National Equality March

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The National Equality March was a political rally called by LGBT activist Cleve Jones[1]. It occurred October 10-11, 2009 in Washington, D.C. and called for the equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.[2] This was the first national march in Washington, D.C. for LGBT rights since the 2000 Millennium March.[3]


  • I'm here today because I lost my son to hate. ... No one has the right to tell my son whether or not he can work anywhere. Whether or not he can live wherever he wants to live and whether or not he can be with the one person he loves -- no one has that right," Judy Shepard told the crowd. "We are all Americans. We are all equal Americans, gay, straight or whatever.
    • Judy Shephard[4]
  • Obama, I know you are listening. Are you listening? We will continue to push you and your administration to bring your words of promise to a reality.
  • We are gathered here today from all over the U.S., and back home many of us are deeply embroiled in the particular local battles that we are fighting, but today is a national rally and when we walk away from here tonight, we need to walk away with a common national resolve.
    • Cynthia Nixon[4]


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