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Bionicle: Mask of Light is a 2003 movie and the first of four direct-to-video Bionicle films based on the Lego toy series. The movies revolve around an island called Mata Nui. The spirit protecting the island, put into a deep sleep, has returned and only the Mask of Light, in the hands of two Matoran who are assisted by six heroes, can return it to the Toa of Light and return his mask before it is too late.


  • Aw, he's got more rocks in his head than a Po-Matoran.
  • TAKUA, what are you doing down here all alone? We're supposed to be in the Kolhii match.
  • You're alive! Kolhii-head, you could've been lava-bones.
  • Well, well, well. What ever happened to 'I quit'?
  • Kini Nui, the great temple!
  • You know who you are. You were always different... [Dies]
  • You're alive! Kolhii-head, you could've been Makuta-bones.

Turaga Vakama[edit]

  • Trust in the mask; let it be your guide.
  • [Hits Lerahk on the head] Back! Back, you foul creature! One more step, and I'll-- [Toa Tahu attacks]
  • Unity, Duty, Destiny!
  • New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered. This is the way of the Bionicle.


  • Anger amongst them will threaten their precious unity. Hunger will consume their duty. And fear will keep them from their destiny. [speaks to Mata Nui] They will not disturb you...
  • Their unity will be poisoned. Their duty will be broken. Their destiny, I must shatter.
  • Still running, Toa?
  • My brother....shall awakened!!
  • Did you actually believe I would let them return?
  • Go, my sons. Use the shadows, and keep my brother asleep.


  • Takua, Hahli, and Hewkii: [Before the Kohlii game starts they clank their Kolhii staves together] "Play well." (which is the LEGO company's current slogan)
  • Takua: [sarcastically to Jaller] I quit! Just take the mask and go!


Jaller: Takua! What are you doing down here alone?! We're supposed to be at the Kohlii match!
Takua: Oh... Sorry, Jaller! Hold on. I gotta look at that totem!
Jaller: You're hopping across lava to look at a stupid warning totem? Do you know what Turaga Vakama would say?
Takua: [speculatively] Irresponsible?
Jaller: Now come on!
Takua: [continues hopping] Be... Right... There... Ha ha!
Jaller: Very impressive. Now let's go!

Toa Pohatu: [exasperated] You two, still so ill at ease? Put your petty differences aside! Rejoice!
Toa Gali: [smugly] I think my brother is afraid of having his fire extinguished!
Toa Tahu: [smugly] Sister, against me you would be nothing but steam, hot air as they say.

[The Turaga overhear and are disheartened]

Turaga Onewa: The Toa squabble like Gukko Birds over a berry!
Turaga Nokama: Their recent victories are a blessing, but they've forgotten how they need each other.
Turaga Vakama: Indeed, Nokama.

[Jaller blocks a shot from Hahli during the Kohlii match]

Hahli: Not bad.
Jaller: Nothing gets past the Captain of the Guard! ...Unless he wishes it.
Hahli: [chuckles] I'll keep that in mind.

[Jaller and Takua are lost in a blizzard in Ko-Wahi]

Takua: Anything here... look familiar?
Jaller: [angrily] Well MAYBE our path would be straighter if the REAL herald had the mask!!
Takua: The real herald HAS the mask! I couldn't find water if I fell out of a canoe...
Jaller: Well what do you think I can find?!
[Both bump into a Bohrok]
Jaller and Takua: BOHROK!
Jaller:Frozen! Who can do this to them? [Toa Kopaka appears] Kopaka, Toa of Ice! How did you find us?
Toa Kopaka: It was you been following me.

Jaller: [laughs] You're bringing Pewku?
Takua: Are you kidding? I couldn't leave her behind if I wanted to.

[In Ko-Koro, after leaving Pewku behind]
Jaller: [seeing Pewku approaching] Oh no, Pewku...
Takua: [elated] PEWKU!

