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The Punisher is a 2005 action game which stars the Marvel Comics antihero, The Punisher. After his family was murdered by the mafia, Frank Castle devoted his life to the punishment of criminals. Players take control of the vigilante hero to track down criminals and kill them. The game's story is a loose mixture of the 2004 film, as well as the 2000 mini-series, Welcome Back, Frank.

The Punisher is voiced by actor Thomas Jane, the same actor who portrayed him in the 2004 film.

The Punisher (2005) (VG)[edit]

[Opening cinema narration]

  • My whole family died in a mob hit... I should have died too, but I lived. I finally figured out why. The ones who killed my family, the Saints, and all the other scum, they’ve given me a reason to live. I’m back...and it’s their turn to die...

  • Frank Castle: [throwing the Russian out the window] Do svidan'ya (до свиданья, "good bye").

[sees that the Russian is still alive and has run away]

  • Frank Castle: That's not good.

  • Frank Castle: [after rhino impales thug through cage bars] Nice rhino. Good team-up.

  • Bushwhacker: You bastard! What are you doing?
  • Frank Castle: Disarming you.

[rips off Bushwhacker's robotic arm, shoots him out the window with it]

  • Frank Castle: [narrating] I don't smile much. Don't smile ever. But if I did, this would be one.

  • Lieutenant Molly Von Richtofen: Quite a time you've been having lately eh, Castle... how may people have you killed in the last few weeks?
  • Frank Castle: Not sure... There were a lot of explosions.

  • Kingpin: [just after Bullseye is defeated] So Bullseye has failed me again.
  • Frank Castle: Tossed him out the window.
  • Kingpin: You're planning the same faith for me?
  • Frank Castle: No. You, I'd have to roll.

  • Frank Castle: [after driving enemy into a table saw] Measure twice, cut once.

  • Det. Martin Soap: It's just like Ulysses fighting that lion in Roman legend: cut off one head, and two more appear!
  • Molly: Soap, that's Hercules fighting the Hydra, and it's a Greek legend.
  • Det. Martin Soap: Yeah, whatever, it's still a good metaphor.
  • Frank Castle: Analogy.
  • Det. Martin Soap: Whatever!

  • Frank Castle: [after electrocuting a death row inmate] Only place in New York where you can still smoke indoors.

  • Frank Castle: [after pushing a chop shop worker into a circular saw] Good worker, kept his nose to the grindstone.

  • Frank Castle: [after tossing a Yakuza goon into a meat grinder] Never got his name. I'll just call him Chuck.

  • Frank Castle: [after electrocuting a guy with a handful of wires] Bet he was a little short.

  • The Russian: [after knocking out Nick Fury] It's clobbering time! Favorite saying of Thing. Rock man of the Fantastic 4. Big superhero in Russia

  • General Kreigkopf: [to troop] If you don't arm that nuke in 30 seconds, I'M GOING TO USE YOU AS A CONDOM!

  • Thug: I'll go straight, I promise!
  • Frank Castle: Bones, promises, both break. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Keep that promise.

  • Carlo Duka: [Frank Castle kicks down the door leading to Carlo Duka's office with a shotgun in hand. Carlo Duka is startled and scared as he jumps up from his desk] But... But... But...
  • Frank Castle: Add a noun and a verb and you've got a sentence.
  • Carlo Duka: Your supposed to be dead!
  • Frank Castle: I've heard that before.

  • Thug: I just got married!
  • Frank Castle: Honeymoon's over. [Kills him.]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Consider this a wedding present.

  • Thug: It's your funeral!
  • Frank Castle: Not this time. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Don't make it yours. Leave.

  • Russian Merc: You think this is a game?
  • Frank Castle: You lose. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] You're today's lucky winner.

  • Thug: I want to go home!
  • Frank Castle: In a box. [Kills him]

[If you let him live, by knocking him out] Then go.

  • Thug: I've got kids!
  • Frank Castle: So did I. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Next time I see you, they'll be orphans.

