Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw

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Pound Puppies is a popular American/Canadian animated series that premiered on The Hub Network (as a Hub Original Series) on October 10, 2010, in the United States.


Season 1[edit]

The Yipper Caper[edit]

[Yipper, a gray and orange furred puppy, has just been placed in a kennel.]

Yipper: [sighs]
Lucky: Hey, kid. Feeling a little down in the muzzle?
Yipper: Nah, I'm okay. A little sore around the collar is all.
Lucky: Well, old Kecthum can be kind of rough, but he's okay once you've got him trained. They call me Lucky, on account of my great good fortune.
Yipper: They call me Yipper, for no particular reason at all.
Lucky: Well, Yipper, welcome to Shelter 17, the cooshest pound this side of paradise.
Yipper: What's so coosh about it? Looks like any other joint I've been in.
Lucky: That's 'cause you're only viewing it from the top side.
Yipper: Top side? Well, what other side is there?
Lucky: Funny you should ask.

[He whistles and the other dogs go into spy mode; setting up fake props of themselves. Lucky moves his dog bowl, revealing an open passageway.]

Yipper: What the heck?!
Lucky: After you.

[He and Lucky go down the hole and enter an underground room, where the dogs are doing various things; exercising, calling people on the phone.]

Yipper: Wow!
Lucky: Pretty cool, huh?
Golden Retriever: [on phone] Hello, Pet Mart? We need 600 pounds of chews delivered asap.
Yipper: You guys talk to humans?
Lucky: Well, only when they don't know it, and only when absolutely necessary.
Yipper: Wait! You're the Pound Puppies! I thought you guys were just a legend.
Lucky: Oh no, we're real all right. If a dog needs a home, we're the ones to find him one. No matter how much the humans mess things up.

[Yipper walks forward and bumps into Cookie.]

Cookie: Oof!
Yipper: Oh, excuse me.
Cookie: What are you doing down here, mutt?!
Yipper: Well, uh...
Cookie: Don't you know this a command center? No unauthorized dogs without proper identifi--
Lucky: Down, Cookie! He's a new guy, a stray.
Cookie: A stray?! Oh, sorry, pumpkin. I didn't know. I'm Cookie. Listen, if anyone gives you any trouble, just let me know and I'll chew them out.
Yipper: Oh, gee. You don't have to yell at anybody for me.
Cookie: No, I mean literally chew them out...with my teeth.
Yipper: Uh, thanks, I-I guess.
Cookie: Oh, no trouble at all. Okay, I'm out of here, Luck. Gotta go walk my human.
Yipper: You got a human?
Cookie: 'Course I do! Half the dogs down here got homes on the outside.
Yipper: Wow!
Cookie: And remember, ...with my teeth.

[Cookie walks off.]

Yipper: Oh boy, she's tough.
Lucky: Yeah, and that's when she's in a good mood.

[Niblet rushes over to them.]

Niblet: Lucky! Lucky! I got something important to tell ya! Really, really, really important!
Lucky: Yipper, meet Niblet.
Niblet: Oh, hiya, Yipper! Welcome to our secret headquarters! Secret, but fun!
Lucky: So, Niblet, what's so important?
Niblet: Um...I forgot.

[Niblet walks off.]

Lucky: Good guy, that Niblet. Just don't let him bury your bone, or you'll never see it again.
Strudel: [from another room] No, no, no, no! You're doing it all wrong!

Nightmare On Pound Street[edit]


[Squirt pulls out a flyer for everyone to see.]

Cookie: What the heck is that?
Lucky: It's called a flyer. Humans stick them up all over the place.
Cookie: You made it yourself?
Squirt: Of course not. What do you think, I'm crawling with thumbs? I called it in to the printers, and they delivered it.
Strudel: You are a genius, Squirt! I mean, not technically speaking, but, well, you know.
Lucky: Did you tell them to print exactly what I said?
Squirt: Absolutely. [clears throat] "Perky, adorable puppy for adoption..."

[Rebound brings a ball to Squirt.]

Rebound: Throw me the ball! Throw me the ball!

[Squirt pushes the ball away and Rebound chases it.]

Squirt: "One-of-a-kind royal dog with million-dollar fortune." I added that part.

[Rebound brings a stick to Squirt.]

Rebound: Throw me the stick! Throw me the stick!

[Squirt knocks the stick off-screen. Rebound chases it.]

Squirt: "If interested, come to Shelter 17, Elm Street, Downtown."
Lucky: Fine. Now about getting those flyers posted--
Squirt: Already done. I called in some favors-- A pigeon here, a squirrel there. Bada bing, bada boom-- You got 200 of these things on lampposts, mailboxes, phone poles all over the city.
Cookie: Baby dog, sometimes you amaze me.
Squirt: Eh, it ain't nothing. It's like they say, you scratch my belly, I scratch yours. Now excuse me while I go take a nap. I've been, uh, scratching a lot of bellies, if you know what I mean.
Strudel: Actually, I don't know what he means.
Cookie: And I don't want to know.

[McLeish and Olaf are admiring the fake buildings disguising the pound.]

Olaf: Wow, Mr. McLeish. It's like the dog pound Hercules would've worked at if he was a dog catcher.
McLeish: This is no longer a dog pound, Olaf, and I'm no longer a dog catcher. Today, I'm...

[He then pulls down a curtain revealing a sign on one of the buildings.] ...Director of Central City Dispatch and Transportation.

Olaf: Oh, that sounds important. What is it?
McLeish: Exactly and exactly. When Mother drops by, she'll be impressed for sure, yet she'll have no idea why. Did I mention I'm a genius?
Olaf: Everyday, sir. But what if the dogs start barking?
McLeish: That's where you come in, Olaf. While my mother's here, it's your job to keep the dogs quiet.
Olaf: Quiet? How am I supposed to keep a pound full of dogs quiet?

