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Kamelot is a power metal band from Tampa, Florida.


The Fourth Legacy (2000)[edit]

  • If you're searching for salvation, reach inside.
    • The Fourth Legacy
  • You disbelievers, little do you know.
    • The Inquisitor
  • Christ is the cry of despair.
    • Glory
  • Every day is a fight to survive, every minute a shattered memory.
    • Until Kingdom Come
  • Little do I know, little do I care, little would it help if I knew and was aware.
  • Give me something to die for.
    • Lunar Sanctum

Karma (2001)[edit]

  • Die with a heart that is bold.
  • Conquer the silence you fear. Tomorrow will not fade to black.
  • You and you alone are forging the path. Leave your sorrows with the past.
  • No one will heed if you fall.
    • Wings of Despair
  • The weak will always obey the master.
    • The Spell
  • I am damned if life itself is condemnation.
  • There's no place for my soul in His embrace.
    • Across the Highlands
  • She's a virgin free from sin. Drops of blood caressed me. And refined my aging skin
    • Elizabeth- I - Mirror Mirror

Epica (2003)[edit]

  • Don't you wonder why?
  • In the center of the universe, we are all alone.
  • A human heart demands to be admired.
    • Center of the Universe
  • Why did God make me feel there is more to be answered? Maybe God cannot remedy our souls if he tried.
  • No one holds the only truth in his hand, so who am I to defy even God in quest for a reason?
    • Farewell
  • I have all the perfect alibis.
    • Descent of the Archangel
  • Vanity we celebrate, my favorite of sins.
    • A Feast for the Vain
  • Love means nothing to me, if there is a higher place to be.
    • Lost and Damned
  • When you play with fire, you must anticipate some burns. Chasing for desire is just a different way to learn.
  • Maybe God is the melody we all serenade.
  • You would not feel sadness if you never tasted joy. That's the curse of humans; born impassioned, you destroy.
    • III Ways to Epica

The Black Halo (2005)[edit]

  • Human reason counters all.
  • In the dark, we're the same.
  • We strive for the flame as if death was our aim, 'cause we cannot understand.
  • There may be more than we can see.
    • Soul Society
  • Human nature has its ways with lust.
    • This Pain
  • Life fades to black from silver gray.
    • The Black Halo
  • What you've sown is what you reap. Our sins can't be undone.
    • Nothing Ever Dies
  • We're a second in time. We're the last in the line of the prey that walks the earth; good and evil combined.
  • I am the God in my own history, the master of the game.
  • We all have our beliefs. Pray for mercy for all.
  • That's the price of what we learn: the more we know, the more we yearn.
    • Memento Mori
  • If once given life, we must die.
  • The more we know, the less we understand; life, eternity, the savagery of man.
  • What does the winter bring, if not yet another spring?
    • Serenade
  • Oh, how I long for utter silence.
    • Epilogue

Ghost Opera (2007)[edit]

  • Don't you think the human race is ceaselessly vain?
  • So it hurts to be alive, my friend, in this masquerade where all one day must die. Don't you wish you were unborn again?
  • This life that someone merely gave to you--that's the price you pay, minute by minute. You beg for a minute more.
    • The Human Stain
  • How can there be a reason for war? For the life of a human that suffers?
    • Mourning Star
  • What's a miracle, if life itself is not?
    • Anthem
  • We all have broken hearts to mend.
    • The Pendulous Fall

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