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Sir Crocodile, aka Mr. 0 (Mister Zero), is a fictional pirate and primary villain in the One Piece anime and manga.

Quotes (singular)[edit]

  • Doesn't it move you to tears? The love for this country, is what will destroy this country!
  • That's beyond pathetic. Fools like you are beyond help. You shall serve as a perfect example; those who become intimate with others will die because of it. I've left hundreds like that behind me. (To Luffy, before their first battle)
  • Depending on how you use, and train, the Devil's Fruit ability, it can become an incredible weapon in battle. I'm not like the fools who are content in merely possesing an ability alone.
  • You and I are not the same class of pirate!
  • justice is for people that take it.
  • Maybe I should suck out all the water from your body, and dry you to death. Give you a taste of the desert, so to speak.
  • The bomb will generate an explosion five kilometers wide. I imagine your lovely scenery is going to change quite a bit.
  • Do you really think I would go through the trouble of immobilizing him, and then let him go just because you say so? Good grief, use your brain a little, will you?
  • All rocks upon the ground will eventually crumble...
  • The power of sand lies in its absolute dryness.
  • This right hand bestows dryness on all that it touches. Endlessly...
  • Once again... You lose... (following his second battle with Luffy)
  • Dogs that run away to lick their wounds have no right to speak of justice. That is a rule of this sea. Now, why don't you go back to your Marine headquarters and discuss your justice some more?!
  • I forgive you for everything, Nico Robin, because I... have never trusted anyone from the very beginning!

Quotes (in dialogue)[edit]

Crocodile: Yuba is finished...
Luffy: Stop it! Right now!
(Crocodile impales Luffy with his hook. A series of muted shots follow)
Crocodile: ...Who do you think I am?!
(Blood pours from Luffy's wound)
Crocodile: There are plenty of rookies who are all talk. Just like you, Straw Hat Luffy... Here on the Grand Line...

English dub of the previous scene
Luffy: Stop this, Crocodile! Stop this now! (followed by Crocodile grabbing Luffy with his hook)
Crocodile: Awe boo-hoo-hoo. I warned you, Strawhat. I always win, by hook or by crook!

Cobra: Forgive me, Vivi... I wasted the opportunity you risked your life to obtain...
Vivi: Father...
Crocodile: Damn, is that all a father has to say to his daughter after they've finally been reunited?!

Crocodile: "If I do this, I can stop the rebellion", "if I do that, I can stop the rebellion"... Open your eyes, princess! Your zealous idealism disgusts me! Ideals can only be spoken by those powerful enough to carry them out. And that excludes you!
Vivi: I don't care if it disgusts you! I won't give up my ideals! YOU'D NEVER UNDERSTAND! I am the princess of this country! I will not back down!
Crocodile: ...You show a lack of charm, woman.

Luffy: I've been planning this from the beginning! I'll cover you in water!
Crocodile: And what a predictable plan it was!

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