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Red Dead Redemption, released in 2010, is Rockstar Games's epic Western action video game. Taking place in the Old West of America in the year 1911, the game chronicles protagonist John Marston's quest to secure the safety of his family by taking up arms against the gang of outlaws he formally belonged to.

John Marston[edit]

  • My name is John Marston.
  • I'm here to...capture or kill Bill Williamson.
  • People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven.
  • Save your excuses, old man, until you know which one to use.
  • It ain't exactly a secret I didn't get these scars from falling over in church.
  • You couldn't shoot a fart out of your own ass!
  • I'll put a hole in your hillbilly head and watch your tiny brain drain out
  • I'll give you insight... I'll show you what your guts look like.
  • I doubt you'll remember me, Abraham, but it's been an experience. Good luck with the revolution. If you win power, remember why you wanted it.
  • I won't pretend to understand you, but I will endeavor to make you understand me.
  • When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.
  • You're about as useful as a lawyer at a lynching.
  • You've been working like a weasel on my behalf!
  • It'll mean that war is brutal, and unnecessary, and good people die. That is all it will mean.
  • Do I get my $200 back now, or after I've killed you?
  • Very little is beneath a man such as me.
  • While there are guns and money, there won't be any freedom.
  • We die alone, but we live among men.
  • We all have problems, and we must solve them together or we die alone.
  • [To a Welshman] When a man with a sing-song voice tells me to fuck off, it always concerns me, boyo.
  • They told us there was a prize when you got to fifty. [sarcastically responding to a comment that he took part in over forty bank robberies]
  • I'm an uneducated killer sent to do all I can do well: Kill a man in cold blood so that another man can do his part to cut crime in an area, and a rich man can be elected governor on the back of these promises.
  • I'm a semi-literate farmer and hired killer. I ain't in the power game.
  • I just know there are two theories to arguin' with women. And neither one works.

Jack Marston[edit]

  • Names Marston. Jack not John.
  • Excuse me. You Edgar Ross? (Edgar Ross: Do I know you?) Forgive me for startling you sir, but I have a message. My name is Jack Marston. You knew my father.
  • Looks like there's only room for one hero in this family.
  • Don't make anymore promises, Pa. I've heard 'em all before.
  • (After being told by Edgar Ross to flee or he will be killed) I ain't going nowhere old man!
  • Don't you think there might be more to life than just ranching pa?
  • I'm John Marston's boy!
  • Go ahead! I got nothin' to live for anyway!
  • When you meet my pa' in Hell, tell him I said Hi!
  • (While skinning an animal) Just like you showed me pa!
  • (While skinning an animal) Let me take your coat, madam.

Seth Briars[edit]

  • Goodbye, John Marston. It's been a great pleasure!
  • [sobbing] I don't have the facility to tell you what I would have done for that man...[with anger] or what I would do to him now!
  • Let me be frank for one second, partner. I hate people.
  • Look at me! Scrambling around...half insane...looking for mind's hair's falling out!
  • I ain't washed in six months!
  • I needs the map partner, I needs it.
  • I don't like women stranger...
  • [to himself] Have you looked in the cave, Seth? [in a creepy high pitched voice] No, it's very dark.
  • Oh I lost it all, wife, my children, my business...good riddance I say. I don't eat, I don't sleep, I don't wash, and I don't care!
  • Folks is cold and heartless all their lives. To me, they're comforting when they're actually cold and heartless.
  • Do you even exist outside of my mind? Maybe we're both half of the same dream and when we wake up, we'll die!

Nigel West Dickens[edit]

  • Oh God...out of the frying pan and into the fire!
  • Saint Peter, open up those pearly gates. I'm comin' home!
  • I know a cure for all ailments, Mr. Marston.
  • This is America, where a lying, cheating degenerate like myself can prosper.
  • Sir, I am about to do something which I greatly discourage in all wise and rational men...a selfless act, for you. But sir, before I act selflessly, allow me to act selfishly and sell some of my wares.
  • Act I can, John, A more convincing Othello there has never been.
  • I apologize if science is not your forte!
  • I bet Louis Pasteur didn't have to deal with this shit. Ignorant hillbillies!
  • It always impresses me with the speed with which a group of men can turn from passive sheep into murderous wolves.
  • Well, I'm sorry dear boy, but I'm only an aging vendor of exotic elixers, not the bloody U.S. cavalry! Forgive me if matters take some time to prepare!


