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Abigail is a 2024 American film about a group of criminals that kidnap the ballerina daughter of a powerful underworld figure, retreating to a supposedly isolated mansion, oblivious that they're locked inside with a little girl who is the embodiment of pure evil with an absolute thirst for blood.

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and written by Stephen Shields and Guy Busick.
Children can be such monsters.  (taglines)


  • The thing about being a vampire is, it takes a long time to learn how to do the cool shit.
  • [After Frank, Peter and Sammy find her dancing with Dean's corpse] What's happening? Let's... let's just talk.
  • [To vampire Frank after he killed Lambert] So you found Lambert. Did he convince you to take it all before you killed him? [Laughs] Our game ends here. I've made sure of that. [Runs and leaps onto Frank]


Lambert: For those of you that don't know, I go by "Lambert". You all came highly recommended. And so far, those recommendations are paying off.
Peter: [Setting handcuffs on Abigail on a bed] All right, sweet dreams. Okay.
Lambert: You know the rules. No real names, no backstories and keep the grab-ass to a minimum. It's a 24-hour job and the hard part is already over. Now you babysit. But the only one that sees the girl is this one. So she hears only one voice. The rest of you... get comfortable. Questions?
Joey: Yeah. Who's the girl?
Lambert: You don't need to know her name.
Joey: I don't care about her name. Whose kid is she?
Frank: The fuck's that matter to you?
Lambert: A very wealthy man. Who's about to become $50 million poorer. Look, you're safe here and to be completely certain that you can't be tracked, I'm going to collect your cell phones.
Dean: Nobody's tracking me.
Frank: I'm not taking any chances. Give them over.
Lambert: In the bag.
Sammy: [Tooling on her phone] One second, I gotta send this real quick. [Lambert grabs it and Sammy pulls it back] Thank you, just- [Lambert snatches it away]
Peter: Thank you. [Deposits phone in bag]
Lambert: Keep the doors and the girl isolated. Anything else I can do for you before I leave you to it?
Peter: Uh, how come we can't use our real names?
Frank: So if any of you fucks get caught, we can't rat out the others.
Dean: Yeah, dumbass.
Peter: You asked the same questions in the van.
Lambert: You want names? Fine. [Points to each crew individually] Frank. Dean. Sammy. Peter. Joey and...
Rickles: Damn. The man got his pulse of pop culture.
Lambert: And you're Don fucking Rickles. You happy?
Rickles: Not really.
Dean: Who the fuck is Don Rickles?

Abigail: [Joey enters her room] What's going on?
Joey: We're keeping you here until your father gives us some money.
Abigail: Do you know who my father is?
Joey: No. And we don't want to know, so don't tell me.
Abigail: Are you gonna hurt me?
Joey: No. If you behave yourself and do as we say, and if your dad gives us money, you'll be fine. In the meantime, I'm here to keep you safe and comfortable.
Abigail: Can you promise me you're not gonna let anybody hurt me?
Joey: I'll do you one better. [Holds up pinkie finger] I pinkie-promise you that I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you. [Abigail locks pinkies]
Abigail: What's your name?
Joey: Um... oh, you can call me Joey.
Abigail: Do you have any kids?
Joey: I have a little boy. About your age.
Abigail: What's his name? My name's Abigail.
Joey: I can't tell you his name.
Abigail: Can I make one up?
Joey: I'd rather you didn't.
Abigail: I'm just gonna call him Justin. What's Justin like?
Joey: He's... just a... normal kid.
Abigail: What does he like?
Joey: Just normal kid stuff.
Abigail: I don't really know about kid stuff. My dad, well, like, he thought he wanted a child but then he just lost interest. You've made a mistake; he doesn't care about me.
Joey: I'm going to leave you alone now. I'll be back soon.
Abigail: As soon as you say?
Joey: Okay.
Abigail: Joey?
Joey: Yeah?
Abigail: I'm sorry about what's going to happen to you.