  • Thug: I'm only a soldier!
  • Frank Castle: That's no excuse. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] You're in the wrong army.

  • Thug: It's an ambush!
  • Frank Castle: I like surprises. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Thanks for the tip. Now go.

  • Thug: Have mercy!
  • Frank Castle: Death is a mercy. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] I do,go.

  • Bullseye: I don't miss, y'know. Too bad you can't say the same.
  • Frank Castle: Hard to miss a guy with a target in his forehead.

  • Frank Castle: [seeing Ma Gnucci has a library full of books] I didn't know Ma could read. Probably 200,000 copies of "The Godfather."

  • Thug: Hey, you think Daredevil could take Sonny Corleone?
  • Thug 2: You dumbass lush, Daredevil is a comic book character! The Godfather was a documentary.

  • Det. Martin Soap: My favourtie bar and Bobby Gnucci has to hold court here tonight! Shit!
  • Det. Martin Soap: [after leaving the bathroom at Lucky's Bar to see everybody has been slaughtered] Dammit, Castle, this was my favorite bar.

  • Mortician: All this blood, I'll never get it out from between the floorboards. [he sees the Punisher] It's you! The Punisher! Don't shoot! I'm the mortician, I own this establishment. I'd like to thank you for all you've done for my family over the years. Your handiwork has put my three kids through college! Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a mess to clean up. [When Punisher begins to leave] I'm sure you have more people to punish.

  • Black Widow: Be careful, they will be expecting you
  • Frank Castle: Then they will be expecting to die.

  • Russian merc: I'm dying!
  • Frank Castle: [If you let him live by knocking him out] We all are.

[If you kill him] Not anymore.

  • Russian merc: You're outnumbered!
  • Frank Castle: Evened the odds a little. [Kills him]

[Sparing him] Quality counts.

  • Thug: I'm innocent!
  • Frank Castle: So were they. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Stay that way.

  • Thug: I have a family!
  • Frank Castle: Everybody does. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Then go back to them.

  • Mob member: I'm gonna be a daddy!
  • Frank Castle: No, you're not. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Be a good one.

  • Russian merc: Why don't you kill me?
  • Frank Castle: Wish granted. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Not now, maybe soon.

  • Fisk Security: I just had a baby!
  • Frank Castle: Not going to save you. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Enjoy it while you can.

  • Mob member: I ain't ready for a coffin!
  • Frank Castle: No one ever is. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] It's still waiting for you.

  • Mob member: You're gonna burn in Hell!
  • Frank Castle: Been to Hell, now I'm back. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Get the hell out of here.

  • Thug: I was just following orders!
  • Frank Castle: [If you let him live by knocking him out] Think for yourself next time.

[If you kill him] Orders are no excuse.

  • Yakuza member: There's going to be a massacre!
  • Frank Castle: I hope so. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Don't be part of it.

  • Yakuza member: There's no escape!
  • Frank Castle: Not for you. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] There is for you.

  • Yakuza member: You dig your own grave!
  • Frank Castle: I dug mine long ago. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Don't dig yours.

  • Yakuza member: No more torture!
  • Frank Castle: No more torture. [Kills him]

[If you let him live by knocking him out] Life is torture.

  • Yakuza member: It's my Birthday!
  • Frank Castle: [If you let him live by knocking him out] Leave and it won't be your last.

[If you kill him] Last one.

  • Thug: Hey Yasuke, who would win in a fight, Captain America,or Captain Japan?
  • Yasuke: Idiot, there is no Captain Japan, only Sunfire!
  • Thug: Then who would win in a fight between Sunfire and Captain America?
  • Yasuke: Probably Sunf... wait, silence! What is that noise?
  • Thug: I hear no noise, oh look, over by the wall!

(Yasuke turns around while the thug cowers in fear)

  • Yasuke: What is it?

