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This is a page for quotes on the videogame Suikoden II by Konami.


  • "Pah! There's nothing to be scared of with my around!"


  • "Hey man, Thought I'd knock back a few..."


  • "There's nothing you gain from war, we fight so we don't lose what's dear to us."


  • "You cannot seperate the world into "people" and "monsters". Taking a life in battle may have meaning, but this is murder."
  • "Riou....her spirit will return to the Great Forest. That's where we're all going..."


  • ".....In the forest... there are... many living creatures... many voices... If you are truly silent... you can hear them."


  • "I beg of you...please protect Miklotov."
  • "We are no longer Knights, but we still possess our hearts and our skills. Surely they will aid you."
  • "Luca Blight is a tough opponent...we're all going to have to be tougher."
  • "For the honor of the Knighthood! We shall be victorious!!!!!!"


  • "There's no way Wingers are gonna lose to humans, Riou!"


  • "HEY!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!"
  • "Riou, we put our hopes onto you"


  • "I told you to take care of your toys." [referring to Viktor]
  • "Why do you hurry into death?! Surely living is better!!" [referring to Teresa]
  • "You have some thing great within you, and i don't mean that rune of yours"
  • "Time changes people hearts..." to Nina [referring to Odessa]
  • "We can't give up now! We'll all be laughed at!"
  • "By my sword, we will win! I swear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  • "If we had lived in a peaceful world, he would have been seen as a wise ruler. But gentleness has becoming a sin in this world" [referring to Granmeyer]


  • "I'm tired, so let's do it later." [to Riou]
  • "Humphrey has friends?"


  • "Then let's go!! We will show them the might of the Kobolds!"


  • "I live by the way of the sword... I know no other path."

Georg Prime[edit]

  • "Even if things didn't turn out the way you wanted them to, you simply have to accept them and move on. Understand?"
  • "Life is full of tragedies. You can't run away from them. You just have to survive them and then move on. Understand?"


  • "War is an exchange of lives, and I will not act as a soldier for other than reason of law."
  • "It is a soldier's duty to follow orders."


  • "I was a little scared, but it was fun, too."


  • "Let’s end this terrible war. I want to build a world where nobody has to work anymore."

Jowy Atreides[edit]

  • "Riou. Do you... want my carrots?"
  • "Cut the Blight line once and for all, or there will always be fanatics who'll try to revive the Highland Kingdom. After all, sometimes hope can drive people to madness...Let's make our war the last war ever to plague this land..."
  • "A glorious hero defeats an evil King...the people will talk and sing about your heroic rise to fame and forget the horrors and the sins of war...the defeated soldiers will feel comforted by the fact that they were defeated by a hero, and deceived by an evil king..."
  • "This is where our journey began. You and I walked the along the same path for so long together, but this is where they began to diverge. But, I have no regrets. But if I did, it would be that I had to betray the City-State and assasinate Lady and I were alot alike...we were both aiming for the same thing..."
  • "Peace is a beautiful thing... even if it comes... at the end of a long, brutal war....."
  • "So don't forget, Pilika. Enjoy the moments you have together, because nothing lasts forever. Okay?"
  • "Power? Am I looking for power? Ever since the first day I saw you... I somehow knew that we would be friends... I was never lonely because you were there.. it felt like those days would last forever... we walked along the same paths because... we chose Life and Death together... I believed in you... always... because we shared so much..."
  • "Riou and I haven't betrayed this country. This country has betrayed us. I won't forgive this."
  • "If we make it...... but... somehow got separated.... Let's return to this spot."
  • "Ever since we got these runes on our hands, we were destined to fight each other. But even if that's our destiny, I'd still like to think that we each gained something from this."

Kiba Windamier[edit]

  • "To lead, you must first die in your mind. Let go of life, and embrace it!!!"
  • "You murdered your own king and sire and still you dare speak so! He was my true lord you little bastard!!!!"
  • "It is a warrior's shame to change masters, but I'll take that shame."
  • "Lord Riou, I have already given my life to you. You may use it as you please!"


  • "Life is a long song, but the tune ends too soon for us all."


  • "All you need is courage in your heart and hope in your eyes."


  • "War is a tragic thing. It makes men into beasts. Many irreplacable antiques have been destroyed by the fires of war. That is no less of a tragedy."


