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Sheep in the Big City is an American animated television series which ran on the Cartoon Network from November 2000 to April 2002.


  • Baa.
  • Baa?
  • Baa!

Angry Scientist[edit]

  • [Whenever someone calls him a mad scientist] ANGURY!!! I AM THE ANGURY SCIENTIST!!!
  • Why are you not my Englishness be understanding? All the timing with that.
  • I was in the thinking of calling myself disgruntled, but it was having such a weird ringing to it.
  • Good newsings everybody, I have created the ultimate sheep capturing devicing, it cannot be in the failing-ness!
  • Ouch-ing-ness!
  • Hey! What are you in the doing of?!
  • [After being sent to the brig] Ugh, today is not being my daying-ness.


  • And now, here's the greatest musical number you've ever seen! It's got dancers, singers, fireworks and hundreds of dancing monkeys. You heard me, DANCING MONKEYS!!!

Farmer John[edit]

  • (In several episodes) They're trying to capture Sheepie!
  • I have a farm, and I'm a farmer. With a farm.

Ranting Swede[edit]

  • I'll tell you something that steams my clams, SUPERMARKETS! I mean what's so super about supermarkets? they can't fly through the air, they don't have X-ray vision! they don't rescue damsels in distress! They look to me like plain old ordinary markets. They should say ordinary markets, come kick me, I can't do anything about it, I MEAN IT'S JUST RIDICULOUS!!! And another thing, if they have chocolate milk, why can't they have chocolate hamburgers!
  • I'll tell you something that really steals my hubcap! I'm walkin' down the street and all of a sudden there's a sign flashing in my face saying "don't walk". DON'T WALK?!?!? What am I supposed to do? Are you going to buy me a car so I can drive? Or maybe a motor-scooter? Wait, now it says walk!, AAAGH!!! The crazy sign can't even make up his mind! I can't stand the vishy-voshy sign. Now, the Stop Sign, there's a sign with - oomph!
  • I'll tell you one thing that really clips my begonias, COFFEE TABLES! Is every beverage in the world going to want it's own table now? Here's the coffee table, here's the tea table, oh, watch out, here's the lemon-flavoured seltzer water table! When is it all going to end? I drink both root beer and diet root beer. There's going to be no place in my house for my SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOES! And another thing, if they can put a man on the moon, WHY CAN'T THEY LEAVE HIM THERE!
  • I'll tell you one thing that scrambles my eggs but-good, ANSWERING MACHINES! I got one just the other day and I hooked it up just like it said on the instructions, and then I said "Hey, answering machine, you like my new pants?", and it just sat there. And I said "Well will I ever find love?", and it just sat there. And I said "Well maybe an easier question! What's the best automobile ever sold in my price range?" and it just sat there! Now, that's not an answering machine, that's a just sitting there machine!
  • I'll tell you one thing that cooks my meatballs, I went into a restaurant and ordered some fish. And I said to the waitress "Hey, there's something wrong with my herring", and she said "Well go to an ear doctor", so I did. And I came back and the herring tasted just as awful as before. Although I have to tell you, the doctor's fish was pretty good. Although the ambience was a little better in the restaurant, I have to say they had a beautiful view, you could see all the boats out there in the harbor. BUT THAT DIDN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT THE FOOD WAS AWFUL!!!
  • You know what makes me really mad and angry? EVERYTHING!!!


Angry Scientist: [In the pilot episode] I'm not mad! I'm angry! I am an angry scientist!
General Specific: Yes. Of-- of course. Perhaps you could show us your "mad weapon"!
Angry Scientist: ANGRY! ANGRY weapon!
General Specific: Sorry.

[In the pilot episode; after the Angry Scientist shows the soldiers his angry weapon]
General Specific: Well, thank you, Mad Scientist!
Angry Scientist: ANGRY! That is ANGRY Scientist!
General Specific: Whatever.

[In the pilot episode; Farmer John is looking for Sheep in the big city]
[Little Bo Peep skips up to Farmer John]
Little Bo Peep: Hippity dippity good-good morning to you! I'm Little Bo Peep, the cutest girl in Happyland! I've also lost my sheep. Perhaps we can look together! [Giggles]
[Farmer John grabs her and throws her away; she screams and a loud crash is heard]
Farmer John: SHEE-EEP!

[In the pilot episode; General Specific, Private Public, and Farmer John are about to capture Sheep, who fell from a building]
General Specific: You should have come peacefully! But one way or another, General Specific always gets his sheep!
Little Bo Peep: There they are!
[It is shown that Bo Peep got the police to go after the trio; the officers march up to the three and drag them away to their cars]
General Specific: You can't do this! I'm the general of a top secret military organization!
Police Officer: Which one?
General Specific: I CAN'T TELL! IT'S A SECRET!!!!

Farmer John: He's gone. My sheep is gone!
Spy 1: The sheep is gone! Pass it on!
Spy 2: [Mishearing him] The weed needs song! Flask along!
Spy 3: [Mishearing him] The grape goes bong! Miss Saigon!
General Specific: [Later, to Private Public] I DON'T CARE ABOUT MERYL STREEP'S SARONG!!! FIND THAT SHEEP!!!