Crackhead/ Auto mechanics quotes

After witnessing the Punisher:

  • The Punisher, oh shit!
  • He don't look so tough.
  • We got him, fire away!
  • Shoot him you chickenshits!
  • He don't look so tough!
  • We gotta take on the Punisher?


  • I'm outta bullets!
  • How do you reload this damn thing?

Seeing a quick kill:

  • I don't wanna die!
  • Hey,cruel picture!
  • Shit,it's a good thing I'm high!

Seeing friends die:

  • That asshole owed me a favor!
  • Hey Chuck don't look so good!

Firing at the Punisher:

  • Die you prick!
  • You got nothin'!
  • You got a big rep and a lil' dick!
  • He's after our drugs!
  • I'm gonna blow your head off!


  • You ain't gonna kill me are you?
  • Damn piece of shit gun jacked on me!
  • Don't shoot!
  • If I weren't so high I could've killed you.

Interrogation (first quote):

  • Dammit, lemme go!
  • Get yer freaking hands offa me!
  • I got nothin' to say!
  • What the hell is wrong with you?
  • Lemme go you son of a bitch!
  • I ain't tellin' you jackshit!
  • Leave me alone asshole!
  • Bite me asshole!
  • You're dead meat asshole!

Interrogation (second quote):

  • Rot in hell, Punisher!
  • Who told you I knew anything?
  • You're bluffing!
  • How should I know what you wanna hear?
  • I don't know nothing important!
  • These guys don't tell me nothing!
  • Aaah,that hurts,shithead!
  • Look at me-would you trust me with something important?


  • They're gonna toss you outta the windows like those other freaks!
  • Shit I just wanna get high whats wrong with that?
  • Take this key...stuff's in the closet!
  • Ask Damage, he's in charge of this shithole!
  • Damage will kill me if I tell ya anything!
  • This is just a crackhouse man, we don't hurt nobody!
  • I got a call sayin' you'd show tonight, I don't know who it was!

Broken( Chop Shop):

  • I just pack the drugs in the car parts man don't kill me!
  • Carlo's gonna kill you for coming in here!
  • Er you gotta talk to Duka, he's in charge!
  • Carlo takes orders from Bobby Gnucci,that's all I know!


  • Ah!Son of a bitch!


Tom: You seen the look on the Punisher's face Larry?

Larry: Man he looked pissed!

Tom: He always looks pissed like he bit into a shitburger!

Larry: Hehehe that reminds me, I need to take a dump.

Tom: Save some for the Punisher in case he's hungry!

[Punisher busts in]

Tom: He's the one you want, not me!

[Larry grabs Tom]

Larry: Your a backstabbing bastard!

(Punisher kills Larry)

Tom: Man we was joking about calling you an asshole an' all.

[Punisher executes Tom]

Punisher: Still got more to do.

Crackhead 1: Whatcha got Lenny?

Lenny:I got five,six,seven,eight, nine all hearts,is that good?

Crackhead 1: Shit no that hand sucks, you lose!

Crackhead 2:Yeah that's one of the worst hands you could get!

Lenny:Man I have the shittiest luck!

Gnucci Mob quotes

Witnessing the Punisher:

  • Fuck, he's right here!
  • So this is the guy!
  • It's the Punisher!
  • I spray, you pray!
  • Fuck this!
  • Jesus, someone shoot him already!
  • The Punisher's here,the Punisher's here!

When Punisher's hiding:

  • Show yer face, and I'll end all your troubles!
  • Hey nobody wants to hurt ya, come on out!

Witnessing a quick kill:

  • Oh shit, not you!
  • It's my first day,don't hurt me!
  • Shit on a shingle!
  • Ah hell!
  • My shitty day!

Shooting at the Punisher:

  • Hold still,dammit!
  • Surprise!
  • Open wide dipshit!
  • You're going down!
  • Ya fuckin' prick!
  • I'm gonna fuck you up!
  • I'm gonna kill you Punisher!
  • You're too slow,Punisher!
  • You can't hide from me!