  • "You who follow the Path of Fate...... Heralds who summon the Stars of Destiny. Go forward."
  • "The storms of Fate cause misery for many and few will be able to calm them once they start."

Leon Silverburg[edit]

  • "We're forgotten in times of peace. But, when war looms, people remember we exist."
  • "Listen you little punk. History doesn't flow, it moves. By leaps and bounds! Sometimes it must be pushed along by men like us along the way."
  • "He's not man enough to willingly put his own life in danger."


  • "You want something from me, kid? Ho ho...Come back in a few years and I'll be happy to teach you some things."


  • "I praise you with great praise"


  • "Why am I here?"
  • "This is just so sad."

Luca Blight[edit]

  • "DIE PIG!"
  • "I don't care about breeding. A sword doesn't need a fine lineage, it just needs to be sharp."
  • "Fear is a stupid emotion..."
  • "Let me tell you something. There are weak men and strong men in this world. The strong men take everything and the weak men die. That's how the world was designed. Now I will show you how it works, weaklings!!!"
  • "HAHAHAHAHA You LITTLE punk. Kid you've got balls I've give you that. Would you like me to remove your head from your shoulders with this blade?" - to Jowy
  • "Riou, right here, right now, I am gonna separate your little puny head from your little puny body"
  • "Just below the surface, I see the darkess inside you."
  • "To end this war? That's a fairy's a foolish child's dream. Even if you kill me and defeat Highland, you won't have peace! You'll have a defeated country screaming for our vengeance."
  • "You can round up a million maggots to try to defeat me... but you'll still all just be maggots!"
  • "I've chopped hundreds, thousands of necks. I can do it with my eyes closed!"
  • "It took hundreds to kill me but I killed humans by the thousands. I am sublime!!! I am the true face of evil!!!!" (last words)


  • "My professional opinion as a mage is: Let's run."


  • "Breaking a pledge...breaking a pledge of loyalty is a Knight's highest disgrace. But...But I am...I am...I AM!!! I AM a human first and a Knight second!!! I don't need your title! I resign myself to your disgrace! But I will never forgive you!!! I can never look idly by while lives are being thrown away!!!"
  • "On my name!!!! I say 'VICTORY'!!!!!!"


  • "I'll be more use than that BEAR-man over there..." [referring to Viktor]
  • “You’re coming with us one way or another, Nanami.”
  • "In the name of Grandpa Genkaku, Here's his secret: Golden Bird Holy Flower Glory Dragon Tooth Punch!"
  • "No!! I'll protect Riou!! I promised Grandpa Genkaku. I... I..."
  • "Let's do it, Riou! It'll be okay. I promise. We'll win. I know it."


  • "Now wait a minute, you speak as if I'm going to lose."
  • "The true value doesn't come out until they become corpses."

Ridley Wizen[edit]

  • "Lord Riou, we will protect you with the pride of the Kobolds and the pride of the people of Two River City!"
  • "For the people!!!!! We must win!!!!!!"



  • "We're off!!! To L'Renouille!!!"
  • "Thanks for last night..." - To Humphrey
  • "What's wrong, you bum?" - To Rikimaru
  • "I won't fight you" - To Jowy
  • "Even so I can't..." - To Jowy
  • "Everyone, lend me your strength!"
  • "I want to fight with you !!! - To Flik and Viktor


  • "If it's not found out, a lie becomes the truth."


  • "Finesse? You make it sound like cooking!"
  • "When this war is over I don't want a scorched land. I want a land that I can live on"
  • "We're not giving up our country so easily!!!! We still have our pride and you won't take it away!!!!!!"


  • "That Ayda chick is a little unfriendly but I like the rough type"
  • "Hey that Eilie is pretty cute. What do you think Riou? Do you like her? If not then...."


