The Simpsons Road Rage (video game)

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The Simpsons Road Rage is a 2001 video game.


Ralph: The mean kids flushed my sandwich down the toilet. Can you get me to other food?

Moe: Newsflash you suck!

Moe: Thanks for nothing pal next time I'll walk.

Lisa: Hey Millhouse need a lift?

Homer: What do you mean "Game Over"?

Millhouse: Ahh ahh Do you have a saint for the harvest stance? hah do you? hah do you? [laughs]

Bart: Hey Ralph hop in.

Ralph: My daddy drives a police car and the siren goes wee wee wee wee.

Bart: What's up Ralph?

Ralph: I tied my shoes together and fell down three times.

Chief Wiggum: Hey the law says you're not supposed to drive that fast but ahh what the heck.

Chief Wiggum: You sure do know how to speed.

Homer: Take me to the Singing Sirloin! I'm in the mood for a steak and a show tune!

Lisa: Millhouse I'll give you a lift but that's all it is. Okay?

Ned Flanders: Look at me, I'm flying!!

Millhouse: But I want to be your boyfriend.

Homer: Nooooooooooooo!

Chief Wiggum: Hurry up I won't give you a ticket,Come on come on I'm going to be late for a beating.

Barney Gumble: NOOOOOOOO! Make it stop! Make it stop!! Make it stop!!!

Grandpa: Look where you're goin', ya idiot!

Marge: Grandpa, are you lost?

Grandpa: I'm lost?! (screams)

Ned Flanders: AAAH!! I'm dying here Maude!!!

Hans Moleman: The Dentist, please, I swallowed my last tooth.

Grandpa: Bank, please. I'm gonna give all my money to the lady at the Dairy Queen!

Hans Moleman: Take me to the Power Plant; the sound of the Power Generators comforts me...

Grandpa: Take him to the dentist, I swallowed my dentures.

Lisa: NO!! Not the trees!!! Not the precious trees!!!! Oh, why? why??

Marge: Oh my heavens! (screams)

Ned Flanders: Oh dear, Neddy's late! Oh well.