[The crew is having a meeting in the basement over the discovery of Dean's decapitated corpse]
Frank: What the fuck were you doing down here anyway?
Sammy: I couldn't sleep. I heard something.
Frank: What, you just had to come and check it out, huh? You think I could do that?
Joey: Be honest. What does that look like to you?
Frank: It looks like a fucking wild animal ripped him apart. No, no, no, I'm not fu- We're not fucking going there. Oh, fuck.
Sammy: Why are you all acting so weird?
Joey: There are stories about Lazaar's hit man.
Frank: Can we not do this, please?!
Joey: Valdez.
Rickles: I heard a story once. Three of Lazaar's top guys got pinched a few years ago. The FBI flipped 'em. Night before the trial, they were all holed up on the top floor of a hotel. A dozen agents in the next room and two on the door. Next morning, FBI goes into the room. All they bodies are ripped apart... limbs... and organs missing. Decapitations. That his signature. Valdez. He's a fucking animal. And there was no way in or out of that room except for the front door or the 23rd window. So how'd he do it?
Sammy: Bullshit.
Rickles: It's not fucking bullshit.
Frank: That's not the first time I heard that story.
Joey: We'd better check on the girl.

Joey: [Frank walks away to front door with Joey and others following] Whoa. Hey. What happened? Hey! [Grabs Frank] You can't just leave without telling us what's going on!
Frank: "What's going on"? What's going on is that we're fucked! That little girl is Kristof Lazaar's daughter.
Rickles: Shit!
Sammy: Who's Kristof Lazaar?
Frank: Who's Lazaar?!
Dean: Bruh, that's an urban legend, man. Calm down.
Frank: No, dude. He's not a fucking urban legend. He's very fucking real, believe me. Nobody even knows how big his fucking empire is.
Sammy: So he's, like a crime boss?
Rickles: He controls a lot more than just crime.
Joey: Is Lambert fucking insane? He just put a death mark on all of us. Including himself.
Sammy: What if we just, like, you know, like, give her back and say sorry?
Frank: Oh, yeah. [Sarcastically] "Here's your daughter Mr. Fucking Antichrist! We're really sorry! Hope she's not too traumatized! Let's play a round of golf sometime"!
Sammy: Fuck you, Frank.
Peter: This isn't the time for sarcasm, okay?