  • My pa always told me to never trust a Welshman, and he got his throat slit by one, so he should know.
  • I thought they was doxies (i.e. prostitutes).
  • I was just comin' to see you when the drink got the better of me.
  • You know me, Johnny boy. I'll be late to my own funeral.
  • They call me El Rato, 'The cat', on account of me stealth and cunning
  • They say God invented whiskey to stop the Irish from rulin' the world.
  • Goodbye, John Marston. You're an angry and a feck ugly man, but not a bad one.

Bonnie MacFarlane[edit]

  • I understand that a city dweller such as yourself likes to have some exotic secrets so us "country folk" are impressed.
  • [sarcastically] Civilization is truly a beautiful thing, Mr. Marston.
  • Call me Bonnie, you stupid man. Call me Bonnie.
  • Change is only a good thing when it makes things better.
  • If you think I'm gonna lower myself by making a joke about me being all "tied up," you've got another thing comin'.
  • He traded in his saddle for a tie a long time ago, and there aint nothing wrong with that. I just never met a man in a tie that I could trust.

Abraham Reyes[edit]

  • These peasant girls...they believe every word a fellow says!
  • I know these people! I know this land! In short, I can make them better. I feel like I was sent for them and they were sent to me.
  • Well didn't I promise you fun times, amigo?
  • I am going to become the next president of Mexico!
  • Allende is dead! Mexico is mine!
  • In a country where most people cannot read the newspaper, song is a powerful means of communication. We do what we can to battle the lies and propaganda of the government.
  • Their energy... it is like food to me!
  • A man like me cannot be with just one woman. It would be an injustice to the people I have devoted my life to serving. I owe it to the future of Mexico to breed, my brother. If I can get noble blood flowing through the veins of peasants, can you imagine how great this country can be? An army of Reyes! Of Kings!
  • I wish I could see Allende's face when he finds out I have defeated a hundred of his men!

Bill Williamson[edit]

  • You must think I was born yesterday.
  • Do I look like I need saving?
  • You never tried to save me before. You only save yourself.
  • You always were one for fancy words.
  • Well things are different now, John. Now, I'm in charge! No more Dutch...and NO MORE YOU.
  • [mockingly] I implores go back and tell send someone just a little bit more impressive next time.
  • You just walk away, John. I didn't kill you before, but I sure as shit will now!
  • You always did have a high opinion of yourself, John.
  • Dutch always said you were an arrogant son of bitch!
  • You always was weak-minded!
  • Dutch wanted you dead...we all did!

Captain Vincente De Santa[edit]

  • Sometimes, in the service of what is gotta do some terrible things.
  • You Americans love to criticize others because it makes you feel better about yourselves. If you want to criticize, perhaps you should look in a mirror.
  • The past is all that's real, my friend. It cannot be erased.
  • I will never understand you Americans.
  • It is easy to criticize power when you have never had it yourself.
  • I've seen the way your country's leaders dress themselves prancing themselves about like women. Vanity is the legacy the British left behind.
  • Mexico loves you, Mr. Marston.
  • Marston, I hope you have a clear conscience...cause you are about to meet God!
  • You fucking pig! Go back to your country!

Dutch van der Linde[edit]

  • Oh, it's nice to see you, John.
  • Is that you, John? I think that's what they call "two for the price of one" in this wonderful place.
  • We aren't thieves, John. We're fighting for something. A bit like you, only we're fighting for an idea, not just ourselves.
  • Looks like it's just me and you, John. You should've stayed at home.
  • You're just like me, John. You can't change who you are.
  • You can't erase the past, John! Killing me won't make it go away!
  • We can't always fight nature, John. We can't fight change. We can't fight gravity. We CAN'T FIGHT NOTHING. My whole life...all I ever did was fight. [...] But I can't give up neither. I can't fight my own nature. That's the paradox, John. You see?
  • When I'm gone, they'll just find another monster. They have to, because they have to justify their wages.
  • Our time has passed, John.

