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Men will not forget that Pancho Villa was loyal to the cause of the people.

Doroteo Arango Arámbula (5 June 187820 July 1923), better known as Francisco or "Pancho" Villa, was a Mexican Revolutionary general.


  • Men will not forget that Pancho Villa was loyal to the cause of the people because they week.
    • As quoted in Pancho Villa: Rebel of the Mexican Revolution (2006) by Mary Englar
  • Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something.
    • As quoted in Famous Last Words : The Ultimate Collection of Finales and Farewells (2004) by Laura Ward and Robert Allen, p. 92
    • Variant translation: It can't end like this. Tell them I said something.
    • In spanish: "No me dejen morir así, digan que dije algo"
    • The quote is probably apocryphal as Villa was killed instantly when hit by multiple rifle shots. None of his companions survived this assassination so who could have reported his last words? This quote is not found in any biography of Villa.

Quotes about Villa[edit]

  • The brutality and uncouthness of many of the revolutionary leaders has not prevented them from becoming popular myths. Villa still gallops through the north, in songs and ballads; Zapata dies at every popular fair. … It is the Revolution, the magical word, the word that is going to change everything, that is going to bring us immense delight and a quick death.
    • Octavio Paz, as quoted in Staging Politics in Mexico: The Road to Neoliberalism (2004) by Stuart Alexander Day, p. 38
  • Tengo el deber de informarle que Pancho Villa se encuentra en todas partes y en ninguna a la vez.
    • I have the duty to inform you that Pancho Villa is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
    • A report from an officer in Venustiano Carranza's army, mentioned in the book ¡Vamonos con Pancho Villa! (2007) by Rafael Muñoz.
  • Hated by thousands and loved by millions.
    • Richard Grant, as quoted in Bandit Roads: Into the Lawless Heart of Mexico, (2009)

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