Sammy: [After Abigail revealed her vampire side] What the fuck is that thing?!
Joey: We kidnapped a fucking vampire.
Sammy: A ballerina vampire!
Peter: Someone has been messing with us ever since we got here, right?! It's got to be, uh, some kind of trick!
Joey: Shh, we got to get out of here, there's got to be another way!
Frank: No, I checked all the other doors. This is some kind of magnetically sealed locks and these shutters are two inches thick. [To Sammy] You think you can hack the locks?
Sammy: With what internet?
Frank: I don't know, you can't do it manually?
Sammy: Well, even if I could, I don't have any equipment! You know, there's got to be a control room or something!
Joey: Okay. What do we know about vampires?
Peter: That they're not real.
Sammy: What are we talking about, like an Anne Rice or a True Blood? You know Twilight? Very different kind of vampires.
Joey: Okay, we know they feed off blood.
Sammy: We're really doing right this now?
Joey: They can turn other people into vampires.
Sammy: Oh, okay. Fuck it. Um, they can turn into bats and stuff like that.
Frank: Mind control, they make you do shit.
Joey: They don't have a reflection.
Peter: [Covers ears with hands] Not listening to this!
Joey: Okay, how do we kill a vampire?
Frank: Garlic.
Joey: A stake through the heart.
Frank: Crucifixes.
Joey: Holy water.
Frank: Oh, you're a fucking priest now?
Sammy: Daylight is a big one.
Frank: Oh, that's a good one, but it's, hmm... [mockingly glances at wrist watch] 3:30 in the fucking morning!
Peter: [Repeatedly] Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Frank: [Lunges at Peter grabbing him by neck] Hey dum-dum, we got a real fucking situation here. So I don't give a shit what you think. Either you're helping or you're 270 pounds of dead weight. Which is it?!
Peter: Helping. [Pulls away Frank's hand] Just don't do that again.
Frank: There's pool cues in the game room. Go sharpen them into stakes.
Peter: Okay. [Walks away]
Frank: [To Sammy] You, go check the kitchen for garlic.
Sammy: Alone?
Frank: Yes, alone.
Sammy: Yep. [Walks away]
Joey: What are you thinking?
Frank: I say we tool up and kill her.
Joey: That's a mistake. You said it yourself. This girl is smart. She's been manipulating us from the start. We don't know if any of this stuff is gonna work. And even if it does, killing her would be the stupidest thing we could do.
Frank: And why is that?
Joey: Because we lose the only bargaining chip we have.
Frank: Well, what do you suggest?
Joey: We trade her to Lazaar for our lives.
Frank: No. I'm not betting our lives on your fucking hunch.
Joey: I'm telling you, she's gonna see you coming.
Frank: No! Debate is over! Decision made! Okay?!
Sammy: I got 'em! [Holds up swinging a net]
Frank: Sammy, those are fucking onions!
Sammy: Well, I don't cook! I don't know!
Frank: All right. Let's go kill us a fucking... vampire! [Walks off]
Joey: Good luck. [Frank turns to her] Oh, I'm not going. I already told you why. And if you put your hand around my neck, you'll lose it.
Frank: [Holds a hand] I'm not going to touch you. Go put your feet up. [To Peter and Sammy] You two, on me. Let's hit the kitchen first. Fucking onions.

Frank: [Being helped downstairs by Peter after Abigail impaled a stake through his leg] Ah, Jesus, Mary and motherfucking son of a bitch! Oh, fuck! [Collapses in chair and pointing to Joey] If you fucking say; "I told you so"! Oh, shit. [Joey grabs stake and Frank spits repeatedly] Wait...! [Joey pulls out stake] Oh, motherfucker!
Joey: Why didn't she kill you?
Frank: She is fucking with us! [Joey presses on Frank's wound] Oh, fuck!
Joey: I'm guessing none of the weapons worked.
Frank: Well, the stake worked on my fucking leg, and she used the crucifix on Peter like a fucking pincushion and the garlic did fuck all! [Sammy presses finger to lips for silence]
Joey: Well, I have one thing we know does work. [Holds up syringe] When we jabbed her with this, she was out, out. If we can corner her, it's nighty-night.
Frank: The sleeping beauty act was bullshit!
Joey: No, it wasn't. I checked her pulse and her breathing was slow and steady. We split up. Whoever finds her first, alerts me through the comms. and I come running with the syringe.
Frank: That's great that you're the only one with a weapon that works.
Joey: Listen, you sit here and bleed, or you trust me.
Peter: Sammy?
Sammy: Yeah.
Frank: Fuck.

