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Legend of Mana is a Squaresoft game from 2000.

“I am light.
I am darkness.
Half of myself is what
You have fought in the past.
I create, I destroy.
And I create again.
I am love.

Not all of me is just.
Not all of me is pure.
That is only half of myself.
Those who desire my other
Half cross their swords.
People’s freedom is lost,
And my truth is buried.

I shall show you my darkness.
You must defeat me.
You will become a hero.
Open the path to those
who search for me.” - The Mana Tree.

"Mankind grew afraid to desire. Their hearts filled with empty emotions, and grew estranged from my hands. They turned their eyes away from my infinite power and were troubled by their petty disputes. Remember me! Need me! I can provide you with everything! I am love…Find me, and walk beside me." - The Mana Tree.

“Everyone with a soul always disappears. We don’t have souls, so we always stay.” - Sproutling.

“People with pure hearts can go to a whole new world.” - Sproutling.

"The cow isn't anywhere...He's inside my mind." - Sproutling.

"Every bartender has a barrel in their soul." - Random Bartender.

"We might look like seperate beings, but we are one plant in our real dimension." - Sproutling.

"Many people believe dreams are made up worlds inside their heads, But to dream is merely to view reality through a filter" - Belle The Witch.

"You are always searching for answers to your questions. That is because you believe they mean something to you. As long as you keep desiring answers, your life will remain a meaningful one. You are constantly renewing yourself by thinking and feeling things." - Gaeus The Earth

"I love him. Giving him freedom is my happiness." - Matilda

"To deny the freedom of others is the true sin." - Matilda

“I like the ground.
I like birds and insects...
I also like, you know, counting stars.
You know, there has to be a lot of stars.” - Sproutling.

"What are you frowning at? Smile! Let the world know you're happy!" - Niccolo.

As long as everyone thinks they're right, mankind will never change. Is that what you really want? Without order there would be no existence, but without chaos there would be no meaning.

Without love, courage is lost. Without courage, hope is lost. Without hope, all is lost... -Mana Goddess-

There always only one choice that can be made, the choice to be free. -Matilda-

People have the power to change themselves. -Gaeus the Earth-

You will see that it was only a dream when everything comes to an end. -Irwin-

When one can enjoy the state of being lost, the one is set free from the loss. -Rosiotti-

"There is nothing sad about being of a fragile race." -Diana

"Little scratches on people's hearts will be gone if they pat them from behind, but the humans don't know that." -Li'l Cactus


Bud: "How ya doin', Cumin?"
Cumin: "Hey, Bud! You're alive!"
Bud: "Of course!"
Cumin: "Not 'of course!' If you don't breathe you'll die, right?"
Bud: "I was breathin'."
Cumin: "So... Why were you breathin'?"
Bud: "You'll die if ya don't breath, right?"
Cumin: "So you were breathing 'cause you didn't wanna die, right? I bet you were saying... 'Ahh I don't wanna die! I gotta breathe! Ssss-haaa...ssss-haaa'"
Bud: "I wasn't sayin' that. So, how come yer alive?"
Cumin: "I live 'cause it's fun."
Bud: "So yer sayin'... 'Whoa, life's so fun, I gotta breathe! Ssss-haaa...ssss-haaa'"
Cumin: "Yeah, that's right! You gotta problem with that?"
Bud: "Ahh, gimme a break..."

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