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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a 2001 animated film by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies about Jimmy Neutron, a boy genius who, along with his friends, fly into space to retrieve their parents from a hostile alien planet.


[Judy puts a plate in front of someone]
Judy: Sorry about the toast, dear. I had to make it in the oven because I cannot find our toaster anywhere.
Hugh: Oh, looky. Well, this oven toast is brilliant, sugar booger. And the yolks are absolutely perfect, too. Run away with me, my love. (gasps when he reads the box)
Judy: Okay. But we have to take my car because you transmitter needs a new compression cup.
Hugh: Whatever. (peeks inside box to take out a prize toy duck) Oh. this is a good one. Quack quack quack. (chuckles)
Judy: Will you try calling Jimmy? He is going to miss the bus again.
Hugh: Jimmy! BREAKFAST! Time to come down! (sing-song with his toy duck) Down down down down quack. Down down down down quack quack.

(Judy makes a weird face to the audience)

[Jimmy crashes the rocket into his house's chimney]
Judy: James Isaac Neutron! I see you up there! How many times have we told you not to launch yourself off the roof?
Jimmy: Probably 9. (confirms with Goddard) Exactly 9. They say repetition is good for a developing brain.
Judy: Just what do you think you were doing?
Jimmy: Well, last night, I received a message from outer space, but it was garbled in the outersphere, so I had to launch a communications toaster-- I mean satellite.
Hugh: Message from space? Wow!
Judy : Don't encourage him, Hugh.

[Sheen is up for show and tell at school]
Sheen: This is Ultra Lord!
(the class groans)
Ms. Fowl: Sheen. This is the 7th week in a row you've shown Ultra Lord in cla-ass!
Sheen: Ms. Fowl... this one is different! This "Purple Vengeance" edition with power fists and nuclear knees is in rare, never-been-seen condition; making it HIGHLY COLLECTABLE!
Cindy: "Never-been-seen," huh? Well, then, how do you know it's even in there?
Sheen: Hmmmm...
(Sheen takes Ultra Lord out of the box and mockingly waves it in front of Cindy)
Sheen: Nyah-nyah.
(Cindy gives Sheen a smirk. Sheen suddenly frowns, realizing what he has done)
Sheen: NO!!!

[Sheen notices a poster for Retroland theme park]
Sheen Juarerra Estevez: Hey! Hey! Retroland theme park! Check it out! [Takes poster off pole] "Meet Ultra Lord! Live!!!"
Jimmy Neutron: Oh look! [Takes poster from Sheen] Its the "State of the arts Gravity Rides!" [Sheen takes back poster]
Sheen Juarerra Estevez: I could hang out with Ultra Lord!
Carl Wheezer: [Takes poster] And there's a petting zoo!
Jimmy Neutron: [takes poster] But look at this!
Sheen Juarerra Estevez: [Takes poster] No! "Meet Ultra Lord live!!!"
Carl Wheezer: [Takes poster] Llamas and Capybaras!
Sheen Juarerra Estevez: Who cares!? "Meet Ultra Lord live!!!"
Carl Wheezer: [Dances in excitment] Yeah! But I'm going to touch a llama!

King Goobot: Tell me. When did it come unacceptable to approach my royal throne UNANNOUNCED?!?
Yokian Guard: Oh yes. Of course, my King.
King Goobot: SPACE HIM!!!
Yokian Guard: But, hey...

(Yokian Guard gets spaced out)



Ooblar: Ohhhh!
Ooblar: Oh I missed it... Can I, can I space another?
King Goobot: No.
Ooblar: Oh, please, brother?
King Goobot: I said "No", Ooblar.
Ooblar: (sing-song) Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please, Oh please...
King Goobot: I would love for that to stop.
Ooblar: (continuing) Oh please, Oh please, Oh pleeeeaaassse. (spots the toaster) Oh, what have we here? (clears throat) As the king's royal assistant, I am the offical checker of the new things to be checked.
King Goobot: Ohh.
Ooblar: (plays with the toaster until the toast pops out) It's all right, it's all right! I'll handle this.

(starts to interact with the toast)

Ooblar: Hello!


King Goobot: Ooblar.
King Goobot: Ooblar, stop it. It's toast.
Ooblar: Oh. (takes the toast) Hello, Toast! I greatly admire your ship!

(After Jimmy gets grounded)
Jimmy: Oh... What good is it to be a genus if you can't even go out on a school night? (sits up) Goddard: Options.
Goddard: (viewing first option) Apologize, your parents love you.
Jimmy: (After some silence, bitterly) Next.
Goddard: (viewing next option) Create a time capsule, escape to the future.
Jimmy: That'll take too long. Next.
Goddard: (viewing next option) Build Goddard a female poodle.
Jimmy: Goddard! This is serious!
Goddard: (viewing next option) Sneak out.
Jimmy: That's it!

Judy: James Isaac Neutro---<BURP!!!>
Little Boy Kid: "And so, we were gonna see who could eat the most cotton candy...and...I won!" "I want my mommy."
Courtney Tyler: "So there you have it..."
Courtney Tyler: "I want my mommy too!"


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