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Pantera was a heavy metal American band that lasted 1981–2003.


Famous Lyrical Phrases[edit]

  • "Agony is the price that you'll pay in the end / Domination consumes you then calls you a friend" - Domination (Cowboys From Hell)
  • "Here we come reach for your gun / And you better listen my friend, you see / Its been slow down below, / Aimed at you were the cowboys from hell / Deed is done again, we've won / Ain't talking no tall tales friend / cause high noon, your doom / Comin for you were the cowboys from hell" - Cowboys From Hell (Cowboys From Hell)
  • "You see us coming and you all together run for cover! We're takin' over this town!" - Cowboys From Hell (Cowboys From Hell)
  • "Re- / Spect! / Walk! / What did you say?! / Re- / Spect! / Walk! /Are you talking to me?! / Are you talking to me?! / No way, punk!" - Walk (Vulgar Display of Power)
  • "I'd kill myself for you, and I'd kill you for myself." - This Love (Vulgar Display of Power)
  • "The way we were / The chance to save my soul / And my concern is now in vain / Believe the word / I will unlock my door / And pass the cemetery gates" - Cemetery Gates (Cowboys From Hell)
  • "And throughout the day, mankind played with grenades. / Cold-hearted world / And in night, they might bait the pentagram. / Extinguishing the sun / Wash away man / Take him with the floods!" - Floods (The Great Southern Trendkill)
  • "Now a new look in my eyes my spirit rise / Forget the past / Present tense works and lasts / Got shit on / Pissed on / Spit on / Stepped on / Fucked with / Pointed at by lesser men" - A New Level (Vulgar Display of Power)
  • "Hard as a rock. Shut like a lock." - Strength Beyond Strength (Far Beyond Driven)
  • "Yesterday don't mean shit / What's over is over and nothing between / Yesterday don't mean shit / Because tomorrow's a day you have to face!" - Yesterday Don't Mean Shit(Reinventing the Steel)
  • "Cheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and take the pain away." - Suicide Note (Pt. I) (The Great Southern Trendkill)
  • "It's not worth the time to try / to replenish a rotting life / I'll end the problem / facing nothing / fuck you off / fuck you all!" - Suicide Note (Pt. II) (The Great Southern Trendkill)
  • "My foes / They can't destroy my body / Colliding slow / Like life itself." - 10's (The Great Southern Trendkill)
  • "The trend is dead!" - The Underground in America (leading into Sandblasted Skin) (The Great Southern Trendkill)