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FireIsTheCleanser (Born 20 April 1997) is a teenager from Kansas.


I like looking at the menacing skies, and seeing how dark it looks.
Yea I'm into serial killers, cryptids, aliens, paranormal things, sex and urology, urban legends, and psychology.
That's what I'm shooting for, an okay life, it's either an okay life, or a really, really, really good life.
I like to touch things to see how they feel
I don't really believe in ghosts, rather spiritual entities
I have fixed my worn out shoes with nails, glue, and tape.

  • I was watching cartoons and this one guy who I thought was cool wanted to burn down a building after stealing a map from it but his friend stopped and him and asked "What is it with you and arson?" And the guy was like "Fire is the cleanser!". So there.

  • I like to touch things to see how they feel. I like wood glue. I like electrical tape. I like smelling markers. I have fixed my worn out shoes with nails, glue, and tape. I like comic books. I find sex fascinating, not doing it, but learning about it.

  • Yea I'm into serial killers, cryptids, aliens,paranormal things, sex and urology, urban legends,and psychology.
  • I love watching TV more than almost anything in the world and would be deeply devastated if they became absolutely obsolete in my lifetime.

  • My plan is to graduate high school, then go to college to get a degree in zoology so I can travel around the world to study animals. if not, i might join the military.

  • Yeah I hate racial stereotypes too, because I'm Mexican people assume I'm gonna be poor or act all loud and cool, or act and dress like some sort of cholo. No not by a long shot, I'm one of the whitest Mexicans you'll ever meet, though I am a bit on the poor side

  • When I was younger I used to get mad at anyone who said ghosts don't exist,but now I don't really believe in ghosts, rather spiritual entities,doesn't sound like much of a change but I guess I'm a tad bit more skeptical about ghosts now days.

  • Who the hell steals a stone lawn deer? You know what i should do? Get a BB gun to-- no, a real gun and stay up in a tree at night waiting to see if anyone tries to steal it or better yet, I'll put in an electrified fence in front of a concrete one and start having guard dogs-- no, guard lions-- no, guard ligers that i bred from the most aggressive ones from the litter and plant mines on the ground to the point where the ligers are mine resistant and then i'll train some of those ligers to be snipers to sit up on the roof and trees at night waiting for any would-be thief. Ain't no one gonna be stealing my lawn deer. Ain't no one.

  • I have PE b which is required along with PE a to graduate and all and I was fine with PE a because the teacher seemed cool and laid back and stuff but the teacher for PE b is like the guy who works out relentlessly, only watches TV for sports (what kind of life is that?) and will try to live out his dreams throughout his son, and when I went to school to sign the stuff to get my laptop( 9th graders don't get theirs till Friday though,what a rip off)I felt like a vampire, or some unholy creature, walking into a church.

  • Teens are stupid, no matter how good their grades are, they are still stupid. How I know? Because I am a teen, therefore an idiot. I'm one of the smartest kids you'll meet but I still do stupid things. Take this morning; as I were to begin brushing my teeth a thought came to me, dip my toothbrush into my mouth wash (I'm the only one in my family who uses that stuff so my parents buy it for me) for a mintier taste. I guess I had a loose grip because my toothbrush fell completely in!
Wow it was hard to get out! I tried grabbing it but I needed at least 2 fingers but they were too thick, so I grabbed some scissors and planned to use them as tweezers but I couldn't open them wide enough. Then I thought that if I tried to empty the bottle I could get it out, but I didn't want to waste all of it, so I settled for swashing it around hoping it would come near the top. I started to think more clearly when I calmed down (I panicked a little lol) and thought that if I plugged with my hand,turned it upside down the brush would come down and I could get it out. It worked but I still lost like 1/8 of what was left. So all this happened and why? because I thought that I could get a mintier stupid.

  • Reading back I can see that that made me sound like I would one day become an antisocial-sociopathic-introverted-loner, who was living in some remote cabin in the Canadian Rockies with no communication with the outside world(which actually sounds pretty okay to me, my only request is that I get a TV with cable,after that I'm fine--except for the fact that humans, along with dolphins, are the only animals in the world that have sex for pleasure). That plan would work better if I were an asexual (I'd rather not be that though).