After many people die:

  • You bastard, you killed Jimmy!
  • We're getting massacred over here!
  • You fuckin' butcher!
  • You sick piece of shit!
  • I ain't going out like that!

Friendly fire:

  • Shake it up!
  • Now take it like a man!
  • For shit's sake!
  • I'm trying to shoot over here!
  • Outta the way, moron!


  • I'll see you in hell, Punisher!
  • Kill me if you got the guts.
  • You ain't even got the sack!
  • What, you want me to beg?
  • No please,I give up!
  • I'm on your side, really!
  • You can't shoot me, I got no gun!
  • Truce,yeah?
  • Just don't shoot me, inna face!


  • I need a doctor!
  • Kill me you sadistic bastard!
  • It'll grow back,won't it?
  • Shit,that hurts!

Idle (Lucky's Bar):

  • Stick around asshole, I need a new punching bag!
  • Get yer ugly fuckin' self outta here!
  • Get out dipshit!

Fisk Spice Company guards quotes

Witnessing Punisher:

  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • He's over here,Help!
  • It's the Punisher!
  • That's the guy who kills people!
  • Man he's big!

Shooting at the Punisher:

  • Die sucker!
  • Amateur!
  • Come on,dumbass!
  • Come on you bastard!
  • You can't aim for shit!
  • You're pissin' me off asshole!

Seeing a quick kill:

  • Fuckin' hell!
  • Oh no!
  • Does Mr. Fisk know you're here?
  • Daredevil never killed us!
  • SHIT!
  • This job sucks!
  • I just wet my uniform!

Friendly fire:

  • Plenty more of where that came from!

Seeing friends die:

  • That's it,stay down,act like you're dead!
  • Man he was my boss!


  • I give up, you win!
  • Here you can have my gun!
  • Don't shoot me,I'm unarmed!
  • Mr. Fisk is in his penthouse, go get him.
  • You don't kill me, Kingpin will.
  • Just let me go and I'll get a decent job!
  • Man this job really sucks!
  • No job's worth this asshole!

Idle(Beginning of the level):

  • Empire State Building's just across the street!
  • You're a tourist?Get lost!
  • Mr. Fisk is expecting you.
  • Get out,before I have to shoot you.
  • You don't work here,get the hell out!

Interrogation(1st quote):

  • Oh shit,don't kill me!
  • What do you think you're doing asshole?
  • I just work here dammit!

Interrogation (2nd quote):

  • You're sick,Punisher!
  • I'm not gonna squeal!
  • I don't know anything!


  • You've been hittin' the Gnuccis and the Russians,costin' the Kingpin BIG TIME!
  • Someone's been taking over our operations-Kingpin's pissed!
  • Please!All I know is that Kingpin hired Bullseye as a bodyguard!

Eternal Sun Yakuza members quotes

Witnessing the Punisher:

  • Is that the Punisher?
  • There he is! It's the Punisher!
  • Kuso! I am dead!
  • You will die on our hands!

Shooting at the Punisher:

  • This is the PUNISHER?
  • This won't be too hard!
  • You are weak Punisher,WEAK!
  • End of the road, Punisher!
  • I will send you to hell!
  • You do not frighten me!
  • You die now Punisher!
  • Ready to surrender!
  • It ends SOON,Punisher!

When Punisher is hiding:

  • I hear you breathing, come out!
  • When I find you, I'll kill you!
  • Whoever is there,you are dead!
  • I can hear you moving, whoever you are!

After seeing a quick kill:

  • KUSO!
  • This isn't my day...
  • You don't scare me!
  • The Punisher!
  • I should have stayed home today!
  • Please do not make me think of who you are!
  • Help,someone! He is here!

Friendly fire:

  • My friend, forgive me!
  • I'm sorry,accidental!
  • I should have done that years ago!
  • Takagi-san never liked him anyway!
  • Forgive me Hara!
  • Kuso!

After many people die:

  • Kenji's down!
  • You will pay,Punisher!
  • We will never forget you Sako!


