Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption, released in 2010, is Rockstar Games's epic Western action video game. Taking place in the Old West of America in the year 1911, the game chronicles protagonist John Marston's quest to secure the safety of his family by taking up arms against the gang of outlaws he formally belonged to.


Bonnie: Are you a religious man?
John: Not in any real sense. Sometimes I tell myself that things happen for a reason. Like what brought me here was fate come-a-callin. But nobody made my path but me.
Bonnie: We all need to look for answers somewhere. Some in big ol' books, and others in big bottles of whiskey.
John: Believing in some kinda divine purpose ain't gonna bring me my wife and kid back. Past is who we are Miss MacFarlane. And there ain't no changing that. Faith is a luxury I can't afford.

Abraham: How do you know my young lover, Laura?
John: It's Luisa. I saved her life awhile not so long back.
Abraham: I will not forget this, compadre. You will be rewarded. Money, women ...Luisa, if you want her.
John: I'm here for two men, and that's it.
Abraham: You have been spending too much time with Captain de Santa.
John: Very funny. Not like that. I'll explain later.