Is this about that teacher who ended up as ratatouille?

Monroe: I've never been much of a do-gooder Nick, I mean the only bleeding heart I ever had was an [laughs] I mean that's in the past, I'm just saying.

Monroe: Nothing against rappers, it's just [sighs] where's the melody?

Bud: I hate this model, it's a death trap. Look, it's trying to kill me!

Monroe: He said you had talent, man, and it's true. I just heard it. And I've been around a lot of people who thought they had talent, yours truly is one of them. But the real thing man, the real thing is an impossibility! You don't know where it comes from, or what made it, but it's one of the mysteries of life that lifts us all out of the misery of average.

Monroe: Is this going well? I mean I feel like it should be a little more back and forth.

Monroe: Sometimes our lives collide in the most bizarre ways.

Nick: What do we have here?

Sgt Wu: Not a chocolate chip.

Sgt Wu: I guess they're going to have to face the music.

Hank: Really? You went there?

Sgt Wu: Somebody had to.

Hank: How many rats?

Nick: What?

Hank: For the report, how many rats do you think were down there?

Nick: Sorry, I didn't stop to count them.

Hank: Chuckle now, but payback's a bitch, and she bites!

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