  • This is humiliating!
  • Look, no gun!
  • I will renounce my violent ways!
  • Mercy please!
  • I have done nothing,let me live!
  • My gun jammed!
  • Don't hurt me, you can have my gun!
  • No more, I surrender!

Idle (Takagi Building):

  • We don't like strange faces around here!
  • Who are you,answer me!
  • You shouldn't be here!
  • Leave or die,now!

Russian Mercenaries quotes

Shooting the Punisher:

  • You are pitiful,Punisher!
  • Like shooting fish in a barrel!
  • Die you bastard!
  • Heads of bullets,asshole!
  • You vill die on my hands!
  • Get him,Kreigkopf wants his head.
  • Meet your doom,Punisher!
  • You have met your match!
  • I will cut you like a fish!
  • Everyone start firing!
  • Time to die,Punisher!
  • Take this Punisher!

After a lot of people die:

  • You were a fool Gregori!
  • Ivan!
  • Kirov, speak to me Kirov!
  • He was a poor soldier!
  • No,not my brother!
  • Alas poor Yuri,I knew him well!
  • You will join him soon Punisher!
  • Poor bastard!


  • I need more AMMO!
  • Out of ammo, cover me!

Witnessing a quick kill:

  • This is not good!
  • This isn't fair!
  • Oh no,not you!
  • OH NO!
  • What are you doing here...
  • I should have stayed in Russia!
  • Don't kill me,I was just visiting!
  • How did you get here?

Friendly Fire:

  • Forgive and forget, yes?


  • I give up,no tricks,I swear!
  • Please, I have a family!
  • I am sick of all this violence!
  • Let me live,please...
  • You win...YOU WIN!
  • Let me go,I am nobody important!
  • You wouldn't shoot unarmed man?
  • I'll just wait here for the police,okay?
  • I will turn myself in,I swear!
  • Please,don't kill me!

The Prisoners quotes

Witnessing the Punisher:

  • Everybody, the Punisher's here!
  • Dead man walking!
  • Freaking shoot him,somebody!
  • He's worth 50Gs to Jigsaw!
  • Jigsaw's offerin' 50Gs for his head!
  • I thought you were dead,Castle!
  • Vinnie,is that the Punisher?
  • Look who we found!

Hiding from the enemy:

  • Nowhere left to run!
  • Shit,think I'm scared of you?
  • Wanna know me,I'll letcha!
  • Come out and face me,dickless!
  • Come out,it's just you and me,Punisher!

Shooting at the Punisher!

  • Come on,you prick!
  • You're weak Castle!
  • It's punishing time!
  • Bring it Castle!
  • Your dead,asshole!
  • Stay away from me,Dammit!
  • Go shit on someone else!
  • All talk and no walk,Castle!
  • You're gonna die here,asshole!
  • Come on,tough guy!
  • You started it?I'll END it!

After many people die:

  • Now, it is your turn, Punisher!
  • Get up man I ain't gonna kill him all by myself!
  • Shit,you BELONG in prison Punisher!
  • You had enough?


  • Shit man,what are you doing?!
  • I'm next,I just know it!
  • I don't deserve this...
  • Crap,not you!
  • I got no beef with you Castle,beat it!
  • Don't kill me,I'll go back to my cell!
  • Hey look kind of familiar!
  • Just lemme go and I won't hurt ya!


  • Do it you bastard.
  • Cap me if you got the balls!
  • You shot me,that was self-defense!
  • I'll wait right here for the police,okay?
  • Don't do anything crazy man!
  • You wouldn't shit a former fortune of 500 CEOs,wouldcha?

Friendly fire:

  • You made me do that,Punisher!
  • Still got some ammo left for you,Punisher!
  • That'll teach you,dumbass!
  • Damn,my aim sucks!
  • I'd say the guards killed him!
  • Eh he was meant to be here for life anyway...
  • I got a clean shot,and you blew it!


  • You asshole!
  • Shit,that looks bad!

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