Toa Pohatu: Chronicler...where's the Herald?
Takua: We got separated, after we met the Rahkshi.
Toa Onua: Rahkshi?
Toa Pohatu: What is Rahkshi? [The caves start to rumble, and more Rahkshi appear]
Takua: Those! Except...different ones!
Toa Pohatu: Those three are plenty for now!
Toa Onua: Welcome to Onu-Koro!

Jaller: Well, well, well! Whatever happened to "I quit"?
Takua: I could've. But I... didn't. Bad news. More Rahkshi. They've taken Onu-Koro.
Jaller: The mask of light wasn't at Onu-Koro.
Takua: They don't want the mask. They're looking for the herald.
Jaller: You sure they were after the herald?
Takua: Oh, yeah. Real sure.
Jaller: Then we'd better find the Seventh Toa.

Toa Lewa: Sister, he is open-eyed.
Toa Gali: Brother, are you well?
Toa Tahu: No, no. I am not well. But I- I am alive. And in your debt, my sister.

Jaller: Kini Nui, the Great Temple.
Takua: No way. We've been all over the island just to wind up here?!
Jaller: Why not? It's a special place.
Takua: [takes the Mask of Light from Jaller] You sure this thing is working right? [Shakes the mask, which suddenly fires a powerful beam of light]
Jaller: What'd you do?!

[Part of the temple collapses, revealing something]

Jaller: This is it. The seventh Toa must be here! [Sees three of the Rahkshi on the clifftop ahead of them] Rahkshi! [To Takua] Gimme the mask!
Takua: Wait, Jaller! We both know the mask chose me. I'm the true herald!
Jaller: Are you sure? Even now?
Takua: Yes! I am the herald! [The Rahkshi drop down to face them] And I say RUN!!!

[Takua runs over to Jaller, who is fatally injured by Rahkshi Turahk]

Takua: No! I'm suppose to make the sacrifice!
Jaller: No...the duty was mine. [Gives Takua the Mask of Light] You know who you are. You were always...different. [Dies]

[Grieving, Takua dons the mask and transforms into Takanuva]

Takanuva: I am Takanuva, Toa of Light!

[Takanuva mourns Jaller]

Takanuva: All this, just to discover who I am?
Turaga Vakama: You have finally found your own story, and still you seek answers. Mata Nui is wiser than all. The path you walked was not to be here, [points his staff at Takanuva's heart] but in here! You understand, your destiny is clear?
Takanuva: My duty is clear. Jaller's sacrifice will not be in vain.

[Takanuva and Hahli enter Makuta's lair]

Takanuva: You can no longer hide in shadow.
Makuta: I am shadow. The shadow that guards the gate. Now run along, or accept your doom.
Takanuva: I am done running! Mata Nui will be awakened this day! Hahli! Summon the Matoran!
Hahli: It's done! [Runs off]
Makuta: [slowly approaching] Toa of Light, now so bold. But at are still just Takua. You failed to save your friend. You didn't even warn him. Perhaps, for you next great failure, a simple game of Kohlii. Win, and you may try to open the gate. When you lose, I'll have that mask.
Takanuva: [determined] I WILL NOT LOSE!

[They fight]

Takutanuva: Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui! Our brother must be awakened. [trying to open the gate] GO! RUN! [to Hahli] Hold, little one. That mask needs life. [Revives Jaller]
Hahli: Jaller!
Takutanuva: My duty is done. [the gate closes on him]
Jaller: Get out of there! [the Mask of Light slides under the gate] Ah!

[The assembled Matoran, Toa, and Turaga go to the Great Spirit's seal on the floor ahead]

Turaga Vakama: Let us awaken the Great Spirit! Unity! [Hahli steps onto the left circle] Duty! [Jaller steps onto the right circle] Destiny! [Places the Mask of Light on the central and final circle]

[In a flash of light, Mata Nui awakes and Takanuva revives]

Jaller: [overjoyed] You're alive! Kohlii-Head! You could've been Makuta bones!
Takanuva: [smiles] Could've been, but I'm not.

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