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Soul Plane is a 2004 comedy film about an airline that caters to African Americans.

Flame: [calmly, after a stewardess has whispered something into his ear] I'll handle this.[screams] THE CAPTAIN'S DEAD!

Blanca: [after catching Method Man staring at her chest] Ain't no drink down there. Muggsy: The hell there ain't.

[last lines] Middle Eastern Passenger: This is the bomb! [everything goes silent] Middle Eastern Passenger: What...? Let's dance!

Quotes about Soul Plane[edit]

  • Viewers have a chance to take a crash course in tastelessness by watching another piece of nouveau blaxploitation, where black people decked out in their bling-bling sing and dance to raunchy hip-hop music and eat fried chicken while sipping Alize. [...] An hour and a half of real airplane turbulence is better than sitting through the bad, offensive material that makes up "Soul Plane."

Captain Mack[edit]

  • Testicles, 1, 2... Testicles, 1, 2. This is your soul plane chauffeur Captain Antoine Mack speaking. Welcome aboard NWA flight 069 from the 310 to the 212. It's time to bust this coney y'all. In a hot second, I'll be hittin' them switches and gettin' this bitch pumpin' and jumpin'. So screw your shit on tight and enjoy the flight.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached our cruising altitude of 33 thousand feet... 33 THOUSAND FEET? Oh shit, man! We fuckin' higher than Redman at the Source Awards!


  • [calmly, after a stewardess has whispered something into his ear] I'll handle this.
  • [screams] THE CAPTAIN'S DEAD!
  • [After hearing Muggsy say he's got a cock fight in 10 minutes] Cock fight? I'm in.

[edit] Other

   * Blanca: [in Spanish, to Muggsy] I'll bet you have the tiniest penis. 
   * Blind Man: I'm a player, but I don't play that way! 

[edit] Dialogue

   Gaeman: Please, man, I...
   Captain Mack: What part of "You ain't flying this motherfuckin' plane" don't you understand? Sit the fuck back and enjoy the flight, Idi Amin!

[edit] Dialogue

Heather Honky: Fine. For a couple more hours. I am 17 and then I'll be 18.

Then I can party and have sex.

Elvis Honky: Sex?! No, no. Heather Honky: Yeah, sex.

Missionary, doggie-style, rockin' the baby, gettin' tea-bagged, playin' the trombone while I'm tossin' his salad, hand jobs, ear jobs, blow jobs. Gettin' a pearl necklace, ridin' the bologna pony... - sucking-- Elvis Honky: That's enough!

[edit] Taglines

   * What goes up, must get down.
   * We Fly, We Party, We Land
   * The party is nonstop

[edit] Cast

   * Snoop Dogg — Captain Mack
   * Gary Anthony Williams — Flame
   * Sofía Vergara — Blanca

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