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René Taupin (1905 – 13 February 1981) was a French translator, critic, and academic who lived most of his life in the United States and is best known for heading the Romance Languages department at Hunter College.


  • True influence consistes in surpassing one's model not in reproducing it.
  • The pleasure of their (the Imagist poetry is not the satisfaction of discovering little by little , but of seizing at a single blow, in the fullest vitality, the image, a fusion of reality in words.
  • Between the image of the Imagist and the 'symbol' of the Symbolists there is a difference only of precision'
    • L'Influence du symbolism francais sur la poesie Americaine(de 1910 a 1920), Champion, Paris 1929 trans William Pratt and Anne Rich AMS , New York 1985 ISBN 9780404615796

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