General Specific: That mad scientist better have a fool-proof plan to capture Sheep.
Angry Scientist: ANGRY! I AM AN ANGRY SCIENTIST!!! Must I do the writing down of my name for you?!
General Specific: Maybe I'd remember your name if you could come up with a good plan to capture Sheep!
Angry Scientist: It is a funny thinging you should be mentioning capturing the Sheepness.
[Everyone in the room laughs]
General Specific: That wasn't so funny.
Angry Scientist: Anyhoo, I have been updating the Plot Device's hard drive, soft drive, and squishy drive. Now it is being the world's most powerfulness supercomputer!
General Specific: Supercomputer, eh? Can it leap a building in a single bound?
Angry Scientist: No, it is being only very smart.
General Specific: Two bounds?
Angry Scientist: NO! NO BOUNDINGS! It is supering only in that it can making a planning so smart, it must be capturing SHEEPNESS!

[In Sheep's dream]

Sheep: Finally, our plan is complete. All of the ruses and subterfuges - whatever they are - have paid off. We have the Narrator for our Narrator-powered raygun, and I can finally use my real deep voice!
Private Public: And I can finally admit that I am French. Bonjour, everyone!
Everybody in the room: Bonjour, Monsieur Publique.
Sheep: Enough French speaking!

[Dr. Oh No No No has taken over and sent Private Public, Angry Scientist, General Specific and Sheep to the bridge]

Private Public: I can't believe Dr. Oh No No No is going to destroy the world!
Angry Scientist: I am not in the believing that I am stuck in this placing.
General Specific: I can't believe how much this rash is bothering me!
Sheep: Baa.
Private Public: There has to be a way out of this, maybe if we all work together-
General Specific: Yeah, right, forget it!
Angry Scientist: I am not in the feeling motivated to help either-ness-ness.
Sheep: Baa-huh.

General Specific: That Big City Fire Department is chock-full of heroes. Too bad they don't wear capes and tights and fly around, like this [rips off clothes to show a superhero costume and pretends to fly]. Uh anyhoo, give me your special sheep-capturing net, mad scientist.
Angry Scientist: [Holds up a sign that reads ANGRY!, which off-screen kids shout out, then gives him the net] Here it ising.

General Specific: Ah, mad scientist, do you have any plans to find that elusive sheep?
General Specific: I think I was more interested in whether or not you had a plan to locate Sheep.
Angry Scientist: I am not needing a plan!, we simply go having to the house of little Lisa Rental!!
General Specific: I see, and she knows where Sheep is?
Angry Scientist: She has Sheep! what she thought a dog is Sheep! The dog is Sheep!! Can I be making this any clearer to you!!!
General Specific: Perhaps. Do you have any charts? I love charts.
Angry Scientist: [exasperated] Nooo!!, the dog is Sheep! The dog is Sheep! The dog is Sheep!!, THE DOG IS SHEEP!!
General Specific: I'm finding you hard to believe without any charts.

[After General Specific had enlarged himself with a raygun]

General Specific: Hey it worked!, Sheep is smaller, and so are you guys.
Angry Scientist: No, you are in the being larger, SOMETIMES YOU ARE IN THE DRIVING OF ME CRAZY!!
General Specific: I'm not the one that designed a raygun that shoots backwards!

Angry Scientist: Enough making with the unveiled unveiling! I am having something far more unveilable available for you to unveil!
General Specific: You are so weird, mad scientist.
Angry Scientist: ANGRY! Aaaugh. So I have invented something that will guarantee the catching that Sheepness, a time machine!
General Specific: I already have one, see? The big hand is on the 6 and the little hand is on the 2.
Angry Scientist: Not a watch, you imbeciliated general person! I am talking about a time travelling machine, that is abling us to travels anywhere in time.
Private Public: If you can invent a time machine, why can't you invent a ray gun that works without a sheep?
Angry Scientist: I am an artist, okay? Did anyone be telling Picasso how to be dancing? Okay, painting, whatever you are getting my pointedness.

Narrator: Oh, noooo! The Angry Scientist has discovered that General Specific's favorite new recruit is actually Sheep! What will The Angry Scientist do?
Angry Scientist: I'm not telling!

Woman: Oh, dear, my house is so full of angry roaches, I can hardly see my floor anymore.
Victor: Forget your worries, Mrs. Smythe Robertson Johnson Weathermocker Von Herbertson-Berski-Jackson!
Woman: Did you break into my house?
Victor: Yes, that's why you should try Oxymoron Roach Suites!
Woman: What are you talking about?
Victor: Yes, with Oxymoron Roach Suites, roaches check in, enjoy the accomodations, maybe take a dip in the pool and then check out, refreshed, happy and ready for a new day of roaching!
Woman: Your product relaxes roaches?
Victor: A relaxed roach is a happy roach.
Woman: Are you some kind of nut?
Victor: Sounds too good to be true! Well, Oxymoron Roach Suites guarantees your roaches will be more relaxed or, uh, they won't be.
Woman: I don't want happy roaches, I want dead roaches. I want a product that will KILL my roaches!!!.
Victor: You sick woman, I don't think the Oxymoron Corporation would want to sell anything to you.
Woman: Good, then will you get out of my house?!
Victor: Oxymoron Roach Suites! Give your roaches the suite life with the power of an ox!

General Specific: Why are you looking in my ear?
Angry Scientist: To see if you are having a brain!

[After General Specific has received his new power suit]

Private Public: Shall we go after X Agent, Sir?
General Specific: Not yet, Private Public, I need a name, you can't be a costumed super-powered guy without a name!
Angry Scientist: How about, Angry Scientist Invention Man!
Private Public: Super-Boss!
Private Thoughts: I'm not gonna go there.


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