[McLeish hands Olaf a key.]

McLeish: Here. Take this. It's the key to my personal beef locker. If those mutts so much as make a peep, throw a steak in their jowls.
Olaf: Mmm. Beef.
McLeish: Fine. Throw a steak in your own jowls, too. But keep those dogs quiet. All I can say is Mother better end up proud of me. All this shameless lying is costing me a fortune.

[Lucky is watching McLeish and Agatha through a peephole in one of the fake buildings.]

Agatha: I must say, Leonard, this workplace of yours isn't nearly as pathetic as I expected.
McLeish: Well, thank you, Mother.
Agatha: But I still can't get over the feeling that there are dogs around. For instance, why are my shoes covered with these ghastly wads of fur?
McLeish: Aah! No, no, Mother. Honest, it's my fur-- uh, hair.

[Holds up fur wads to his head.] See? You know how fast we men of responsibility go bald. [laughs]

Agatha: Well, good, because dogs are horrible, ugly, smelly creatures. If I ever came across one, I'd make into soup.
McLeish: [whimpers]
Lucky: Wow. That old lady's meaner than a junkyard human.
Cookie: Who cares? With food like this, I wish she'd visit everyday.
Squirt: Yeah, I'm surprised that chowhound, Niblet, ain't here, wolfing this stuff down. Where's he at, anyway?
Lucky: Yeah, good question. I've been looking for him all over, and...

[He spots Niblet hiding obviously behind a small tree.] ...and I think I just found him. [Walks over to him.] Uh, Niblet?

Niblet: I'm not Niblet. I'm a tree. So go away, or so help me...I'll drip sap all over you.
Lucky: Come on, you can't hide forever.
Niblet: I have to, Lucky. If Rebound spots me, she'll never leave me alone.
Lucky: Aw, you're getting way more worked up over this than you need to. I mean, yeah, she can be a little energetic...

[Rebound spots Niblet with Lucky.] ...and a little, well, talkative, but she's not that bad.

Rebound: [as she tackles Niblet] Niblet! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it's Niblet, it's Niblet, my bestest big brother, Niblet! [licks him on the nose] I love you, love you, love you! Wanna play?! Let's play! Ha, ha, let's play! Play, play, play, play, play, play!
Niblet: Yeah, okay, Rebound. Let's play hide and go seek. You count to a billion.

[Niblet runs off and Rebound covers her eyes.]

Rebound: (counting rapidly) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14...
Cookie: [to Lucky] She's gonna count all the way to a billion, isn't she?
Lucky: I think she just might.
Rebound: ...999,999,999, a billion! Ready or not, here I come!

[She runs into Lucky and Cookie, causing Lucky to fly into the air and fall on top of Cookie's belly.]

Cookie: Oh, why, Lucky...
Lucky: [chuckles]
Cookie: ...get off my belly!

[Rebound chases after Niblet throughout the kennels.]

Rebound: Gonna find ya! Gonna find ya! Yay, yay, yay! Come on, come on, come on! Gonna find ya! Gonna find ya!

[Niblet busts down the fence, and rebound goes after him, barking hyperactively. Lucky goes up to the fence.]

Lucky: Uh oh.

[Agatha is talking to her son.]

Agatha: Well, Leonard, I must say, your workplace looks remarkably not entirely disappointing.
McLeish: Oh, Mother, that's the most loving thing you've ever said to me. And I assure you, I'm just as important as these buildings look.

[All of the fake buildings fell down, revealing the pound.]

Agatha: [gasps after seeing the dog pound sign on the main building. She turns to face her son.] You are a dog catcher?!
McLeish: [whimpers] Maybe.

[Rebound has caught up with Niblet.]

Rebound: Found you! Oh, Niblet, that was great! We should do this all the time! Don't you think? Don'tcha?! Huh?! We should always be together, just you and me, me and you, you, you, you, me, me, me, brother and sister, together forever and ever--
Niblet: Stop! I can't take it no more!
Rebound: What do you mean?
Niblet: [groans] All you do is follow me around and jump all over me and lick me! You're the most annoyingest little sister who ever got born, and I don't want to see you ever, ever, ever again!
Rebound: Okay. If that's what you want. [sniffles]

The General[edit]

[Lucky is smiling, watching the pups go through Strudel's machine in a single file. Cookie walks up to Lucky.]

Cookie: Lucky, I need to talk to you.
Lucky: (still smiling) What is it, Cooks?
Cookie: It's about Dolly.
Lucky: (trancelike) Dolly?
Cookie: Lucky?!

[She waves her paw in front of Lucky's face, he still continues to stare at Dolly. Cookie turns to see Dolly flipping her perm flirtatiously.] You, too?! [growls] [Cookie storms off.]

Lucky: [unaware that Cookie had left the room.] Me, too, what?

The Prince And The Pupper[edit]

[Squirt is teaching Cuddlesworth how to speak with a New York accent.]

Squirt: Fuhgeddaboudit.
Cuddlesworth: Forget about it!

[Squirt slaps Cuddlesworth across the face.]

Squirt: Fuhgeddaboudit.
Cuddlesworth: Forget-- I'm sorry. I forgot. What was the line again?

[Squirt slaps Cuddlesworth again.]

Squirt: Fuhgeddaboudit!
Cuddlesworth: Fuhgeddaboudit! I did it! By George, I did it! [giggles]

[Squirt slaps Cuddlesworth once more.]


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Season 2[edit]

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Season 3[edit]

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Season 4[edit]