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Blogging is a form of popular writing in which ordinary individuals (as opposed to professional writers) publish their thoughts and musings, usually in short pieces displayed in reverse-chronological order, in a blog (short for "web log"), a website designed for collecting such self-published pieces.

Note: this is an article for quotes about blogging, not quotes from blogs.


  • The New York Times is going to quote Bernadette so that the people can be heard, and the Times can demonstrate they're not the media elite. I prefer when they were elite — I'm a fan of credentials. It's like we've all spent the last five years living a Roger Corman film called Revenge of the Hack. I have to care about the Internet, Sim — you know why? Because everybody else does.
  • "I remember. I blogged the whole thing."
    • Creed Bratton from NBC's The Office Season 3, Episode 23 "The Job"
  • I've been inspired by José Saramago's extraordinary blogs, which he posted when he was 85 and 86 years old. They were published this year in English as The Notebook. I read them with amazement and delight. I never wanted to blog before. I've never liked the word blog — I suppose it is meant to stand for bio-log or something like that, but it sounds like a sodden tree-trunk in a bog, or maybe an obstruction in the nasal passage... But seeing what Saramago did with the form was a revelation. Oh! I get it! I see! Can I try too? My trials/attempts/efforts (that's what "essays" means) so far have very much less political and moral weight than Saramago's and are more trivially personal. Maybe that will change as I practice the form, maybe not. Maybe I'll soon find it isn't for me after all, and stop. That's to be seen. What I like at the moment is the sense of freedom.
  • Skimmability, write like an idiot. Skimability: definitely a real word. People are lazy. People online are even lazier. So don't write like your turning in your AP English paper - write like an idiot. Keep your sentences short, and your paragraphs shorter. Short Paragraphs help people read, skim & enjoy articles.
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