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Helloween is a power metal band from Germany.


Walls of Jericho[edit]

  • "In other worlds the children die
    Lacking food ill from a fly
    Oppressed by troops to tame their land
    It's all the same again

    If any man is free on earth
    Then tormentors steal his birth
    They slam gun butts in his face
    And leave his woman choked in mace
    • How Many Tears

  • "Where is he? the promised saviour, the one who'll save the earth
    Perhaps he'll come to bury us, but then it'll be too late
    Who are they? who are the phantoms? who will end our lives?
    It's you and me! you and me! open up your eyes
    • Phantoms Of Death

Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2[edit]

  • "And it's all in vain
    When you're living with pain
    Reap not goods you have grown
    By your own
    Feelings you like
    Disappear overnight
    You sip up every grin
    Free to win
    • Rise and Fall

  • "We are credulous idiots
    And won't understand what they plan
    We march with the times
    It's what they expect and we do
    Why don't you open your eyes
    To undercover all of these lies
    I think you won't accept this
    Go oppose with your fist
    Fight for your rights
    • We Got the Right

  • "Life's too short to cry, long enough to try"
    • March of Time

  • "There's a million ways to see the things in life
    A million ways to be the fool
    In the end of it, none of us is right
    Sometimes we need to be alone
    • I Want Out

Number One (EP)[edit]

  • "Charity is all your duty, they preach you: sharing your goods is your pride,
    Patriotic-love, kill the enemy first, I can hear the other side,
    What's the way out of this game? you'll either win or you lose,
    I run in circles, who's to blame? is there a way I can choose?
    • You run with the pack

Pink Bubbles Go Ape[edit]

  • "We're the kids of the century
    We're lost in our games
    No time for the memories we look in the haze
    We're the kids of the century it wasn't our fault
    Ev'rything's done mum, we fall
    Let's keep on crying
    But sometimes I don't wanna fall
    • Kids of the Century

  • "Animals dying for our vanity
    Our world is a beautiful place to be free
    Drinking the blood of the weak, it's so easy
    No one hears them cry
    • Mankind

  • "See the little boy
    Holding mama's hand
    His eyes can see the things
    We've long forgotten
    The world is easy now
    And somehow
    He's right, until there is this day
    When Mickey Mouse must go away
    • Your Turn

The Time of the Oath[edit]

  • "Though I cannot change the world we're living in
    I can always change myself
    • Wake up the Mountain

Better Than Raw[edit]

  • "It’s getting sicker frame by frame
    You’re always staring at the same
    What is a lie, what is the truth?
    Incredible disgusting news
    The world is rough, the end is near
    Just calculation with your fear
    Without a shame nor least respect
    The operators stand erect
    • Push

  • "We are the people, we are the masses you are for
    We give the power and our desire must be your law
    Don’t think I’m standing here all alone, one of a kind
    Don’t think because you’re still there
    Means that we are all blind
    Don’t spit on my mind
    • Don't Spit on My Mind

Rabbit Don't Come Easy[edit]

  • "Ignorant and wasted that's what you are
    But you could be so much more
    Listen to your TV, believe the words
    And you're dumber than before

    Try to see the real picture
    To train your mind to read between the lines
    Take your level higher that is your way
    Just get up, start out today
    • Open Your Life

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