Joey: [To Abigail trapped in elevator] We want to talk.
Abigail: Please, please let me out. I'm scared.
Joey: Cut the shit. You're really good at pretending to be a little girl. Quick question, who's inside the cage right now?
Abigail: Thank you. [Does a curtsy] I've had a few centuries of experience.
Joey: Tell us how to get out of here, and we'll let you go.
Abigail: No.
Sammy: [Lunges forward with Joey thwarting her] Hey, what's gonna happen to me?! Am I gonna turn into a vampire?!
Abigail: Maybe.
Sammy: Oh, my God! She said "maybe"!
Peter: [Consoling Sammy] It's okay.
Frank: Listen little lady, or ma'am, whatever. We're very sorry, okay? We didn't know who you were. We thought you were a regular 12-year old-girl.
Abigail: You were gonna beat me and torture me when you thought I was just a regular 12-year old-girl.
Frank: Yeah, well... like I say, we're very sorry. We would never have taken you if we knew who your father was.
Abigail: You did work for him, didn't you? [All crew look at Frank in dismay] Haven't you wondered why I brought you here?
Peter: You brought us here?
Abigail: [Brings hand to forehead] Jesus Christ. There was never any money. I planned all of this. Lambert works for me.
Sammy: What are you talking about?
Abigail: Don't you know, Jessie?
Sammy: What did you just call me?
Abigail: Jessica Hurney. You started your career siphoning money from your affluent parents' bank accounts. Hedge funds came next, then private offshore accounts, and eventually much bigger fish. One in particular.
Sammy: I can give it back.
Abigail: Terrence Lacroix. Muscle for the Montreal Broussard family. Did it bore you snapping necks for pay? Enduring endless taunts from your colleagues about your stunted intellect? Is that why you stole from your whole crew who just happened to be a tiny subsidiary of our whole empire? How long did the money last, you weak, disloyal inebriate? [Peter looks guilty] Former Detective Adam Barrett. You thought you could infiltrate our New York arm under deep cover. But you liked the life a little too much, didn't you? The power you had when you were free of rules and regulations. It became an addiction. How empty did you feel when you finally arrested our three lieutenants you'd worked so hard to get close to? And how empty did you feel after I ripped up their bodies in the hotel penthouse because of you? You changed your name, you left town, and you never saw your family again. But it wasn't for their safety, was it, Detective Barrett? Finally, we have the tragic Ana Lucia Cruz. Former army medic drummed out of service for shooting up Uncle Sam's morphine.
Ana: I was injured in the field.
Abigail: You tried to take care of your son, before abandoning him to his fuckup of a father
Ana: Shut up.
Abigail: You became an underground doctor for some very shady people. But one day, you were just too high to do your job, and instead of removing a bullet, you nicked an artery, and someone very important to my father's business bled out. But you and Detective Barrett have something in common. You never went back for your son.
Ana: Shut the fuck up! And what do you tell yourself, huh? That you want to be your daddy's little errand girl? No, he did lose interest in you. That wasn't a lie. How many of your father's enemies you're gonna have to kill until he loves you again?
Adam: If this is about revenge, why didn't you just kill us? Why'd you bring us here?
Ana: Because it isn't. This is just a game to her.
Adam: Bullshit. She was screaming at the house and Dad triggered the alarm.
Ana: That wasn't even her father. That wasn't Lazaar. And for what, because you're fucking bored?! For your fucking entertainment?!
Abigail: What can I say? I like playing with my food. You're the same as all the other meat sacks I've brought here over the years. Nothing different about any of you. Nothing special. Just something to help me pass the time.
Ana: Quick question. Who's inside a cage right now?
Abigail: If you let me out, I'll let two of you live.
Terrence: Oh. Which two? [Jessica slaps him] What?!
Abigail: It's a surprise.
Adam: Fuck this. Let's just kill her now.
Abigail: You tried that, Frank. If you would like to open this door and try again, please do. My offer just expired. Now I'll only let one of you live, whoever lets me out. [Ana and Terrence both draw pistols at each other]
Adam: She's fucking lying, you moron. You touch that door, you're as dead as the rest of us.
Terrence: Maybe it's worth a try.
Ana: We have her Peter. That's why we did this, so we can trade her for our lives.
Abigail: That will never happen. Joey was right. No matter how many of you I kill, my father doesn't love me, and he's not gonna trade me for anything. So go on, Peter, let me out. Go on.
Ana: Peter, if you touch that door, I will shoot you.
Terrence: I'm sorry, guys. [Reaches for latch with Ana shooting him in the torso] Ah! [Repeatedly] You shot me!
Ana: I barely grazed you. Now give me your gun so I can patch you up.
Terrence: You're sure crazy.
Ana: I prefer "impatient". Frank, help me out. Sammy, watch her.
Jessica: Fuck that shit. Hm-mm.
Ana: Sammy.
Jessica: I'm not staying down here... with that. Fuck that shit, Joey.
Adam: I got this. [Ana, Terrence and Jessica walk away]

