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Nipsey Russell (15 September 19182 October 2005) was a comedian best known for his appearances as a guest panelist on many game shows in the 1970s and 80s, and for his performance as the Tin Man in the film The Wiz. He is often referred to as "the poet laureate of television" because of his signature saucy 4-line rhymes.


On The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast for Rowan and Martin (1974):

As we remember Abbott and Costello
As Laurel and Hardy can never die
Rowan and Martin will not be forgot
But baby we sure gonna try.

On various game shows:

What is the secret of eternal youth?
The answer is easily told;
All you gotta do if you wanna look young
Is hang out with people who are old.
If you ever go out with a schoolteacher,
You're in for a sensational night;
She'll make you do it over and over again
Until you do it right.
The young people are very different today;
And there's one sure way to know;
Kids used to ask where they came from;
Now they'll tell you where you can go!

On the subject of aging:

Each day we turn another page
You know you're reaching middle age
When your pimples and your rashes
Turn to wrinkles and hot flashes

On word meanings:

The opposite of pro is con
That fact is clearly seen.
If progress means moving forward
Then what does Congress mean?

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