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The numerous deaths across all different media in the Mortal Kombat universe have yielded many memorable last words.

Video games[edit]

  • Spare me!
    • Who: Scorpion
    • Source: Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
    • Notes: Says this to Sub-Zero, who proceeds to rip Scorpion's spine out. Scorpion is later revived as a Spectre.
  • Never, sorcerer!!! WAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
    • Who: Liu Kang
    • Source: Mortal Kombat 4
    • Notes: Character was deceived by the Edenian Traitor, Tanya. He then turns to see Quan Chi and Shinnok. He tries to attack the latter, but kills him effortlessly, to which Shinnok replies "Fool". However, this ending is non-canon, and is therefore a what-if scenario.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon[edit]

  • They are dark warriors, yet they resemble our own Lin Kuei!
    • Who: Unnamed Lin Kuei Warrior
    • Notes: Character warns Sub-Zero, the leader of the Lin Kuei Clan, that the Brotherhood of Shadow (under the command of Noob Saibot) have invaded the Lin Kuei Temple. The character is then killed by one of them by stabbing him in the back with a blade.
  • I...I...I couldn't risk detection. I didn't carry the records with me. They're aaaalll up here!
    • Who: Unnamed member of the Brotherhood of Shadow
    • Notes: Character informs the sorcerer Quan Chi that he did a job as commanded. Quan Chi then tells him to give him what he had found, but finds that he never brought back whatever he needed to begin with. Disappointed by his failure, Quan Chi walks up to the character and kills him by ripping his head off.
  • With the very weapons Father gave us to use against Blaze. And now I will use them to destroy you. Fight!
    • Who: Daegon
    • Notes: Says this prior to fighting Taven, the game's protagonist, but is ultimately defeated. May not have died.
  • Now face Mortal Kombat!
    • Who: Blaze
    • Notes: Last lines before fighting Taven in Mortal Kombat, and, shortly after, is defeated and destroyed by him. As a result of his destruction, Taven becomes a full god and Protector of Edenia. However, Mortal Kombat (2011 video game) reveals that Shao Kahn defeated Blaze. The next game also returns to the period of the first 3 games, with slightly altered events. Taven's status after this is unknown.

Mortal Kombat (2011)[edit]

  • He must win!
    • Who: Raiden
    • Notes: Says this while battling Shao Kahn; Before Kahn kills him, Raiden uses his amulet to contact his past self.
  • That is not me!
  • We share blood. We are not brothers.
    • Who: Sub-Zero/Noob Saibot
    • Notes: Says the first quote to Scorpion when Quan Chi convinces him that Sub-Zero killed his family and clan. Sub-Zero is later revived as Noob Saibot. The second quote is said to Cyber Sub-Zero, Noob's brother. Cyber Sub-Zero defeats him and Nightwolf throws Noob into the Soulnado, causing him to dissolve. May not have died.
  • You see, Raiden? Earthrealm is free--
    • Who: Kung Lao
    • Notes: Says this after defeating Kintaro. Shao Kahn snaps Kung Lao's neck from behind.
  • Yes, Emperor?
    • Who: Shang Tsung
    • Notes: After Motaro's death, Sindel takes his place to lead Earthrealm's invasion. Shao Kahn then transfers Shang Tsung's souls to Sindel, costing his life.
  • Let's do this.
    • Who: Jax
    • Notes: Says this before fighting Sindel. Killed when Sindel pierces his throat.
  • Victory is mine, Shaman!
    • Who: Queen Sindel
    • Notes: Says this to Nightwolf before being killed by a lightning blast, killing Nightwolf as well.
  • Not if I... take it... from... you.
    • Who: Nightwolf
    • Notes: Says this to Sindel before setting off a lightning blast that kills them both.
  • Liu Kang... You were right. I wish we had met... under... different circumstances.
    • Who: Kitana
    • Notes: Dies in Liu Kang's arms from injuries sustained from her fight against Sindel. She is referencing a previous encounter with Liu Kang, in which he says a similar line.
  • You... have killed us... all...
    • Who: Liu Kang
    • Notes: Says this to Raiden, who accidentally mortally wounds Liu Kang while battling him. It is unknown if he dies or not.
  • The Lin Kuei! They surround us!
    • Who: Cyber Sub-Zero
    • Notes: Says this as he and the rest of the Earthrealm warriors battle Shao Kahn's henchmen. Sub-Zero is later blown up by Sindel.
  • So much for standing around!
    • Who: Kurtis Stryker
    • Notes: Says this after being ambushed by Kahn's henchmen. Stryker is later killed by Queen Sindel.
  • An anemic effort from ineffectual deities. Today, I become THE Elder God!
    • Who: Shao Kahn
    • Notes: Says this as he is about to finish Raiden off. However, before he can do so, the Elder Gods grant Raiden their power. Raiden easily defeats him, and the Elder Gods destroy Shao Kahn.


