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Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svg ䷀䷊䷋䷪䷾䷿䷫䷗䷖䷁ Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De.svg

The superior man can find himself in no situation in which he is not himself. In a high situation, he does not treat with contempt his inferiors. In a low situation, he does not court the favor of his superiors. He rectifies himself, and seeks for nothing from others, so that he has no dissatisfactions. He does not murmur against Heaven, nor grumble against men. Thus it is that the superior man is quiet and calm, waiting for the appointments of Heaven, while the mean man walks in dangerous paths, looking for lucky occurrences.

~ Confucius ~
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There's not the least thing can be said or done, but people will talk and find fault.

~ Miguel de Cervantes ~
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Christ is the population of the world,
and every object as well. There is no room
for hypocrisy. Why use bitter soup for healing
when sweet water is everywhere?

~ Rumi ~
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