Edgar Ross[edit]

  • Your wife sends her regards (snickers).
  • We're the bad guys. We enforce the rules. And while the rules may not be perfect, the alternative is hell.
  • No one's playing games with you Mr. Marston. But if we were to play some games, it would be some interesting ones we could hanging you for murder, or confiscating all your property--like that little farm of yours--or, or having you put in an electric chair! Those are the sort of games we could play. But we choose to play a different game, so calm down and play along with us.
  • What a pleasant surprise, Mr. Marston.
  • You know at the end of this, you'll probably get a medal. (smirking) I know I shall.
  • I'm not a great intellect, but...the metaphysical leap from admiring the flower to shooting a man in the head because he doesn't like the a leap too far.
  • Well before I shoot you myself, let me state the obvious. The last person we have who can possibly appeal to Mr. van der Linde is the last person we know who knows him. Your wife.
  • So at the end, you didn't have the guts to shoot him.
  • Your wife was killed in a prison riot last week.(John points a gun at him, looking very angry) [chuckles] I'm only joking dear boy.
  • See you around, John. Try stay out of trouble. Come on, Archer. Let's go find somebody else we can annoy.


  • You gettin' cute with me, boy?
  • I got me one of them Williamson boys!
  • Ain't you all proud and superior?
  • You sure are one tight-lipped som' bitch, ain't ya?
  • [riding an outlaw like a horse] Look here, this one's still breathing! Come on, gitty up! Come on, Bessy!

Leigh Johnson[edit]

  • What're ya doin' here, Mr. Marston...apart from frightening my deputies?
  • My cause is to keep this town from turnin' into a living hell.
  • [when asked what he is dealing with at the moment] Right now? I got the railway - the folks who pay my salary - trying to get me to turn a blind eye to them burning down settlements up there. I got a bunch of cattle rustlers out near Pike's Canyon and gotta shut them down...not forgetting the group of bandits that's been murdering homesteaders out in the back country. And I got a couple of hoods over in the saloon - drunk - threatening to shoot up the whole town. That's all I've got today, but it's early so give me a couple more days...there'll be more.
  • That sarcasms most unbecoming of you, Eli. It's gonna hold you back in life, even worse than your lazy eye.
  • The man that kills the boss of that bunch...gets fifty dollars!
  • Hogtie him. Let's get him to jail.
  • As you can see, this country is infested with all manner of scum.
  • Killing and thieving's never right, boy, no matter how you dress it up.
  • You hear that, Marston? We just butchered a gang of thieves, and now the town is up in arms over a missing snake oil merchant. I am so proud to be serving such a wise and respectable people.
  • [commenting on Bill Williamson] That man is a stone cold killer.
  • Thank you, John Marston. It's gonna be a bloody job.
  • Stay with me, Marston
  • We don't do deals with outlaws, boy.


  • There is no more respect for the land anymore..
  • [To Professor MacDougal] For a wise man, you are a very stupid man, mister.


  • How come I don't gets a warm and tender embrace?
  • It's easy to pick on the elderly. It's easy, but it ain't dignified!
  • Thank the good Lord you're back. Ain't nothing worse than for an old man than to be sleeping in the warm afternoon sun.

Other Quotes[edit]

  • I'm the law, You can't fight the law. (By Sheriff Dell Hopkins)
  • With faith, I can achieve great things.. (By Jenny)
  • Power is like a drink. The more you have, the more you want. And there's few men who can handle it. (By Drew MacFarlane)
  • I can cure anything but the plague. (By Dr. Cyril Purvis, M.D.)
  • Don't tell anyone I said this, but Ms. MacFarlane is sweet on that Marston fella. (By Amos)


Bonnie: Are you a religious man?
John: Not in any real sense. Sometimes I tell myself that things happen for a reason. Like what brought me here was fate come-a-callin. But nobody made my path but me.
Bonnie: We all need to look for answers somewhere. Some in big ol' books, and others in big bottles of whiskey.
John: Believing in some kinda divine purpose ain't gonna bring me my wife and kid back. Past is who we are Miss MacFarlane. And there ain't no changing that. Faith is a luxury I can't afford.

Abraham: How do you know my young lover, Laura?
John: It's Luisa. I saved her life awhile not so long back.
Abraham: I will not forget this, compadre. You will be rewarded. Money, women ...Luisa, if you want her.
John: I'm here for two men, and that's it.
Abraham: You have been spending too much time with Captain de Santa.
John: Very funny. Not like that. I'll explain later.