Mortal Kombat X Comic[edit]

  • Daegon commands it!
    • Who: Hsu Hao
    • Notes: Character is about to kill Kenshi, due to the latter betraying the Red Dragon clan. Before he could do so, Scorpion arrived to rescue Kenshi and his son, Takeda. Scorpion then throws his Kunai directly into Hsu Hao's cybernetic chest implant, and drags him towards the ninja spectre. Scorpion then concentrates Hellfire into his fist and punches Hsu Hao through his skull, killing him.


Mortal Kombat (1995)[edit]

  • No, Sonya, don't! Please! Come on, give me a break!
    • Who: Kano
    • Notes: Sonya grabs Kano using her legs. She then kills him by breaking his neck.
  • This puny mortal will be no problem. I'll crush him with one blow!
    • Who: Goro
    • Notes: Character is about to attack Johnny Cage, but the latter does his Crotch Punch, leaving Goro temporarily vulnerable. Cage then lures him to the narrow edge of a steep cliff. Cage fends off Goro, who falls off the cliff to his death.
  • Never!
    • Who: Shang Tsung
    • Notes: Character charges at Liu Kang, who begins punching Shang Tsung and after that, falls into a pit of spikes, and dies. Due to his death, the souls he had captured return to the Heavens, including Liu Kang's younger brother.

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation[edit]

  • This is not good.
    • Who: Johnny Cage
    • Notes: Character tries to attack Shao Kahn with his Shadow Kick, but the latter blocks it. Shao Kahn then kills Cage by snapping his neck. This death causes anger to Sonya Blade.
  • Suckers!
    • Who: Scorpion
    • Notes: Character has a brief appearance in the film. He fights Sub-Zero (younger one), and knocks him on the floor. The attack was merely a diversion as Scorpion grabs Kitana, and kidnaps her while disappearing. Character does not die, these are his last lines and does not appear for the rest of the movie, although he is briefly seen again one last time when Liu Kang is doing one of Nightwolf's tests in a dream state.
  • What's happened here should prove you alone are not ready for what's ahead.
    • Who: Sub-Zero (Young Version)
    • Notes: Character says this after fighting Scorpion, who had kidnapped Kitana. Sub-Zero warns Liu Kang that he is not strong enough to face Shao Kahn yet, and exhorts him to continue on to find the shaman, Nightwolf, before pursuing them. Like Scorpion, the character doesn't die, but does not appear for the rest of the film.
  • Death is the only way out. Major Briggs, Sonya Blade. Shao Kahn will be pleased.
    • Who: Cyrax
    • Notes: Cyrax fights Jax and Sonya. Sonya defeats Cyrax, but as a last resort, enters self-destruct mode, and the two escape just before the complex explodes.
  • It will never happen again.
    • Who: Rain
    • Notes: Shao Kahn knocks the character into a fire pit for not killing Kabal and Stryker (who never appear onscreen).
  • The energies they waste with their sniveling, I will use to capture souls, for you.
    • Who: Ermac
    • Notes: Character says this early on in the film, shortly after Rain's death. This is his only official line in the entire movie. Unlike the others present at the final battle, Ermac is no longer seen speaking. He does battle with Sonya Blade. In the midst of the fight, he makes Noob Saibot "spawn" from his body (though whether it's really the actual character is unclear, as there is no mention of his name). Sonya is left at a disadvantage and yells to Jax for help. Jax then assists her just after his fight with Motaro. Sonya defeats Ermac by using her legs to snap his neck, echoing Kano's similar death from the first movie.
  • You Wish!
    • Who: Mileena
    • Notes: Character battles Sonya, who mistakes Mileena for Kitana. Sonya then kills her by doing a kick to the face.
  • The date's over.
    • Who: Sheeva
    • Notes: Liu Kang and Kitana are about to escape, but Sheeva tries to prevent them from doing so. However, she is killed after being crushed by a falling cage. Originally, she was to have a fight scene with Raiden, but was cut during filming, and instead, Raiden fought several Reptile-like Raptor Warriors.
  • We could never have stopped them alone.
    • Who: Jade
    • Notes: Shao Kahn has the character eaten by a living gargoyle, due to her failure at keeping the Earth Warriors from escaping.
  • Without your weapons, you are no match for Motaro!
    • Who: Motaro
    • Notes: Character remarks Jax about his cybernetic arms, thinking he is defenseless. However, upon hearing Sonya cry for help, Jax gains the upper hand and defeats Motaro.
  • Must I do everything for you?
    • Who: Shinnok
    • Notes: Character warned Shao Kahn about consequences for breaking the sacred rules. After Shao Kahn's defeat, Shinnok is banished to the Netherrealm by the Elder Gods.
  • Nothing can alter your destiny, nor mine.
    • Who: Shao Kahn
    • Notes: Shao Kahn gloats and taunts Liu Kang, which makes him angry. Liu Kang overpowers and defeats the Emperor, who dies when his corpse rots.