  • "Every lie contains the truth, and every truth contains a lie..."
  • "Listen Up. Follow my orders and do as I say and we can defeat the Highland Army. Don't believe in me and you're the loser. If you want to win, don't question me again. If you can't do that, I'll consider you an obstacle that needs to be removed."
  • "Rulers change, borders change, countries change, but money is a constant. In fact, nothing better for business than a good war."
  • "Unlike you, I don't think I'm some sort of God where I can use people like pawns!"
  • "I had to throw away 'the book.' You read it too many times..." to Leon
  • "Yes, I’m going to get a lot of use out of that clever mouth of yours." to Fitcher
  • "If it means protecting you, I'll do whatever is necessary." to Riou
  • "But I want you to think of that pain as the pain of the people who believed in you."
  • "The forces behind this war are about to reach their limit. The winners will win everything, the losers will lose everything."
  • "You have two choices. One is to stay the course. This is the easy road, but it is the path to defeat. The other is to fight for victory for all. This is a thorny path, but it is the path of Kings."
  • "This is a gamble. And since we are risking everything, it's a big gamble. But if we don't risk our lives, we can't win this war."
  • "With this one battle, we can finally put an end to this long, tragic war!!!!!!"

Star Dragon Sword[edit]

  • "You sure know how to treat a man."
  • "Impudent Bloodsucker!"
  • "Useless bag of flesh!"
  • "Look who's talking, you vampire."
  • "Vampire!! The sin of tricking me is a heavy one!!! I'll make you regret it to the depths of your soul!!!"
  • "Die vampire."

Tai Ho[edit]

  • "Fighting is like gambling, if it looks like you're going to lose, ya just run away."
  • "I go anywhere the wind blows and the dice rolls."
  • "We didn't come this far to not see things through to the end!"

Teresa Wisemail[edit]

  • "We will fight! For everyone! For ourselves!"


  • "A sword such as yourself must be able to cut through just about anything." [referring to Star Dragon Sword]


  • "So that's Luca Blight..... He's not human...."
  • "Any craftsman would be ashamed to begin a job and not finish it!"


  • "Hey Neclord! Time to cash in your chips!"
  • "Heh, I'll make sure you can never make that grin again. I'll chop you up! Grind you up! Dry you in the sun! Break you to pieces! Bury you in the ground! Piss on you! Then I'll dig you up! Pull you! Stretch you! Drag you around! And then, and then, in any case, I'll never forgive you!!!" - to Neclord
  • "He's insane. He's a wolf born in the smell of fire and the taste of blood. He can't be trusted." (referring to Luca Blight)
  • "A lot of years had passed since then... It was so long ago that I can barely even remember her face... Okay...... Listen to me bloodsucker!!!!! I know that once a person is dead, they are gone forever!!!!! Viktor here isn't stupid enough to be fooled by your little drama!!!!"
  • "They ran away with their tails tucked between their legs!!"
  • "We're all ready to die if need be."
  • "Oi!!!!! Let's end this damn thing!!!"

Yam Koo[edit]

  • "You always say things like that..." [referring to Tai Ho]


  • "It's funny, but I love to do laundry. It makes me feel good to make something dirty clean again."


  • "You are Riou... Bearer of a True Rune... An accursed child..."
  • "My... power is again inadequate... Riou... Bearer of a True Rune... You will find it is not easy to extinguish the flames of war..."


  • "You're a fool to go without me!"


  • Jowy "Rina... what did you do to him?"

Rina "Nothing. We just had an "adult" conversation."

  • Viktor:"By the great Lion on our flag!"

Apple: "That thing is a lion?"

  • Shu: "Good day, Lord Riou. It seems everyone's here."

Viktor [looking around]: "Flik's not here yet."

[Flik enters]

Flik: "Sorry. I got held up."

Viktor: "Where were you? Busy pursuing that little brat Nina?"

Flik [angrily approaching Viktor]: "Don't make me sick! It's she who's pursuing me! She stole my bandanna and washed it! It took me all morning to find it!!!"

Viktor: "Ha ha ha ha ha! It's like you have a wife already!"


Flik: "You'll pay for that, Viktor."

  • Elza: "Howling Voice, shadow upon the ground!"

Clive: "Howling Voice, flash of thunder from the gods!"

<They raise their guns.>

Elza: "Cursed Voice that separates Life from Death!"

Clive: "Right here, right now, these Guns want to shed blood."

<Their guns slowly start to point at each other.>

Elza: "They want to feast on souls!"

Clive: "Listen you cursed Guns!"

<Their guns are now aimed at each other.>

Elza: "We are it!"

Clive: "The final blast to signal war!!!"

  • Leon: You forgot Rule #1 in 'the book.' Don't put yourself in danger.

Shu: I had to throw away 'the book.' You read it too many times...

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