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Grown Ups 2 is a 2013 American buddy comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan, and produced by Adam Sandler. The film is the sequel to Grown Ups (2010). The film is produced by Sandler's production company Happy Madison and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film was released on July 12, 2013.


[standing on the cliff, looking down at the water and all the college kids partying]

Lenny Feder: Look at this. Beers on ice, hot ladies everywhere, this is how we used to do it.
Frat Guy: This is Kappa Eta Sigma property, so you might wanna quit pervin' on our ladies and get back to your trailer homes.
Lenny Feder: Okay, easy there, Abercrombie.
Kurt McKenzie: I haven't been around this many arrogant white college kids since Eminem played Duke.
Other Frat Guy: At least we got into college, skinny Danny Glover.

[two fray guys perform a silly multi-step "handshake" that the Grown Ups disapprove of]

Lenny Feder: Hey, fellas, that was a good handshake, we've got a good one too, it goes like this.

[they shake hands in a traditional, polite manner]

Kurt McKenzie: How are you doing, sir?
Eric Lamonsoff: Very good, nice to see you.

Lenny Feder: Hey, you showed up.
Frat Guy: Where do you work out, Cinnabon?

[kicks Lenny in the face with an aerial acrobatic kick] [on the ground, looking up]

Lenny Feder: What were you raised by, ninjas?

Roxanne Chase-Feder: I'm so glad we left the city, this is such a good place to raise family.

Lenny Feder: Riding your bike to school in the morning, you couldn't do that in L.A.
Keithie Feder: Yeah, thank God there's nothing crazy ever happens around here.

Lenny Feder: How could you become a cop after all that crap we did growing up?
Officer Fluzoo: Put your hands in the air. [begins dancing and sings] Then wave 'em like you just don't care. Say HO!
All: HO!

Male Cheerleader (Andy Samberg): Your car is filthy!

[Lenny, in bed, opens his eyes to find a deer at the side of his bed, looking right at him]

Lenny Feder: Excuse me for a second. [turns to Roxanne, sleeping, and whispers] I think your mother's here and she looks angry. Open the window, now.

[Roxanne rolls over and sees deer thing and is startled]

Roxanne: Ahhhhhhhh!

[deer, also startled, raises up on rear legs and urinates, spraying on Lenny's face]

Becky Feder: Will I have boobies like Mommy's?
Lenny Feder: I don't ever want you to have those.

Nick: There's a raft in there? [he pokes the box and it self-inflates, knocking him down, along with a whole row of products] Who did that?

Malcolm: Well, well, well, if it isn't Hollywood and the squares.
Lenny Feder: Hey, Malcolm, I didn't know you worked at K-Mart, and apparently, the hair on the top of your head didn't know it either.
Malcolm: Whaat?

Lenny Feder: Mommy was nice enough to prepare her famous Chicken a la Food Poisoning, which we're all excited to eat.

Eric Lamonsoff: What's 7 + 9?
Bean Lamonsoff: 79!
Eric Lamonsoff: Well, we're not going to have to pay for college, that's for sure.

Aerobics Instructor: Welcome to Squat-robics 101. Any questions?
Jackie Tardio: Are you married?
Roxanne: Do you like my hair?
Deanne McKenzie: Can I stick my tongue down your throat please?


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