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Carrie: The Musical (1984-present) is a musical version of the series Carrie (1974-present), made in 1984 and is based on the film Stephen King's Carrie (1976) that is based on the novel book Stephen King's Carrie (1974).

1984 dialogue[edit]

Christina "Christine/Chris" Hargensen: (to Carrie) (storming out) You eat shit!
Other Girls: (to Carrie): LET'S STRETCH SOME MORE! Never mind, let's take a shower.

1988 dialogue[edit]

Carrietta "Carrie" N White: (to Margaret "Margret" White) Something happened in school today!

Chris Hargensen: She (Miss Gardner (Coach Rita Gardener)) can't get away with this, if we all stick together, come on Rose, Sissy, Shelly, SUE! (to Sue) (pointing fingers at Sue) Call your daddy!
Susanna "Sue" Snell: SHUT UP, CHRIS, JUST shut up.
Chris Hargensen: You should be sorry! You're all going to be sorry.
Carrie White: (crying) Why did they (girls) laugh at me?
Coach Rita Gardner (Miss Gardener): I'm sorry.
Carrie White: (crying) You just have to let it go.

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