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.hack//Roots (ドットハック ルーツ Dotto Hakku Rūtsu?) is a 26-episode anime series, animated by studio Bee Train, that sets as a prologue for the .hack//G.U. video games. It is the first .hack TV series broadcast in HDTV (1080i). It is set seven years after the events of the first two anime series and games. .hack//Roots revolves around an MMORPG game called The World R:2, also known as The World Revision:2 and serves a sequel to the original version of "The World". Its original Japanese television run aired from April 5, 2006 through September 27, 2006.

Welcome to The World [1.1][edit]

Phyllo: Tell me do you know what the difference between mysterious and ecentric is?
Haseo: Is Ovan, ecentric?
Phyllo: What else do you call a guy who spends all his energy searching for something which most people believe doesn't exist

Ovan: You have a gift, Haseo.
Haseo: A gift?
Ovan: Something completly unique that only you possess.

Twilight Brigade [1.2][edit]

Haseo: I heard you're looking for something.
Shino:The Key of the Twilight, but that's not all. So, will you answer my question now? You don't have to answer right away.

Shino: ...When talking with others, you should look them in the eyes.
Haseo: Eyes? This is just a game. Who wants to look at CG eyes?
Shino: Perhaps it's because it's a game that you should. People don't feel like talking to you if you're looking away.
Haseo: I don't get you.

strong>:Shino': Babies can't speak, so they watch their mother's faces closely. Are you saying you can't do what even a baby can?

Join [1.3][edit]

Ovan: Plants are strange things. Even if you've forgotten about the seed, when the season arrives they bud. They drop a seed and it buds again. Water, light and nutrients: as long as they have those, they grow.
Tabby: What color of flower do you like?
Ovan: Black.

Ovan: I'm just spreading the seeds.

Forefeel [1.4][edit]

Shino: There used to be a statue of a young girl here.
Haseo: A young girl?
Shino: Aura. That's what she was called.
Haseo: Why is it gone now?
Shino: Don't know. Maybe she just got bored...of this world.

Ovan: This game has an amazing amount of independence.

Distrust [1.5][edit]

Haseo: Hey, just stop following me.
Tabby: Its dangerous on your own.
Haseo: Well, Sakisaka's by himself.
Tabby: No you don't understand. Sakisaka will be fine.
Haseo: Why?
Tabby: Because he's my teacher. He can't lose.
Haseo: You're getting on my nerves.

Sakisaka: An unusable item... The Key of the Twilight?

Conflict [1.6][edit]

Intrigue [1.7][edit]

Ovan: We are just facing an unavoidable situation.

Starting [1.8][edit]

Melee [1.9][edit]

Ovan: They are not the kind of people who lose faith easily

Missing [1.10][edit]

Shino: Because you are... Ovan's future.

Discord [1.11][edit]

Breakup [1.12][edit]

Shino: From this day, the Twilight Brigade is disbanded.

Tragedy [1.13][edit]

Shino: If I'm gone... take care of Haseo.

Lost One [1.14][edit]

Pad [1.15][edit]

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