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Skies of Arcadia is a console role-playing game developed for the Sega Dreamcast by Overworks, a division of Sega. Released in 2000, it is known as Eternal Arcadia in Japan.


  • "After seeing you kill an unarmed man in cold blood, I can't let you walk away from this. Draw your blade Alfonso!"
  • "Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit."
  • "This day will always be remembered. How it's remembered is up to us. Right here, right now! Let's make history!"
  • "I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues. And in a few moments, I'll be relieving you of your valuables."
  • "I thought he was too arrogant to have an escape pod!"
  • "Ow...I'm not sure why, but I keep getting hurt today..."
  • "Thanks, it's an Air Pirate's duty to cause trouble... I feel so accomplished. But there's one more thing i'd like to accomplish...I want to rid the world of you."
  • "Calm down Aika. You're embarrassing me.
  • "Even if you run into a storm, there's always a way out, no matter how bleak things seem."
  • "As long as you're alive, you'll always have another chance."
  • "I need to push myself every day. I have to know what I can accomplish... I never give up, and so far, nothing has ever stopped me."
  • "If we challenge ourselves, and never give up, our own horizons will broaden... in our hearts, and in our minds..."
  • "If you lose sight of one dream, replace it with another."


  • "Some bag of bones is rolling in his grave laughing at us! We ran around like idiots the whole time, and we're still poor!"
  • "So, what you're saying is, all we have to do is not get caught. And if we get caught, all we have to do is escape, right?"
  • "Talk about compensating. That guy's got a complex."


  • "If Aika is hungry enough, I'm sure she'd eat the monster herself."
  • "It's not just gold we don't have... Flowers... animals... there are so many things I've never seen since I came here."
  • "I learned that even though some tried to obtain their objectives through war... There are others that work together to try and bring peace."


  • "I know that we are acquiring more lands, but if we use these brutal tactics, the people will rise up and rebel against us! Please, we've made our point... pull our troops out of Nasr."
  • "Mother...Ruling the world by force is not something that I am sure I approve of. An empire that does not listen to the plight of its people is destined to fail..."


  • "People are not to be trusted. Trust in a person too much, and they will sooner or later betray your trust. I only believe in power. Power will never betray you."


[Upon activating the Silver Eclipse special attack.]

  • "Where there is light... there is darkness..."
  • "If you ever speak in that manner again, I shall cleave you in two."
  • "You have sealed the fate of this world by killing the only man who could have saved it! And now you will die!"


  • "Every person has their morals, their codes, their limits. But every person also has a weakness. If you find that weakness and exploit it, those morals, codes, limits... they just seem to fade away."


  • "What's more important, treasure or women? Besides, with Daccat's treasure we can get more women."
  • "Women are like sunsets... they're beautiful, but there will be a different one tomorrow."


  • "As I have told you, I am called 'The Angel of Death'. I swear by that cursed name I will hunt you down and finish you off!"


  • Vyse: "Let's keep you off the ship until tomorrow. The last thing we need is for your "uncle" to see you throwing up in the heat of battle."
  • Enrique: "Great, now you're starting to sound just like Aika..."

  • Gilder: "Um, hey Vyse, we don't really need to get out of here [prison], do we?"
  • Vyse: "What are you talking about!? We'll be hanged."
  • Gilder: "Being hanged...or being stuck with Clara...tough choice. Ah, hmm....oh, well."

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