Terrence: Getting shot hurts, Sammy.
Abigail: The offer still stands, Frank. Open the door, and I'll let you keep all your blood.
Adam: Oh.
Abigail: Organs, too.
Adam: Sure.
Abigail: I'm serious. You could be useful to us.
Adam: Why don't you... tell me... how to get the fuck out of here, and I'll consider it.
Abigail: If I told you, you'd just leave me here. You first.
Adam: You know what, [Gets up] my offer just expired. Have fun spending eternity in a fucking elevator.
Abigail: Wait, I'll tell you. But you have to let me out immediately after I do.
Adam: All right. Fine. It's a deal.
Abigail: There's a secret door in the library. The bookshelf on the right wall. And Then There Were None.
Adam: Hmm. Very good. Thanks. [Walks away]
Abigail: Wait. A deal's a deal.
Adam: Oh, right. The deal. [Chuckles dryly and walks over] Ain't I a silly billy? [Pretends to undo latch] Still gullible at your age, you fucking freak? [Chuckles cruelly with Abigail also laughing] What's so fucking funny? [Abigail breaks elevator cage sending Frank flying with her doing ballet moves over him with Ana rushing over to break open planks on window sending sunlight searing off Abigail's right hand]

Ana: [Adam is searching for the turning wall book] You looking for some light reading, Frank?
Adam: Shut the fuck up. [Finds the book] And Then There Were None. [Realizes wall is immobile] Agatha fucking Christie! [Drops book on floor and starts pulling more books out onto floor with increasingly intense rage] You fucking playing me?! Fucking ballerina fuck! Stupid fucking dancing fucking vampire fuck! [Repeatedly] Fuck! [Walks over to steps and sits]
Ana: You good?
Adam: So what the fuck now?!
Ana: She was already healing. You saw, it too. [Walks across room peering into fireplace and then has an epiphany] Grab something. We're gonna break through this wall. [Uses pool cue to demolish wall]
Adam: Will you fucking stop already?! She's not going anywhere!
Ana: She's waiting for it to get dark, and then... we're fucked! [Yells] Fuck! [Under breath] God damn it. [Walks over and sits on steps]
Adam: [Ana looks through empty bag for a lollipop] Aw. You run out of candy?
Jessica: I'm scared. [Ana caresses Jessica's arm] Was that true? What she said about your son? That you left him?
Ana: Yeah. But I go clean. And I was gonna go back for him. That was... that is the plan.
Jessica: That's good. How often do you get to talk to him?
Ana: Tried calling him. I just, um... I can't do it. That's why I took this job. With that money, I can start over, you know? A reset.
Adam: Boo-hoo. Fucking bullshit. It's not about the money. Money's just an excuse. You didn't go back for you kid 'cause your scared of being a piece-of-shit mother. God, everybody's got to be a fucking victim now. "Oh, I left 'cause I was on drugs. Oh, I was on drugs 'cause I got hurt". Own your fucking shit and go and be a mother to that kid. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt a fucking nerve? [Jessica gives Adam the finger]
Jessica: "Reset" Oh, my God. [Gets up] I don't need to hack the locks. I just need to find a power source. And if I can find a power source, then we can just short it.
Adam: What, are you gonna unplug the fucking house?

Abigail: [Her father appears behind Joey] Father?
Ana: [Falls to the ground] Lazar?
Father: I've gone by many names over the countless years. [Growls at her and laughs]
Abigail: Father, don't!
Father: I can smell your blood, I can taste it!
Abigail: You don't understand. Please stop. [Gets in front of them] She saved my life!
Father: [Shouts] ABIGAIL!
Abigail: She was here, when you weren't.
Father: I came when you needed me. [Kneeling down] I'm here now. [He kisses Ana on the hand] I think you should leave. It's getting awfully close to dinner time.
Abigail: See you around, Joey.


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