  • when I do try to do something I always end up facing a wall, I wanna play basket ball; there's not enough cement to do anything, I wanna play soccer; not enough yard and every time I kick I risk the ball getting lost or getting lost in another yard, I wanna rob a liquor store for the rush; I don't have a gun (I'm kidding about last one, I told my parents that one and they got mad and told me not to joke about stuff like that, fun spoilers...)

  • That sound likes fun, having to sell an arm and a leg and a kidney and liver for a semester, work yourself to exhaustion so you could maybe get a better job. That is, not end up working at McDonalds (or as my parents put it, going to Mexico so I could herd goats) because you need experience which you can't really get if every job needs you to have experience. Hardly sounds worth it, maybe I should think of a different future. I hear drug dealers make good money (God help you, I'm joking about that, don't take it seriously), and soldiers... I don't feel like dying in the name of "patriotism".

  • That's what I'm shooting for, an okay life, it's either an okay life, or a really, really, really good life. I don't know about a good life it seems like those people have too much money and end up complaining about not being able to go to the vacation they wanted to visit rather than complaining about not being able to go to a vacation at all.

  • I love staying up until midnight. It's so quiet, well except for the occasional wailing of police sirens, or car roaring down the street at a speed that you thought would be faster because of the loud noise being emitted from it, or a train or two passing by(not as loud as TV made it out to be), or even rarer a plane or helicopter flying overheard, or maybe a drunk yelling from his front yard. Hm when I say it like that it doesn't seem very quiet now does it? but it doesn't happen that often so it's quiet most of the time,so quiet I puts me in peace,I find it very hard to get irritated or angered at these hours of the night, or day.

  • Ryan Gosling is fucking AMAZING. If I had the chance to have sex with Ryan Gosling, I almost wouldn't take the chance to have sex with Ryan Gosling because sex with Ryan Gosling seems almost too low and that would... slander Ryan Gosling's image. I would still have sex with Ryan Gosling because it's Ryan Gosling. You don't say no to Ryan Gosling. It is legally and physically impossible to be raped by Ryan Gosling because no one would say no to having sex with Ryan Gosling. People would get drunk and pass out next to Ryan Gosling in an attempt of having Ryan Gosling rape them, but Ryan Gosling would never rape anyone because Ryan Gosling is an amazing person.

  • I think it'd be better to live as a gypsy, I mean it seems like an OK way to live, you become a good pickpocketter, you travel around,and you get to fight vampires. The only thing that seems to be a problem is the clothing, I'm not crazy about the robe things. I'd rather play a complicated game of chess against Death to try and prolong my life as much as possible, while a friend and some more people are doing something else which is somehow important.

  • Okay, say you're gay or bi or transgender or any of that junk. Say you want to listen to music that really has to do that kind of stuff. I mean you've tried Lady GaGa and Katy Perry and all those people and their self-accepting music, and it's great, you really like, you accept yourself now. But now what? You listen to the music sure but you feel maybe something is missing. That is where queercore comes in. It's exactly what is sounds like queercore (or homocore) is basically hardcore, gay, punk music. It's great, it makes you feel downright proud of being gay.

  • When I woke up this morning it was dark and raining. Awesome! I don't like those sunny morning unless I don't have school that day and if there is quietness in the house instead of it being a Saturday or Sunday and having my parents making noise. I like looking at the menacing skies, and seeing how dark it looks.

  • I'm asking what's the point of it.
Me and my friend (he had short hair) were walking around the forest and it was pouring rain. Lots and lots of it. So much that the ground had become nothing but mud. We were running to find some cover and then I tripped over something. I got up and looked to see what it was and it was a treasure chest, unearthed by the rain! We looked inside, and found gold. We hauled it back to my place, and boy was it heavy! and called Cash 4 Gold and then they sent us that plastic bag. Actually they sent us like 20 of them because we had so much gold. So when we filled it all up we sent it to them and thanks to the fact that they owned their own refinery and didn't have to go through the middle man, we got the maximum amount of cash for our gold and received $500,000. The End.
Now what use was it for me to say that my friend had short hair if it doesn't affect the story? It's not like I described him further and said he was wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes because he was coming back from his piano recital.